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Rite Aid: $2+ TRESemme Money-Maker

5:52 PM MST
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If you have not snatched up any TRESemme products at Rite Aid yet, you may be excited to hear (I was!) that Rite Aid carries travel size TRESemme products priced at ONLY $0.99– which means better than FREE with the October Video Values coupon! Here’s how…

*Buy 3 Travel Size TRESemme Shampoo and/or Conditioners $0.99 each
Total = $2.97
Use the $5 off 3 Rite Aid Video Values coupon found here (NO size exclusions!)
Final cost– 3 for FREE + a $2.03 in overage to go towards other items! Sweeeet!

(Thanks, The Coupon Posse!)

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  • Sarah C. says:

    Do you mean $5 off of 3?

  • Rachel says:

    I don’t think this is correct…if the total is only $2.97, but the coupon requires a $5.00 purchase?

  • Alea says:

    My Rite Aid is now adjusting coupons down to not allow overage.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your store is doing it right. The coupon cannot be higher than the price. That’s stated in the coupon policy. It will still make them free!! Can’t go wrong with that!

  • ec says:

    does this mean I can use the overage to buy other stuff, like, chocolate? :)
    & thanks for posting this.

  • maria lopez says:

    Whenever I have overage I buy something thats going to give me Up+rewards or RR, or ECB’S that way you get free stuff plus rewards.

  • STACY says:

    so the machine wont beep??

  • Mrs.Rotty says:

    I can’t get the ad perk to work. stupid

  • misstracy says:

    The coupon said $ 5.00 off 3 products

  • misstracy says:

    @ Stacy it won’t beep i went to rite aid 3 weeks ago and got tons of Revlon on clearance and i use my coupons. i had so much overage i had to get more items.

  • Stephanie says:

    I believe there is a $1 off Tresseme man. coupon that can be used with this too…..I printed it the other day.

  • Lisa says:

    Thetrial sized are $1.49 at my store. Not as a great, but still a MM.

  • WynetteC says:

    There were not any at my store. Not even a spot for them on the shelf. :(
    Only trial size Pantenes.

    • Renee says:

      @ my store they are not in the same area as the “normal” trial size stuff. They are near the high end hair styling products.

      • WynetteC says:

        Thanks, I will try looking there on my next outting.

      • Anonymous says:

        I couldn’t find any trial sizes either only huge bottles. I also looked in the trail size section, but didn’t find them either. Maybe there will be a better deal and we can use the $5 cpn later.

  • Rite Aid – TRESemme $2 Money Maker « CouponLove says:

    […] in overage (be sure to buy enough product to eat up the overage!) * Thanks Coupon Posse & Hip2Save! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Rite Aid- Small Money Maker on Office Expert […]

  • annonymous says:

    I would just like to say a big THANKS to the people out there who are using the coupon system to make a living! You are ruining it for everyone who just likes to save money. When these people go into a store and clear the shelves and the people who work there know that they are selling it at a garage sale… is starting to make them change their coupon policies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. I know I am using these items and buy what I can when on sale. There is always one humbug. Travel sizes come in handy for our lifestyle more times than regular sizes.

    • Erin says:

      Um, this is how you spell “Anonymous.” Just thought that since you’re so worried about everyone else that someone needed to worry about you too :)

      • STACY says:

        Im taking all the shampoo and Kleenex to roll around in.. bwaaaa waaa waaa aaaaaa

        seriously this stuff comes in handy when you run out of the norm or makign gift baskets.. Hi have you seen the ECONOMY lately.. Hmmmm I wonder if the Anon is a walmart cashier who fears coupons.. just saying…

      • Anonymous says:

        Good one! :)

    • Tricia says:

      Geez, “Annon”…..why even bother to look at blogs such as Collin’s if you are going to have such a negative attitude?? I, for one, use trial sizes all summer long to stock up my camper! So much nicer to use trial items then to store regular size items…..Thanks Collin for all that you have done to help me save money! You will never know how much I appreciate and look forward to all of the deals you post every week! :)

      • Anonymous says:

        I am sorry that I sounded negative…..I am talking about people who use this site and go to the stores and CLEAR the shelves so that they can sell it all at a GARAGE SALE ….. we have someone around where we live that has one set up permanently all year and when we go to the stores around here…..everything that is a good deal like this one…..its all gone when we get there. I just wanted these people to know that it is not appreciated. I love to get the deals too!! I use the trial sizes too and I like to give some to family for little gifts….but when I go to do the deal everything is usually gone. I don’t think that it is ok for someone to do it and take everything so they can turn around and sell it at a garage sale so that they don’t have to have a real job. I do apologize again for sounding negative. AND I DO APPRECIATE EVERYTHING COLLIN DOES FOR US TOO!!!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Then you need to get to the store earlier. It sucks that this persons wipes out all of the products. However, in GA deals start on Sunday so early Sunday morning you need to be there. God Bless with your future trips.

          • Donna Mc. says:

            I think it would be difficult to clear the shelves when you can only get three with the coupon, as Video Value coupons can only be used one time. Sooooooo… seems like someone is lashing out with that comment.

  • Chris Hoag says:

    Annonymous, the Rite Aid policy states that it is at the manager’s discretion how many of a product to let one customer purchase. They are supposed to be sure there is enough for other customers. If I were you I would ask the manager to look into the matter. I know some folks who stock up to sell at garage sales too and many managers around me are setting limits.

  • JoR says:

    my rite aid stated that the q is for full size items. i showed them the q specified “any” but they didn’t want to take it :(

  • Sandy Shoes says:

    Do these change on Sundays, when their specials change? I’m not seeing it this week.

  • peach says:

    I need help/support. I just got back from my local Rite Aid where the cashier called me a scam artist and said it is because of people like me that stores end up going out of business. She was angry about all the coupons I was using, bringing my $33 total down to $4.43. I think what set her off was the $5/ off 3 tresemme coupon I used to get 3 trial sized products for free. It was the overage. She gave it to me but not before calling the manager over, letting everyone in the store know what was going on and getting pretty loud. That’s when she started calling me a scam artist….trying to get something for nothing…..blah, blah, blah, all in front of a long line of people. Someone even glared at me in the parking lot. I certainly don’t want to cheat anyone. I try to use coupons very wisely. Can someone please help me? Am I not allowed to use that coupon for overage? I feel awful about the whole experience.

    • anonymous#2 says:

      peach u should’ve called the police for calling you that…he/she doesn’t have that right to begin with

    • Anonymous says:

      I would suggest getting the name of the person who called you that. Then call 1-800-RITE-AID and give them the person’s name and tell them what was said. There is no reason for them to be mad at you for using coupons the right way.

  • anonymous#2 says:

    BTW did u tell the Mgr. what she said? I would’ve called corporate right then and there while you had witnesses. She could’ve simply said “we do not allow overage but we can adjust your coupon” (such a h8ter)….

  • Anonymous says:

    I tried this at my rite aid. Funny thing happened. The coupon when through just fine with 3 trial sizes, then the cashier entered a coupon in wrong and called over the manager. She looked at all of my coupons and said, “we aren’t going to pay you to take these.” I showed her that it said any size and she told me, “I printed the same one at home and mine said excludes trial sizes, so you can’t use it on trial sizes.” SERIOUSLY!!! You would think that at the end of the night they had to pay for the coupons out of their own paychecks!

  • Tara says:

    I am glad I held on to my Tresemme VV.. The full sized bottles are BOGO starting tomorrow. They won’t be completely free but it will still make a good deal! ;)

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