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OfficeMax: Buy Gift Cards with MaxPerks Rewards

9:56 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

How many of you have taken advantage of the awesome FREE after 100% MaxPerks Rewards items that OfficeMax has offered in the last few weeks, like the FREE Kodak ESP 5250 All-In-One Printer (still available through September 25th) or the FREE school supply items?! Considering the fact that if you buy 2 of the Kodak printers, you’ll end up with over $250 in MaxPerks rewards… this is such a large reward (and it does expire in 90 days). So you may be wondering exactly what to purchase at OfficeMax with the $250. If you would prefer to utilize the $250 for something other than printer paper, ink, and office supplies, consider this brilliant idea from reader, Kelly…

I wanted to give you an idea for OfficeMax. A few weeks ago I took advantage of the 100% back in MaxPerks rewards for the backpacks. I bought two and my total was around $73. I rarely shop OfficeMax (Staples junkie here) so I was slightly fearful about what I was going to spend the $73 on in-store, but as I was pondering this before buying the backpacks. I strolled right by their gift card station. They have everything from Visa to iTunes to JCPenney. If I had to guess, I would say they had at least 100 different gift cards to chose from at my store. The only restriction for using your MaxPerks rewards is that they are not valid on OfficeMax gift cards, but all other gift cards are indeed eligible. I picked up a $50 JCP card and a $25 Kohl’s card tonight using my rewards. Some of them have an “activation fee” like the Visa and Amex ones (approx $4), but most of the department store types and iTunes and restaurants do not have a fee. I just thought this was a neat way to “recoup” your money.

Please note that I did call the MaxPerks Rewards Customer Service dept (1-866-MAXPERKS) and did confirm that you can indeed use the MaxPerks rewards to purchase gift cards. What a great idea Kelly! :D With Christmas quickly approaching, consider using your MaxPerks rewards to stock up on gift cards for friends and family members!

Do you have a creative way of using your Maxperks Rewards? If so, please share your ideas with us!

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  • Lorri says:

    Hi – I’m wondering how Kelly accessed her backpack rewards?? I also purchased this, but since OfficeMax Rewards are issued quarterly, mine are not available until October 20 (the quarter ends September 30, however it takes about 20 days for OfficeMax to make them available to you). Just wondering how she already accessed her’s. Great idea about the gift cards.

    • Leticia says:

      Office Max rewards are issued monthly, not quarterly. You need to go to and login or register and then you go into my rewards and you should be able to print out your certificate.

  • kelli says:

    I have $18.00 in Maxperks right now, and I think that is a FANTASTIC way to use them. I have been trying to look for creative ways to not spend as much money on Christmas gifts this year, so this is great! :)

  • Linda Phelps says:

    Freakin’ brilliant!

  • megan says:

    why did you take down the post about free calculator samples?

  • Mrs. B says:

    wow, that is AWESOME!

  • brittany f says:

    shopathome 4% back and ebates3%

  • skiing7654 says:

    Such a great money maker here. I was thinking of doing it and just selling the printer straight on EBay. Even if I only make $20-$40, I am still getting a gift card out of the deal as well. A little time and effort but seems worthwile to me for the money involved.

  • Drea says:

    thats great, I never shop office max BUT now I will definitely look into it !!

  • Kristy says:

    Now I know for next year! I got alot of stuff to donate to our local schools this year but avoided office max b/c I knew I wouldn’t use the rewards instore. Now I wish I did! So next year I can donate to schools and take care of Xmas in one shot! LOL AWESOME!!

  • Sandy says:

    I was told that you can not use MaxPerks rewards to purchase gift cards. Does anyone know for certain if this is true?

    • Deanna says:

      Collin also says as part of her post above: “Please note that I did call the MaxPerks Rewards Customer Service dept (1-866-MAXPERKS) and did confirm that you can indeed use the MaxPerks rewards to purchase gift cards.” So it should be good!

    • thecents2save says:

      I am the one that did this deal, and I can 100% confirm that you can indeed purchase (non-Office Max) gift cards using Max Perks Rewards. I just did this successfully last night. Happy Shopping!

  • N. says:

    I just called the maxperks number and they told me you could use maxperks rewards to purchase anything EXCEPT giftcards. I don’t understand why we get contradictory answers to that question, but that’s what I was told.

    • thecents2save says:

      Call back and ask them to clarify “gift cards”. They are correct that you cannot purchase OFFICE MAX gift cards using rewards, however you can purchase other gift cards. So if you only said “gift cards” and were not specific they probably assumed you meant Office Max store gift cards, which are excluded. Read the fine print on your rewards print out. It *only* excludes Office Max store gift cards.

  • Amy says:

    Can you purchase giftcards online?

  • Leah says:

    I think they are refering to OFFICE MAX giftcards….might call back and ask specifically about the giftcard station giftcards for OTHER stores/restaraunts…because you CANNOT use the rewards to purchase OFFiCE MAX giftcards.

    • pam says:

      The official policy only has Officemax Gift Cards as the limitation. Store Manager/District Manager Policy is different depending on store. There are some that will allow but some that will not let you no matter what corporate says

  • Darcie says:

    kelly is genius! collin is too! thanks all

  • N. says:

    I called again and got a different CSR, and this one was far more helpful. We determined, based on the terms and conditions which you can view on line, that they can be used for purchasing gift cards… just not Office Max gift cards. Under “how to obtain and use rewards” it states, “Your reward card is not redeemable for OfficeMax brand gift cards, and is not redeemable for cash unless otherwise required by law.” Those appear to be the only restrictions for spending your rewards.

  • mouni says:

    The only problem with this (and this is only my opinion and I’m not judging people who don’t agree) is that it will take the money out of office max that gave the deal in the 1st place. But if you can’t find a way to spend the large rewards you earned in the 90 days they expire, i guess you have to do it. I had a lot of Rite Aid gift cards and was tempted to buy Macy’s gift cards with those but when i thought about it I decided to spend the money at Rite Aid . I wanna do my part in helping them keep the great deals they give us. :)

    • thecents2save says:

      I can see your point, but if Office Max was worried about that, don’t you think they would exclude *all* gift cards from reward redemption? :)

    • Anna says:

      They must get something for selling the gift cards in-store or they wouldn’t do it. Plus, if they were concerned with it, why wouldn’t they also offer the purchase of their gift cards? I understand where you are coming from, so I don’t completely disagree. Just throwing this out there for thought. :-)

    • Bonnie says:

      They make money on selling gift cards just like they make money on selling staplers, maybe not as much, but it is still profit!

    • Sandy says:

      Office Max is only representing Kodak. No one is loosing out.

  • Jess says:

    do all officemax stores have these gift card kiosks? If I decide to do this deal I have to travel 60 miles away in order to redeem the rewards for the gift cards…

  • thecents2save says:

    I can see your point, but if Office Max was worried about that, don’t you think they would exclude *all* gift cards from reward redemption? :)

  • Erin B says:

    This printer is on backorder now….. Do you think if I go ahead and purchase it will I still be able to get the Max Perks when it comes in? It says ships in 5-14 days, even with the backorder, I believe.

    • Kaitlin says:

      good question, i wanted to know the same thing!

    • A.D. says:

      Anything’s possible, but I ordered two back packs last time. They were backordered and I still got my rewards. It just took longer because they don’t process the rewards credit until the items ship…hth.

    • Rockporter says:

      I just spoke to customer service at the 800 # collin posted here. It was verified you can purchase the backordered item and get the max rewards for the item even though it is backordered because you still made the purchase during the rewards promotion. Now, here is one for you all,

      This guy didn’t know what I was talking about concerning the printer and 100% max rewards, he put me on hold ad talked to his supv and he didn’t know about it either. I couldn’t find the printer online and that is why I called them. If some of you got this deal then you were very lucky. I cannot even order on backorder because it doesn’t come up online and customer service couldn’t find it either. Confusing for me, I would say!

  • Cathy says:

    i have done the same thing at office depot. our school PTA collects printer cartridges and recycles them at office depot. they give some rewards for each printer cartridge recycled. then i usually use the rewards to buy supplies for the teachers. one time i used the rewards to buy a VISA gift card. there was a small fee. our PTA gave the gift card to a family that had a fire at a school. office max also recycles printer cartridges and give you a few rewards for each printer cartridge, but they only accept certain brands. office depot will recycle any brand.

  • mindy says:

    You will be able to get the Max Perks rewards regardless of the back order. You just need to enter your Max Perks rewards ID number when you make the purchase and then it will automatically put it into your account monthly. I called OfficeMax and spoke to the Max Perks rewards desk and they said it will show up monthly and then your account will be credited. They also told me that you can purchase gift cards with your rewards, just not Office Max gift cards.

  • April says:

    Says it’s discontinued and cannot be added to my shopping cart. Hum…

  • Shanda says:

    My mom just tried to buy one & was unable to get one. It has been discontinued. Darn!

  • Laury says:

    I called corp and they said it was ok to buy regular gift cards, just not Office Max. I called my 2 local stores and they told me no. I asked one of the stores to call corp and verify and they called me back and said they were wrong and they can do it. At the other store, the guy was so rude that I didn’t ask him to call. I came home and called corp and asked her to call the store herself. She put me on hold and called the store and informed them of the corporate policy. She told me to put the number in my cell phone and call while I am at the store if I have any problems. 1-866-MAXPERKS

  • Laury says:

    They have them in stock in the store for $99. If you bring in 1 used in cartridge for recycle they will give you $50 off.

  • Ella says:

    Printers SOLD OUT :( I did not get to order one. Well, Collins readers bought them all LOL

    • Anna says:

      I thought they must be sold out – I couldn’t find the Kodak ESP 5250 on the Office Max Website anywhere. And I was so excited when I read about this today, because Kodak ink is so much cheaper then my current HP ink. :( :(

  • AC says:

    Does anyone know if I can do the same with Staples gift card I received from backpack deal too? Thanks!

  • Jennifer says:

    Stopped by Officemax at lunch today. They had no AMEX or MC giftcards in stock. They said their store is going to discontinue those. However, they did have VISA, so I bought some of those, however there was a fee charged which was a bummer.

  • Brian says:

    I signed up for the maxperks rewards and before purchasing the Kodak all-in-one-printer I called maxperks rewards customer service, because my local store in Jacksonville, NC told me I could not purchase gift cards with my maxperks rewards. When I contacted customer service I was told it was not allowed. So does anyone no how to get around this?

  • sonia says:


    i guess this one has expired…oooooo..i wanted it so much

  • Jenna H says:

    Hey all, I logged into my Office Max account and they cancelled my printer order. It said to call them to get more info. I called and the guy said that it was cancelled because they are all out of stock. I asked him about refunding my card, and he said it ‘was scheduled’ but it never charged. I see the charge and I told him that. He told me he couldn’t do anything about it and to call my bank. You all might want to check to see if they cancelled any of your orders as well. I never would have know if I had not logged into my account online to see the scheduled delivery date.

  • OfficeMax: FREE Pens AND Markers after 100% MaxPerks Rewards + More – Hip2Save - Not Your Grandma's Coupon Site says:

    […] Also, be sure to spend $50 on the products above and you’ll snag free shipping! …AND don’t forget that you can use your MaxPerks Rewards to purchase gift cards! […]

  • Michael Hanely says:

    There are two types of maxperks programs, one is for teachers which I use, and one is for business,
    With the teachers program you earn about $10 for every $75 spent. One major issue I have with the program is that your earned credit will expire if you dont use it by the end of the calendar year. I have had moderate success as a teacher with the program. I guess saving anything helps. If anyone is interested here is good breakdown of the two max perks programs, business and teachers.

  • Molly says:


    Effective July 28, 2011, Reward Cards are no longer redeemable for purchases of any gift cards OfficeMax sells, including third party gift cards (i.e. restaurant, music, travel, or entertainment gift cards, other merchants’ gift cards, etc.), general use pre-paid cards (i.e. Visa® gift cards, MasterCard® gift cards, and American Express® gift cards), phone cards, or for OfficeMax brand gift cards.

  • Ricky says:

    I have a good amount on my MaxPerk card and I never used them. I saw a laptop today and was wondering if I could use my MaxPerks to purchase it or do I have to purchase gift cards?


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