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Old Navy Price Adjustment Policy = BIG Savings!

12:50 PM MST
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Did you know Old Navy has a price adjustment policy?! I had absolutely NO idea that this policy existed until several days ago when I received this email from reader, Chris…

I just had to share this with someone and this seems like the perfect place. I took my kids to Old Navy on June 28th when they were having the 30% off everything in the store sale. I thought I had saved a bunch of money on that day even though I struck out in their clearance section. I went back this Friday to return an item and noticed that a lot of the items that I had bought were now on sale. I asked them what their price adjustment policy was on items that were marked down on sale and they said if it was a sale item and it was within 2 weeks of purchasing them they could give me an adjustment. If it was on clearance though I would have to bring the item back, have them return it and then I’d have to re-buy at the clearance price. I had them scan my receipt to see if I could save a few more cents on the items that were now listed as sale items (i.e. swimsuits for $5 which I paid full price last week but got 30% off) and to my surprise, I got a $40 credit back on my card!! I took a chance, but it was definitely worth asking!

How awesome is that?! After reading this email, I immediately emailed Old Navy for more information about this policy so here are all the details that I received in that email…

We’re happy to offer a one-time price adjustment when the original receipt is presented in any Old Navy store within 14 days of the date of purchase if the item has been reduced in price, this includes clearance items. Unfortunately, we don’t make exceptions outside of the 14 day time frame to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all our customers. Please note; items purchased using a discount coupon are NOT eligible for a price adjustment.

So that got me wondering whether this same price adjustment policy can be applied to online purchases. After some searching, I discovered that Old Navy also has an online price adjustment policy!! Here is that policy taken directly from

* We offer a one-time price adjustment if an item is marked down within fourteen (14) days of the date on your purchase. To obtain a price adjustment on an online purchase, you must call 1-800-OLD-NAVY, or send us an email message at within the fourteen (14) day window. Include your order number in your email message. If you are within the deadline, we’ll refund you the difference in your original form of payment.

* Items purchased with a promotional discount are not eligible for price adjustments. See promotion for details. However, items purchased with rewards certificates or free shipping promotions are eligible for price adjustments.

* A price adjustment for an online purchase will not be made in a Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic store.

* We will not make price adjustments on online purchases for items featured in clearance pricing events in Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic stores.

Did you know about this policy? Have you ever used the policy and received a credit back?

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  • Aubrie says:

    Victoria’s Secret has this same 14 day price adjustment policy. When they have their semi-annual sale, I always buy on the first day (best selection) and by the last Friday of their sale (sale lasts 2 weeks) they have marked all of their bras down to $15.99, so I get a price adjustment. I get all of the styles I want for the cheapest price.

  • Kimberly says:

    I was in Pigeon Forge at the Old Navy outlet last Thursday and purchased several items for my daughter. Then I checked my email and saw that Stuff and Save started the next day! So I took everything back (minus the pjs she had worn the first night) and they retuned it all (reg credit card), then put it all on my Gap card with the 20% discount. I saved almost $10!

  • Maria D. says:

    Yes. I knew about this policy. A lot of stores have this policy. I know for sure Gymboree, Gap, and Macys.

  • Rachel Welch says:

    idk if anyone knows this or not but in FLORIDA it is a STATE law that ALL stores must give a price adjustment within fourteen days if the items goes on sale. Old navy isn’t the only store to offer this. Many stores do this. I know in Florida all store by law have to abide by this policy!

  • Kimberly Wilson Biddle says:

    I was just at old Navy in Lexington, Ky and my surprise 30% off did not come off my total. I spent $48.76 before my 30% surprise discount. My receipt doesn’t show that my 30% was taken off. Transaction #4214

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