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1:37 PM MST
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Recently, I have received many emails from Hip2Save readers regarding issues with printing coupons from and/or installing the printer. As a result, I have compiled a list of helpful tips and suggestions to hopefully get you printing those coupons again in no time!

Can’t print coupons?

You must have a default printer selected for your computer, and it must be a real, paper-based printer, not a virtual fax machine or file printer or PDF creator. Follow the instructions that came with your computer for setting up your printer. Also, make sure your printer is turned on, loaded with paper, has enough toner or ink, etc. If your printer is a multi-function device (print, fax, copy, scan) make sure the default printer is the print function, not the fax function. For specific help with printing coupons on a Windows Operating System, click here. For specific help with printing coupons on a Macintosh Operating System, click here.

If you are experiencing problems installing the Coupon Printer there may be a few reasons:

1) You may not have permission to download programs on your computer or you are using software that blocks the installation
If you are trying to print coupons at work or from a computer at a library, Internet cafe or university, you may not have permission to download and install programs onto the computer you are using.

2) You might also be running software that prevents installation on your computer. Make sure to turn off any anti-virus software or any anti-spyware or adware software. While has attempted to work with most of the major publishers of such software to ensure that their Coupon Printer is not blocked, there may be programs that block the installation, or put up a warning that you are about to install a program. You should choose to allow the installation.

3) The security settings in your browser are set too high. If you receive warnings or errors that an attempt to install and ActiveX control (Internet Explorer) or a plugin was blocked, or are asked for permission to install a program, you may need to change your browser’s security settings to allow installation of these types of controls. Also, make sure to click the appropriate buttons in any dialog boxes that appear to allow the installation. Modern browsers make you jump through a few hoops to install plugins, but it’s worth it!

4) Your operating system or browser is incompatible: Coupon printing is currently supported on Windows Operating Systems Vista, XP, and 2000 when used with Internet Explorer 6+, FireFox 1+, Netscape 8+, and most MSN and AOL browsers. If you are unable to print when using an MSN, AOL, or Compuserve browser, try printing your coupon using Internet Explorer 6+. Coupon printing is currently supported on Macintosh OSX 10.3 or higher when used with Safari 2+ and FireFox 2+. Coupon printing is NOT supported on Linux or WebTV.

5) For step by step instructions for installing the coupon printer on Windows Operating Systems, click here. For step by step instructions for installing the coupon printer on Macintosh Operating Systems, click here.

Note: The tips above were taken directly from the Frequently Asked Questions page.

What if a store won’t accept my coupons from

Let know by clicking here, and they’ll send the store information to help better inform them about printable coupons. You can also learn more about printable coupons on their Coupon Resource Center.

Wanna reach directly?

You can send them an email by clicking here or you can contact them by phone at 650-605-4600.

If you have any other helpful tips for printing coupons, please share in the comment section! Thanks!

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  • Craig says:

    Great information here for those having such issues. GL

  • Anikka says:

    I have Windows 7 and have had issues on one of my computers (but not both). I think it may be because I use the 64 bit version. I can’t get the coupon printer to install on my newer computer but it runs fine on the old one (both computer have Windows 7). I also haven’t been able to print Target computers from Firefox on Windows 7 but I can from IE (though not the 64 bit version). My BF is an IT professional and he can’t even figure it out!

    So thanks for the tips but if anyone else has Windows 7 I think some of the coupon companies need to update their software and still haven’t done so even though it’s been out about 9 months (and in testing for long before that)

  • Brenda says:

    I have not been able to print coupons from for about 6 months now. I am assuming it was some update that was ran on my PC that caused this. If worked great one day – and “install coupon printer” the next?!?!?!?! When the coupon printer is already been installed. But – just this last weekend there was some udpate that FINALLY allowed me to print target coupons again YAY!!! So – I am crossing my fingers that will work again sometime soon too! :)

    • Tina K says:

      same things has happened to me! I downloaded IE 8 or whatever the new version is, and since that day all the bricks coupons wont print! at it says i need to install the coupon printer after it already has been nstalled. and from direct links first it prompts me to put in my zip code and then it shows that its printing but NEVER prints. IDK what to do anymore

      • Brenda says:

        wow – – that is EXACTLY what mine does!!! good to know i am not the only one out there and crazy!! :) i did contact their support too and was told to re-install. They were not any help.

        • tabatha soliz says:

          same here, thought it was my computer .. but i can print from smartsource, my documents, web pages etc… just not… keeps asking to reinstall or better yet when it does get installed it keeps saying “your coupons have been printed” and no action on my printer. so what gives, i missed alot of good deals last week b/c of this

  • Anna says:

    My coupons print just fine. However when I print my Target coupons they print without a bar code. The numbers appear and the cashiers can type these in, but oh boy what a pain! I tried contacting but all they responded with was, if you have trouble using them call us immediately??? If anyone has suggestions for this issue, PLEASE let me know. Me and the kiddos would appreciate a speedier checkout process at Target!

  • Rachel Dale says:

    I keep getting notices on both my computer at home and at work that I’ve already reached the number of prints allowed when I’ve never printed the coupon before on either computer! Any ideas on that?

  • Melissa R says:

    Also, in your printer properties window there is the option to save a copy of everything printed. Having this option checked will prevent you from printing coupons also.

  • M says:

    I have been printing coupons for years and on different computers. Something must be happening now that has not happened before because about 1/3 of the time when printing directly from they won’t print. But, if I print on direct links, they print. I am also on Windows 7 and have been since it came out. Everything was fine until about 1 month ago. I don’t know what it is, but like I said about 1/3 the time they just don’t print. VERY frustrating when I know on my end nothing is different.

  • mg19306 says:

    Luckily, I have no problems with, But I’ve never been able to print Smartsource coupons, I get the message “Access Disabled, your access to print from this site has been disabled. Please contact to enable it. You must mention code 74413041 in your email.” I have emailed them several times with no reply. Any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks for any help you can give me!

  • Anon says:

    I used to be able to print from my Mac with no problems from and bricks, but for about 6 mos now, I have not been able to (prompts me to install the coupon printer for the 1,000,000th time). I finally called the company and they even took control of my desktop and could not figure it out. I searched online and there are a ton of Mac users having the same issue. It started around Jan/ Feb this year. SOOOOO frustrating!

  • Jennifer says:

    I just got a new printer over the weekend, and now am having the same issues, too. I emailed them about it, let’s see if I get a response.

  • Amy says:

    I found that I was unable to print from mid July and later discovered why. It’s a pretty specific problem so it may not apply to you. I was infected with a scamware virus called “AV Security Suite” which pretends to be a virus scanner detecting something wrong with your computer and wanting you to pay to fix the bogus problem. I’ve dealt with several variations of this virus before so I found simple removal instructions for AV Security Suite here: Part of these instructions asks for you to change the LAN Setting in IE, checking “Use a proxy server connection for your LAN”. After removing the scamware virus, I forgot to uncheck that setting. When I did uncheck it, q’s were able to print again. So if you’ve had to change the LAN settings in IE, that may be the reason why your q’s don’t print. Best of luck.

  • CJ says:

    With my old slow dial up computer I’m lucky I can print any coupons! I dont have any problems with Target, .pdf,, or Bricks coupons but Smart Source coupons take forever to print and never print the bar codes.

  • Meagan VanderVeen says:

    I haven’t had any trouble getting the coupons to print, but several times lately I’ve gotten to a store (specifically Rite Aid) and the coupons won’t scan at the register (even though I just printed it that day and it’s a totally legit coupon). I’ve been told that a lot of stores now have a policy that if the coupon won’t scan they are not allowed to force it. Anyone else having this problem or is it my printer?

  • CeeCee says:

    Just started having problems downloading bricks coupons on Sunday….it keeps asking me to install the printer even though it’s already installed. I also run IE 8.0, but have for at least 6 months.

    Just want Collin to know that it’s appreciated that she posted all the info…going to try everything and hopes it helps. I was going nuts trying to figure it out by myself.

  • Michelle says:

    Contacted them last week via phone, no response.
    Still unable to print sobe coupons (you know I’m ticked) so emailed them this time.
    I go to print & it says I’ve already printed. Ummm…. no!

  • Carol says:

    I have never had any problems printing coupons. Yesterday none of the would print. Kept asking me to install coupon printer. I tried so many times and still it won’t work. Has something changed in the last two days, that I don’t know about? Thanks

  • joe says:

    yes me too i have to keep installing the coupon printer over and over again.
    i even reinstalled windows 7 clean install! still cant print. i think we have been banned!

    i had a guy from remote acess my conputer to help ne and he could not
    fix it!.

  • joe says:

    ok if you get the loop to reinstall the software, it could be your unique ID has been blocked. you can get your unique id by going here
    wait a couple second for your id to pop up. its also a 9 digit number inthe micro printing hidden on the scisors’s line. After checking my Internet adds ons, making sure i had the correct default printer, reinstalling the coupon printer, clearing out the cookies, still could not print.
    I reformated my PC to a clean install of windows 7! still could not print, I repartioned my hard drive and updated the bios and reformated to vista then back to windows 7 with a different windows 7 disk, and walla! I can print again but guess what? now my coupon id has changed!

    Since your unique ID is hardware specific, “like your motherboard manufacturer, your BIOS revision, your OS, your hard drive manufacturer, and your network card. All of those things are looked at to determine your “unique ID”. given to you buy they give your PC this unique ID so that you just cant reinstall thier software and print new more then the coupon limits,
    also so they can make sure that if a coupon you made is coppied like 50 times and redemed
    that they can block your user ID, something i did by updateing my bios and and reformating
    to a slighty different OS disc cused to recognized me as a new PC and give me a
    bew user ID. now i can print but I have a brand new user ID!

  • sonja says:

    get lost

  • sonja says:

    hopefully you’ll be more considerate of your potential clients

  • Barbara says:

    My user ID is ERROR. It also asks me to install coupon printing software for a hundredth time.

  • Carlen says:

    Hi Colin – this comment thread was left without any further resolutions, do you know if there are any updates on how to fix the eternal installation loop? Thank you as always!

  • mary says:

    I bought a new laptop and was having issues printing coupons from using chrome browser. It has windows 7. I was able to print coupons using internet explorer but coupons were printing in color even though I changed the printing preferences to print in grayscale/black ink only. Finally figured out the solution! I made internet explorer my default browser and it worked!! So I encourage you to try it if you’re having trouble printing from

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