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Sign up for Sales Alerts = $5 in FREE Stuff + Lots More!

9:34 AM MST
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If you are frequent Kohl’s and/or shopper, then you’ll definitely want to sign up for Kohl’s Sale Alerts. All you have to do is head over here and enter your email address and you will receive two special offers within 10 days of sign-up:

– A $5 coupon to use in Kohl’s stores (no minimum purchase is required!)
– A 10% off Promo Code to use online at

Plus, you’ll continue to hear about Kohl’s biggest sales, shipping deals, credit offers and more! You’ll also periodically receive other great savings offers, like these:

– FREE Standard Shipping on your order (with a minimum purchase)
– EXTRA SAVINGS when you Checkout with your Kohl’s Charge Card
– NEW Markdowns in the Clearance Department
– BIG savings in every department

Are you already signed up for Kohl’s sales alerts? If so, what type of coupons have you received?!

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  • Jennifer says:

    I have signed up numerous times, in store and online. I have never received anything. Not even in my spam folder. I check that everyday.

  • jodi says:

    I got the original $5 coupon and now all I get are the 15% shopping passes.

  • Kim says:

    I’ve signed up quite a few times with different email addresses to get the $5 coupon… but now I just get % off offers, but no more coupons.

  • Smitha says:

    When I signed up, I got a $5 coupon. I get 15% off coupons via e-mail. Occasionally I get a $10 off $10 or $10 off $20 coupon via mail.

  • Lisa says:

    I used to work for Kohl’s. I worked for almost 6 years but its been over 2 years ago now. But any questions about the coupons I would for sure call customer service…call your local store and get the number and you would be surprised what you might receive for online shopping and in store shopping as well just by expressing your concern on not getting what is promised to you. Customer service/satisfaction for them is number ONE! One of the greatest companies to work for where the customer does come first…happy customers keep people coming back!

  • Anonymous says:

    Kohls just sent out their peel-off coupons which are good in store for either 15, 20 or 30% off. I got mine for 30% which can be used in store with a Kohls charge, but it can also be used online with the code of SEPTEMBER30. Good September 15-22. Whenever I get a lower amount sent on my peelie, I can always find the code for 30% posted by someone online and I’ve never had a problem being able to use it, even if it wasn’t mine orginally. They won’t let you do the same in the store though, but even if you forget your peelie at home, they always have scratch-offs at the checkouts and you’re guaranteed to get at least 15% off every time. Either way, it has to be charged to your Kohls charge though.

  • bali says:

    I signed up with different email addresses a few times and just again two weeks ago. The $5 coupon takes about 1 week to arrive, and I unsubscribe immediately afterwards (otherwise you’ll get an email every day). Nice little extra to entice me to shop @ Kohls, otherwise i’d never go there.

  • Shey says:

    I go on eBay and bid for the $5 off coupons. Usually I can get 20 of them for a $1. Even though you can only use one per person/day. It saves time in entering you email address and unsubscribing a bunch of times. I have gotten some cool stuff for free.

  • Monica says:

    I did this about 2 weeks ago and the coupons never arrived (although I do receive their almost daily ones). I e-mailed customer service and they responded that they would offer the $5 off by sending my order number to them after I ordered on-line or if I bought something in store if I sent them my info and purchase receipt when I used my Kohl’s charge (I suppose they assume I have one?). I really like Kohl’s but I would have to say I was a little disappointed in their response. Not sure why they couldn’t just re-issue an e-mail but oh well. Not complaining (although I know I sound like it :)) but thought the feedback might be helpful to others.

  • guai says:

    I got my $5 off coupon through email within a week. I was doing my shopping in SC had a really good deal on slacks for $5.50, wish i had the coupon with me at the time of purchase. As soon as I got back from SC to NC, i signed up through Kohl’s website and completed the survey printed on my receipt. On Sat. (9/18) they finally sent it to me & used it on Friday I think it expires within a week. Bought a BB Jersey $4.50 which on clearance & $1.00 on Nike socks paid only $0.50 out of pocket(: i was telling the cashier that i got a good deal but she didn’t seem to care

  • Precilla Bandy says:

    Please send me emails about various offers.

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