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Walgreens: *HOT* 4 Cases of Aquafina for $6!!!

9:02 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Walgreens has yet another new unadvertised monthly Register Reward deal: Buy $20 worth of Pepsi products (Tostitos, Doritos, Aquafina, Pepsi product 12 packs, Pepsi Product 2 Liters are included + more), get a $10 Register Reward back!

Here’s a sweet deal that you can score this week:

Buy 4 cases of Aquafina water (24 pks) on sale for $5.99
Use the weekly in ad coupon which will make each pack of Aquafina $3.99
Pay $15.96 (+ tax)
Get back a $10RR

Final cost 96 bottles of water for just $5.96! That equals out to just $0.06 per bottle!

Please note: The in ad coupon above does state limit 2, however, I’ve never had a problem purchasing more than the limit stated on the in ad coupons. Also,  when you buy 4 Aquafina cases, you’ll ONLY need to use one in ad coupon–which will deduct the correct amount off each case purchased!

**This Pepsi Register Reward deal will be advertised in the 1/17 weekly ad. Pepsi 12 packs will be on sale 5/$15, 2 Liters will be on sale 4/$5, and Tostitos will be on sale 2/$5! If you’re needing to stock up on soda and chips, the week of 1/17 will be the time to do it!

(Thanks, TheBargainBuggy!)

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  • Kathy @ Coupon Chic says:

    thanks! the deal worked perfect for me in Las Vegas….
    we NEED the extra water!

  • kelly says:

    This deal did work. It is great.

  • Denise says:

    Oops …. Peter, I just accidentally verified this … this is not a rolling RR. :( Fortunately, I have plenty of Contour and Breeze coupons, so I will roll it with them instead.

  • Melissa says:

    Awesome. Got mine and in addition to the $10 RR I got a coupon to do a survey for a $5 walgreens gift card. Very cool.

  • Brittany says:

    Just got back from Walgreens and I did this deal. Worked fine for me and I got back the $10RR. I used some of my RR’s that were about to expire and got 4 cases of water REALLY CHEAP!! Then I loaded them up in my car and went back in the store to use my new $10RR and got a shopping cart full of items for just $5, plus I got back $8 in RR’s. I AM SOOO EXCITED!!! I LOVE couponing! Just a heads up if your going to Walgreens to get the Stayfree pads with the BOGO coupon that was in the 1/3 inserts you can use the BOGO coupon and the WAGS $3 off which will take off $6 since your buying 2 and then on the packages of pads at my Wags there was a $1 manf coupon peelie. So you can use that for the package your not getting for free so it makes 2 packages of pads (48 count) for FREE plus 70 cents in overage!!! YIPPEEE!!!!

  • Leah says:

    Just got back from Walgreens before I saw this post of course! Did find a great deal that I thought I would share. I got 2 10oz. Jergens lotions that were $4.29 each. I had a $3 off 2 coupon that I think was in a newspaper insert in December. This made them about $5.60 after the coupon and there was a $5 RR when you bought two. I thought 60 cents for 2 lotions wasn’t bad!

  • Lori says:

    My total in Oregon came out to $20.76 after $4.80 in deposit (5 cents per bottle) They let me use $20 in RR so at least they worked on deposits and then when I recycle the bottles I’ll get that part back in cash. So my oop was still just .76

  • nicole says:

    Heads up couponing buddies,you can reply to the post you want by clicking the reply button under there name. Its something new collin added so you dont have to read through 20 post to see if someone answered you. hope this helps. check below to see how its done,

  • KimH says:

    Thanks for sharing this deal! It worked great at WH, Ohio!
    I payed $22.35 oop and got 4 cases of water, 2 bottles of EsterC vitamins, 4 Noxzema Shaving creams, 2 Revlon Beyond Natural quad eye shaddows, one Revlon matte eyeshaddow and one 18ct Vanity Fair bowls… and got that awesome $10.00 RR too!

    I too love couponing.. but more than that.. I love the coupon mavens. <3 They're the BEST!

  • KMS says:

    At my wags in Indiana, they rang up at $3.99 – no coupon scanned. :( Totally ruins the deal, I even tried to do 4 waters but was still short [5 cents] to get the RR. Bummer I was loving this deal.

  • Amanda says:

    My walgreens said they won’t sale aquafina water due to a conflict between them and the pepsi company :(

  • Anonymous says:

    I tried this deal today and the in-ad-coupon only took off $6 which is odd since it says a limit of 2 and did not give me the $10RR. So I went to one of the mgr’s and ask him about it. He went to another register and rang up 4 ot them with nothing else on the bill and it spit the $10 RR out. He then asked me if I had used some other RR and I had and he seemed to think that that was the problem. Totally makes no since. But at least I did get my $10RR.yeah. Thanx for posting…your the greatest.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is weird because I went last night and asked the cashier if I could use some old RRs and he said, sure, give me all you got….so I used as many as I could and got it down to $7. Old RRs should not affect you getting an RR, unless it was from a similar item (or manufacturer).

  • Tracy says:

    I just did this transaction in Gainesville FL. Thanks so much. I only spent oop $16.85 for an entire shopping cart full of stuff. Also I used Christmas items as a filler, paper and bows are only 25 cents, so I now have 10 rolls of paper for next year.

  • Mom of 3 says:

    this deal DOES work! We had no problems tonight buying 4 packs and getting a $10 RR. Thank you so much Collin! We’re stocked up and I have a great RR to use. :)

  • Tracey says:

    Great deal, great post! To think I got 4 cases for slightly more than I usually spend for one case, thanks for saving me money yet again!!


  • Deanna says:

    Can anyone help? The register didn’t print out the reward and because it’s an unadvertised sale the manager didn’t know anything about it. Is there a list put out by Wags that states their monthly rewards? TIA

  • Kristie says:

    I’m having a brain relapse or something, but I cannot remember if you get a raincheck for a RR item will they give you the RR? I ordered Electrasol coupons and I’m not sure if I can find them now :o(

    • esther says:

      it depends on your store. one of my store won’t honor the RR deal. They said they can only give me the sale price that’s before the RR. Another store of mine honors the RR deal, even when it’s free. When it’s free, the cashier needed the manager’s approval, but depending on the manager, they do it differently. Some ring it up free by modifying the price to $0, some ring up as usual, and then manual put in a “Manufacture coupon” that equals to the price of the item (I don’t like the latter because you can’t use another RR toward that item). But also one cashier tried to ring the item up as 1 cent to avoid manager’s approval. I like this the best, since I can use RR toward it, as one of the items I bought.

      • Kristie says:

        Thanks! I’ll try another store. My Meijer’s has the Electrasol, but it’s 0.99 after coupon, so I’d rather get it at Walgreens (Free)! :o)

  • Heather says:

    We did the deal last night. It didn’t work, so the manager rang it up on a different register. It worked then. That’s why I am getting tired of Walgreens. I never know how my trip will go!

  • hairpromom says:

    Great deal…worked in Utah. I had $4 RR to use, so I only paid $12, got back $10 RR. Yipee!

  • Robine Wright says:

    Ok girls you are so much better at this than me but yesterday did the Bayer Crystals 20ct on clearance for $2.19 and bought three which kicked out $6.00 RR. Then did it again and scored another $6.00 RR which I applied to the water deal. Payed $5.00 including tax and got back $10.00 RR. Will go again today and do Paytex deal etc and do the water deal again. But some of you guys are amazing. Love to hear the input!

  • Sheila says:

    Got my cheap water using my Bayer RR and Chips Ahoy RR! Got my $10 RR!! Thank you for the deals!

  • momofpirates says:

    thanks for the info on this—I stocked up today!!!

  • msdancnusa says:

    Great deal! Worked in WI. Cashier was surprised and impressed!

  • kim says:

    I’m thinking it works on 4 because of the redemption value brings the price up to $20

  • Jaclyn says:

    WORKED like a charm!!!!!

  • Mary says:

    FINALLY found it at two stores here in MD. Had no problem with it at all! I gave my MIL a case and told her I got it cheap and she said how much and I told her 1.50 and she said stop lying, lol!

  • Barbara says:

    I hope this doesn’t get buried in this post b/c I think this is a really good deal that you could use in combination with the upcoming Pepsi deal. If you go to:…_101058_LR.pdf
    you’ll be able to download rebate forms (there are four different rebates available)
    The rebates are for buying a combination of Pepsi (or Pepsi products) and Coors Light. If you were planning on doing the Pepsi deal at Wags and buying beer for the big game-this could be a great deal!

  • Kim says:

    Boo. I am 0 for 2 today. The water didnt spit out an RR and then I went to Target to use the $1 off 1 coupon for the cherrio bowls and they wouldnt take it. I guess I need to stop worrying about making a scene and make them take it. **colorado**

  • anonymous says:


    That’s fine about your dog liking the water bottles. My mom’s dog loves them too! He gets a quick out of the noise it makes while he smooshing them. LOL!

  • stephanie says:

    i just scored this deal last night in sw missouri. so cool. the cashier was in shock when the rr printed. she was like omg $10 off.

  • Tresa says:

    I wish I would have tried to do this deal and taken a chance… I was too worried it may not work & since it’s not advertised you can’t ask them to fix it. I’ve had RR not print before that were advertised & then they just do a gift card for me, but they wouldn’t do this because it’s not advertised. I even asked one of the employees & they knew nothing about it??? I don’t know how you find these Collin, but keep up the great work, you’re awesome!!!

  • Tresa says:

    Does anyone know if the water deal will work this week too??

    • Mom of 3 says:

      You will not get each case for $3.99 this week, that sale price was only available last week through Saturday. I do believe that you will still get a $10RR this week though…but you will be paying full price per case. You need to purchase $20 or more to get the RR. HTH!

      • laury says:

        The coupon for $3.99 is still in the Wags ad so you can get the sale price. I saw the Pepsi ad up at my wags and was wondering if it was still working. From one other person it looks like it isn’t but i don’t know for sure. Has ANYONE gotten it to work this week?

  • pattil24 says:

    I just went in to do this with a raincheck I got from last week’s coupon and the $10RR didn’t come out, so I had to return the water. Totally bummed. Probably should have waited until next week.

    • Tresa says:

      I know it’s a pain to return it, but at least you tried… I was afraid to even try thinking it may not work & spending that $$, I didn’t even think about returning if it didn’t spit out the RR, duh??

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