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Picture People: BIG Bundle Package $9 (91% off!)

10:22 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Wow! Picture People is offering an awesome coupon valid through October 31st: A Big Bundle Package (consisting of six color portrait sheets sized 10 x 13 or smaller of the same image) for ONLY $9…that’s 91% off the regular price of $100! Head over here to print this coupon and remember there are never session fees at Picture People!

If you would prefer, print the coupon found here and you’ll snag $10 off your next studio visit (expires 10/31). Keep in mind that you can only use one coupon per session.

Wanna receive more special offers from Picture People?! Then head over here and sign up for Picture People emails…after I registered, I immediately received a coupon for a FREE 8×10 or 10×13 portrait!

(Thanks, Jennifer!)

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  • tilla ham says:

    wow, this is an amazing deal, i once spent over 200 for 6 pictures (3 in a frame)

  • Rachel says:

    yeah!!! need to get 3 month and 3 year pics for my kids!!! thanks. do you think you can use the free 10×13 coupon for registering with them along with the $9 coupon?

  • Anonymous says:

    Wooooooooowwwww!!!! Love it! My youngest turns 2 in Oct. Perfect! Thanks!

  • afey E says:

    thanks! I was just about to take my sons First birthday pics myself because getting pics done is a lot!! I’ll be doing them here instead!

  • Rietschlin says:

    Man, I sure miss Picture People!!!!! We had them for a year in our area, then they pulled out. Now we have Portrait Innovations.

  • Tara says:

    awesome! Taking the littlest one there this week!

  • Amanda says:

    hmm. i hope they dont say anything about me taking my 6 y.o, because it says babys.. oh well he is my baby:)

  • smellyann says:

    Wow, great deal, thank you!!!

  • Emily says:

    Just in time for my youngest to turn 3 this week. I was going to take the pics myself but maybe I will try this and hopefully not be persuaded to spend more money.

  • Mallory says:

    Will this coupon work for a family portrait without children or is it only for babies?

    • ej says:

      I would think it would work fine, but just call a store and ask, you wouldn’t need to give your name or anything, if you call in the aftenoon around 2 ish i wouldn’t think they would be that busy.

  • tiphanie says:

    Awesome! I keep telling my husband we need to go get our second chids pics taken. She turns 2 in Oct, So perfect timing.I wonder if i can take my baby and use coupon once. Then on another day take both my girls for a pic together? Oh and I have such a hard time picking only one picture, so wonder if you can use multiple times and keep going back?? What do you guys think? Thanks for this great deal.

  • Kathie M says:

    Promised my MIL a picture in an outfit she bought so this will work great! Thanks!

  • Jenni says:

    I’ve never been to Picture People. Do they charge a sitting fee?

  • chris says:

    I noticed they take senior portraits. Just wondering if this deal would work for high school senior pictures?

  • katie f. says:

    I’ve always thought PP was such a rip off… but this appears to be a good deal.

  • Mrs.Hall says:

    I’ve never been to PP either. It says no session fee, but is there a sitting fee? Also..where did we find this coupon? Its not just for certain people or anything is it? I’m always paranoid that I’ll get the third degree when using some coupons. I registered on their site after printing this coupon.

    Great deal though! I need to get my little mans picture taken soon and this would be great!

  • whitney says:

    I am also wondering if this is a special coupon only for one person or what? I just dont want to go there and they say it won’t work?

    • Mallory says:

      I took the coupon into my local store last night to verify everything and make an appointment. She said it would work just fine and I made an appointment for two people and and our pet.

  • ejlillyaker says:

    I love pict people and this is a fantastic deal. I called to check that they would accept it and was told that no, the manager would not, I tried to ask a little why not, and it seemed like she was trying to say it was for select stores only. And in the fine print at the bottom it does say, only in certain locations, but it doesn’t say which locations. Does anyone know how to find out what stores accept it???? I tried the ppeople website and couldn’t find this coupon on there. thanks.

  • tiphanie says:

    I just went to my picture people in Tucson AZ and used this coupon with no problems. Great deal! They did say they were told this coupon wasn’t available here, but they were seeing a lot of them and took it just fine.

    • tiphanie says:

      Oh and they also told me i could use it as many times as i wanted. I just had to schedule seperate sessions. So i’m going to go back and get my girls pic together and a family pic. $27 for 18 sheets is an awesome deal in 3 different poses!

  • Valerie says:

    We used this offer today to get some pictures of our girls. The ladies at the studio we went to were not very friendly and almost refused to accept the coupon. So you may want to check with them at the beginning to make sure yours accepts this offer. They finally did take it though. But they made their receptionist take the pictures, which didn’t turn out good. Of the 20 or so that she took, she only showed us 5. The rest were blurry and didn’t turn out. We did find one decent pose and we were able to use the offer, but I sure wasn’t impressed with the service.

    • Anonymous says:

      I didnt tell them i was using a coupon. I just did my session. They were very nice and took lots of pictures. SHe took a lot, but i’d say she only showed me 15. I guess they weren’t good shots, closed eyes, not looking, no smile, ect. I wouldn’t go here except for they have this awesome coupon. I like JCPenneys.

  • Jennifer says:

    I went there yesterday. Took my 2 year old in her halloween outfit, took 10 pictures, picked one. Walked out with 6 sheets(4 8X10s, 2 5X7s, 5 4X6s) in about 20 mins. No problems at all. Got presents for all the grandparents for $9.54. A great deal.

  • Natty says:

    I made an appointment for us tomorrow night at 4:30 to get my son’s pictures taken to put in Christmas cards. I hope they take the coupon (I also hope I can resist buying more than the $9 package)!

  • Emily says:

    I live in the Dallas, TX area and my coupon was rejected. I was also told that the coupon was for certain locations and that in our region, the market price for the package was $18 and not $9. She offered me the $18 coupon for the same package but I declined since I had gotten an offer in the mail from Sears that was pretty similar. I was very disappointed since I had gone through all the trouble of getting my baby ready, packed outfits, bought halloween costume and all! Moral of the story, CALL and verify before you move a finger.

  • Candice B. says:

    This coupon worked for me in Lancaster, PA! They said they even got quite a few people with the coupons come in the past week! They were very nice and took some great shots!

  • Freida says:

    Thank you for posting this deal! This was by far, the best photo experience we’ve had. We were never ever asked to buy more than the coupon package. We loved being able to go home with the pictures.

  • Charissa B. says:

    I went there today with coupon in hand, and they told me the package costs the advertised $18, not the $9 as it is stated on the coupon, so I ended up having to pay more :(

  • jenn says:

    This coupon is EXPIRED.. it says on the bottom..expired 10.31.10..

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