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Print Manufacturer's Coupons on!

4:02 PM MST
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Joanie, a reader, emailed over this great tip:

For those of you who are worried about retailers not accepting manufacturer’s coupons with the target logo on it, you can go to and print. Target coupons are powered by, so you basically get all of the same manufacturer’s coupon excluding the target specific ones.

..So if you find manufacturer’s coupon on the Target site with a Target logo and want to use them elsewhere without the hassle– head on over to! You should find some of the same coupons on— just without the Target logo!

(Thanks for the tip, Joanie!)

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  • Carol says:

    Oh, thank you, I didn’t know that existed. I’ve tried to use them in Safeway and they wouldn’t take them because of the logo. Thank you again.

    • Nichole says:

      Carol, just for future reference, Safeway updated their coupon policy in June and it CLEARLY states that they WILL take manufacturer’s coupons with another’s store’s logo (under #8). I found it on their website, printed it out, and keep it with me (thankfully, I’ve never had to whip it out). :) Hope that helps with your future Safeway shopping! I love coupon shopping at my Safeway!

      • Nichole says:

        Ok, I just looked at it again, and they that link shows a more recent revision of 08/11. BUT, they will still accept the manufacturer’s coupons w/ another store’s logo.

  • Danika says:

    I’ve been using e-centives coupons for awhile. They will often have the exact same coupons as other websites, except they don’t print DO NOT DOUBLE on the top. It’s really nice if you’re in a store that doubles coupons and you get a picky cashier that gives you grief about coupons that say that on top.

  • Amyt says:

    Look at the expiration dates — Dec 2012!

  • tmills118 says:

    Nice to know will be trying soon!

  • Kristen P says:

    Thanks for the info – I noticed that over the last 10 days or so, my manufacturer’s coupons printed off the Target site have been printing without the Target logo – I’m hopeful this is here to stay as it does make it easier at other stores!

  • Melissa Oliver says:

    Collin, you should add this to your “printable coupon links” list.

  • Joy says:

    Cool find. But just FYI two of the Qs (Pillsbury Grand Biscuits and the Totinos pizza) print for different amounts than what it shows on screen. The biscuits said $.30 off any size, but actually prints $.30 off two. The pizza said $.50 off one, but actually prints $1 off 5. :(

    I like that the cereal Qs don’t say “Do Not Double.” I’m hoping it actually will work though.

  • Megan♥ says:

    Yay! Thanks Joanie!!! ♥

  • Krystal says:

    I printed off some of the manufacturers coupons on the Target website. They said e-Centives on them. I tried to use them at Smith’s (a Kroger) store and the cashier would not take them. She said that they would not accept any coupon without a water mark and that my coupons were fraudulent. (Don’t you just love when that happens). So what is the policy with those. What stores will generally accept the E-Centives coupons?

    • Anonymous says:

      i just used these coupons at my local kroger last night. they took them just fine. although i had just changed my ink and a few of them didnt want to scan due to being a little thick, but the manager keyed them in for her. infact those were the only coupons i used, i spent 6.95, got 6.50 in catalinas and saved 59.33.. i was for sure doing the happy dance there.

    • Shannon says:

      Does your store have U-Scan? I have been able to use those manufacturer’s coupons that have other store’s logos on them when I scan them myself. It avoids a lot of hassle.

  • Emily says:

    Love how it shows exp dates (before printing). So helpful! Thanks for the link!

  • Beth says:

    How are you getting to the e-centives page? When ever I click on the link above a new page opens that says Oops! The link appears to be broken.

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