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Walmart PictureMe Portrait Studios: *HOT* Deal

10:54 AM MST
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Are you desperately in need of some new photos of the kids or of the family? If so, consider making an appointment at the PictureMe Photo Studio located inside your local Walmart store. Currently, most PictureMe Studios are offering a 30 portrait package for only $7.99 (this one-pose package includes 1 8×10, 2 5x7s, 4 3.5x5s, 8 wallets and 16 keepsakes; also keep in mind that the $7.99 fee is for one person with each extra person in the photo costing another $5). To snag this $7.99 offer, head on over here and click on the “special offers” tab. And the deal gets even better! Check out this email below that I received from reader, Autumn…

Hi Collin! I have a pretty sweet deal to share with you and your readers. Have you ever heard of PictureMe Portrait Studios located in most Walmarts? Well if so, then you’re probably familiar with the “One-Pose Package” they offer that includes over 30 photos of the same pose for $7.99 (and sometimes it even goes on sale for $4.99). Well, I know how you can take that deal and make it even sweeter. Go in, get your one-pose package done for $7.99 (+ $5.00 for each additional person in the photo) . Once paid for, they will give you a code to view and purchase all of the poses (not just the one pose you selected, but all of them) online at And this is where the magic happens. Not only does offer FREE enhancements on all online orders (the studio charges 5.00 extra per sheet for these), but there is also a code (2FREE6) you can use at checkout for 2 free sheets, no minimum purchase required! And the shipping on these sheets is only $3.99! So basically you are getting $20.00 worth of photos for $3.99. And when you combine that with your one-pose package you’re only paying a little over 12 bucks for everything!! I don’t think you can find a cheaper deal on professional pics anywhere! And don’t forget you get FREE enhancements on those two sheets! In the end, I scored 4 free sheets because my hubby created an account with his credit card and got another 2 free (the site gives you the ability to share your photos with others who can then purchase sheets as well). This is definitely a great deal for those of us moms who just don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on professional photos and I hope everyone enjoys it and gets some beautiful pictures done!

*For even more deals, be sure to sign up for the PictureMe Studios email newsletter. Upon sign-up, I immediately received a coupon for a FREE 10×13 wall portrait (a $29.99 value)!

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  • Megan♥ says:

    I just need to know if they run thier picture studio like they run thier store. I avoid Walmart like the plague. lol

    • Sara says:

      It TOTALLY depends on the photographer on duty. I’ve great experiences and horrible ones. They will take 6 poses even if you say you only want the advertised package and they get commission so they will do their best to try and sell you a big package. The last time I was there she did not even mention the cheap deal as an option when ordering until I asked about it. She did a fantastic job with my 3 kids and I was very happy–just the ordering part was a bit hair-pulling especially since they allow so little time between portrait sessions so the next family was getting annoyed having to wait while I ordered.

      • Anonymous says:

        I AGREE. It totally depends on the photographer. Some of my worst pictures have come from those studios, and some of my BEST have come from there. One time, as I was very far along with my 3rd child, and I decided to take my other 2 kids into walmart for the sheer fact of ease. I didn’t need an appointment, so I could just go in when they were ready (and grab a snack or hair bows for my daughter just before). And the photographer must have been really good because they turned out adorable! I ordered a large package because I loved them so much, and the lighting was good. And some of my pictures from different Walmarts have had weird lighting and made us all look funny colored. One time, a photographer asked if she could use my daughter’s pictures for a contest (I felt embarrassed that I only bought the 7.99 package, but it wasn’t my favorite). Perhaps it is the particular studio or the particular photographer, but maybe you can try them out with 7.99 and then go back for more if you like what they do for you.

      • Anonymous says:

        my photographer did the same thing. And she gave me a dirty look when I did the 7.99 deal.

    • Minde Yorchak says:

      I agree that it completely depends on the photographer. I’ve also found that you have to push for what you want. Most photographers won’t use props or get very inventive so I always ask for what I want. We did a fall theme for my son’s birthday and I asked for pumpkins and leaves and the number 4, the photographer was just going to do a fall backdrop and that was it! Don’t be afraid to speak up

  • Dmkapotsy says:

    This is a great deal and I have been using them for my boys photos for the last two years. I try to get photos taken every three months for the first year and so this was a huge money saver and the photos have been GREAT. Most of the time they only let you pick from the first couple of poses for the package deal but every now and again you will get someone that will let you pick from any of the poses. Also the 2FREE6 code is only good when you first open your online account. However there is another online code available at this time to get the sheets for $6.99 rather than $9.99 and the code is 92214 and it is good until 10/10/10. I think it is funny because I was just online getting ready to order some from them when I checked your site. =)

  • Dmkapotsy says:

    The picture studio is just IN Wal-mart but not really part of Wal-mart. I believe they rent the space from the store. I used to work at Wal-mart. Now I try not to go unless I REALLY have too! :)

  • Heather says:

    Great this will make CHEAP halloween pics

  • Kathy says:

    Thanks, I have been looking for inexpensive picture deals! My kids go to a uniform charter school and hate having to wear the uniform for pictures. The school photos are so expensive and they never like them. The school will still take a photo and have it in the yearbook and they don’t really trade photos in school so this will work great! Their photo will be in the yearbook that we will buy and we can have fun photos taken somewhere else…everyone wins!

  • Laura says:

    as another option, you can gather coupons from Olan Mills (in some Kmarts), Sears and JCPenney. They usually have coupons for $7.99 packages with sitting fees waived. Olan MIlls usually has about a $5 processing fee, but i like them.

  • Mrs.Hall says:

    I’m trying a different Walmart this time. The other times I went to the closer one and the photographer was the only one to do everything! She was the photographer..the one answering the phone..the one going over sheets with customers..the one running the register..greeting new customers..etc. etc. It took forever to take my sons pictures and she kept leaving us in the room to tend to the phone or other customer..

    My son ended up getting crabby and cried through 3 of the 6 photos. She just took them to get me out of the way..A few came out good. The time before that when he was a baby, he was put on his stomach and half his face was squished. Then put on a “cloud” made of pillow stuffing. It looked like it was overused and didn’t come out good.

    If you can see them doing pictures with someone else, watch them and see how they do. Not all walmart based studios are bad..just the one I went to lol. And this deal is great! I’m taking my 4 year old to the bigger Walmart and we’ll see how well they do.

  • Minde Yorchak says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the info. We had my son’s pictures done there last week and now I was able to order 2 extra sheets of wallets!
    Also, we signed up for their email awhile back and about 2 weeks before my son’s birthday, we received a coupon for a free 10×13 (which can be used with the package deal.)
    So for a grand total of $12.46 I’ll get:
    1 10×13
    1 8x 10
    2 5×7
    4 3 1/2 x 5
    24 wallets
    16 petites

  • KRR says:

    Picture Me is HORRIBLE!!! I have experienced such BAD customer service there, and the last time I went there, I didn’t even get all the pictures I PAID FOR! Basically, they didn’t place an order for one of my packages, and the other package was two sheets short. My husband picked up the pictures, so I didn’t know until he got home with them. I called, and the girl was very nice and said she would just put the remaining 8 X10’s (4 of them, the ones they try to get you to buy when you pick the pics up) in my envelope with the other package – which wasn’t what I had ordered, but it was okay. However, when my husband went to pick up the pictures, the manager was extremely rude to him and refused to give him the 4 pictures. And I STILL didn’t get the two sheets that did not come in the order. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I called and complained, and I complained to the corporate office with NO RESULTS. The picture quality and photographer skill was quite low as well.

    I’m just saying that you should really watch your transaction carefully, and probably pick up the pictures YOURSELF. It’s a low price, but not even worth it.

  • Dmkapotsy says:

    I have used three or four different stores and for the most part the one taking the photos does have to do everything else too. I guess I have been blessed because most of the time they finish up the photo shoot with my boys and won’t answer the phone. They do say hello to someone that comes in but most of the time they wait until they have done the photos to get someone else’s photos for them. Some are better than others but the price is great and once you find a photogapher you like, try to schedule only with them. I know they take at least 6 poses no matter if you tell them you won’t need them or not. It is their job to take at least 6 and they HAVE to tell you about the other packages even if you already told them you want the cheap package. I just listen and still get the cheap package. Oh and they will add props if you ask and I have even taken in some things that I wanted to use in the photo and they did that for me as well. Just ask. One guy even went and got stuff out of the craft department at Wal-mart to use and then he put it back after! Don’t think he was supposed to do that but it was VERY nice of him! I have had better luck with these guys than Sears. I didn’t like theirs at all!

  • sara says:

    this is where im getting my sons pics this year instead of paying the $60+ for the comparable package that the school is offering! YOU HAVE TO BE PUSHY with the pose and backround and props! the first pose you say yes to, is the one that will be in the cheap package. they usually try to save all the fancy pics for after youve picked your pose for the package! they used to have a smile saver card that you could purchase and get lotsa free stuff/cheap deals that was good for a year.

    • Ann says:

      I think they may have changed a bit. We definitely had the same experience numerous times before and this time, she just took the pictures and did not ask me ever which picture I wanted. When we were done, we went and looked at all the photos and she spent way too long adding enhancements to the photos and I finally said, I would like this picture to be my package deal and I will review them with my husband later and buy online. She was cool with that and placed the order.. no haggling. Very nice. I took in the coupons that were available to print on their website and was able to get a free 10×13 added to the order and when she printed off the receipt, she gave me another free 10×13 coupon code for online = FREE10. It worked great! I just ordered two sheets and the 10×13 for $7 for shipping only. : ) Thanks for posting Collin!

  • Takako says:

    My closest Walmart portrait studio is pretty far away but we went to there every month for taking our daughter’s first 12 month pictures when she was baby . A lady at studio was totally fantastic!! She was one of a huge reason we returned. Like other readers said, it’s totally up to the parson who will coordinate for you. Luckily, the lady did very best for whatever our daughter was happy and comfortable. We were very pleased those pictures afterword. I wish any portrait studio would treat customers like we had experienced.

  • Michelle C. says:

    Just got this coupon in an email Might make it a little cheaper.

  • Anonymous says:

    you dont get over 30 shots with this 7.99 deal so i dont know why they put that on there.. i took my daughter yesterday and they did i think 25 or 26 shots and i only got to pick 1. but on the other hand, the pictures they did take we’re to die for, they came out so good.

    • Anonymous says:

      They say you get 30 PHOTOS(meaning amout of pictures) not poses. No place will give you 30 different poses unless you are paying a few $100 for just a few pictures. You get to pick one POSE, and recieve 30 PHOTOS in different sizes. I only wish they took that many of my kids.

  • Amber says:

    WOW I am SO glad that I cam across this! I just used the 2FREE6 code and got 2 more sheets free plus my 10×13, SO glad I was able to find this because I wanted to order a couple more sheets and at $9.99 (which isn’t too bad) I would have spent almost $20, now I’m only spending $6!! THANK YOU! :)

  • Samantha says:

    I just got my daughters pics done today. She and the photographer worked so well together and all of the shots were fantastic, but $20 a sheet in store is crazy. I went online and started to place my order and decided to look for coupon codes….2FREE6 is AWESOME. I got all the poses I really wanted for a fraction of the price.

  • Joy says:

    Don’t go and waste your time at PictureMe in Colonial Heights, VA or Roanoke Rapids, NC both of those studios have very bad customer service.. The staff is very rude and if you want to get the $7.99 package they look at you like you shouldn’t even be there.. I have 4 kids so I can’t afford to by $100’s of dollars in pics everytime I go.. If you want a better experience try Sears or Kmart

  • LaNeiKa says:

    does this sale last to September 28

  • Angie Amedee says:

    I love pictureme studios. As a mother of 2 little girls they come in handy. I took my oldest daughter for a photo shoot with them for her first birthday. The lady was so nice and very patient with her, especially since her photos cut into nap time. We ended up taking up about 3 hours of the associates time, but thru it all she was still very nice to us. She and my daughter had so much fun doing different poses and using different props. She convinced me to get one of the bigger packages, but it was worth it. Her photos were great and the associate even threw in a lot of extras for free. She really surprised me when she allowed me to split my package and come back on another day to finish up the photos with my fiance. It was a nice experience at a great price. I would recommend them to any mother who really just cant fit $300 private photo shoots into their budget. They are quick, and you get what you need. & the smiles club gives you more extras. I’m actually in the process of booking appointments now for my 2 month old to take pictures and then for the girls to take pictures together. :D

  • Rachel says:

    Does anyone know if more than one person can be in the FREE 10×13 wall portrait without the $5 sitting fee, it just says restrictions mas apply. please email me at, we are wanting a family portrait done and this would be great if i do not have to pay sitting fees! thank you for any info.

  • Jen says:

    Here is an online code for 3 free sheets with enhancements!

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