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New $1/2 Nabisco Coupon = $0.49 at Walgreens?

6:48 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure. has a new Nabisco coupon available. Head on over there and use zip code 90210 (if needed) to print a coupon valid for $1/2 Nabisco Crackers (8 to 16.5 oz). Walgreens has the small packages of Nabisco crackers (4-8 oz) on sale for $0.99 this week. If you can find the 8 oz packages (I’m not sure which crackers these are), you’ll be able to snag them for just $0.49 each after the $1/2 coupon!

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  • Mrs.Hall says:

    Not sure what kind of deal this makes, but the $1.00 0ff 2 Nabisco Crackers on the Target site is a Target Web Coupon. Match with this that’s $2.00 off 2.

    MFC Ex: 11/04
    Target Web Coupon Ex:11/15

  • justlovincoupons says:

    Seems like the site is down… I haven’t been able to get it to print this afternoon. It just says Error!!

  • mb says:

    walgrens can suck my balls i went 2 2 diff walgreens 2day 1st 1 got overcharged had to wait 15 min on a manger for a refund 2nd walgreens i got 4 boxes mac and cheese had 2 man q 1 walgrens q and 1 rr i was told that u cant use all 4 bc the mac & cheese are 1/2 so i told her after a few mins of disagreein to get the manager o shes busy ok ill wait well manager comes up says same thing i told her thats not what the policy states i have 4 items and 4 q no prob she said we cant give u money back well no im still payin 3 after all 4 q well she rang them up took off rr then man q then walgreens q that worked no beep ugh r u serious u have a q policy for a reason unless i read it wrong it states cant have more q then items if im wrong colin or some1 correct me im really gettin tired of walgreens i love target happy saving all

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