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CVS: Magic Coupon Machine Coupons + More!

7:41 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Here are a few new CVS deals I’ve received in my inbox recently….

First, Jennifer, over at Confessions of a Couponer, emailed about receiving yet another $5 off Halloween costumes and accessories coupon. She received one on Sunday (just like I posted here) and with her same Extra Care card received another one today… so more FREE Halloween goodies. I’m hoping some of you get lucky and receive an additional coupon too! Let us know!

Also, supposedly the magic coupon machine at CVS is printing out a $2/2 Clorox Wipes coupon. If you get this coupon, then you can score the following deal…

*Buy 2 packages of Clorox Wipes on sale 2/$5
Use 2 $1/1 Facebook Clorox Wipes coupons found here
(click on the “Clorox Home” tab, then click “Products & Offers” and scroll down)
Plus, stack with the $2/2 CVS coupon from the Magic coupon machine
Final cost ONLY $0.50 each!
(Thanks, Coupon Cents Sisters!)

…AND finally, as you may know, CVS has Bausch & Lomb Re-Nu Sensitive (12 oz.) packages priced at $7.99 with a $7.99 Extra Care Buck (limit 1)… so FREE! Well, this deal gets even sweeter if you can find the twin packs which include two 12oz packages of Re-Nu. These bonus packs are still priced at just $7.99. Plus, they ARE generating the $7.99 Extra Care Buck! (Thanks, Who Said Nothing in Life is Free?)

*Check out the rest of the CVS weekly deals here.

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  • Ashley says:

    Went the other day and bought a pumpkin that lights up for $1, went back today and picked up the cutest Halloween trick or treat bowl and a wooden pumpkin decor. Didn’t pay anything today! Woo hoo hoping this continues!

    • Ashley says:

      Didnt get the coupon today but will keep checking back to see if i get it tomorrow! My mom picked up the cutest doormat for free yesterday and is going back today for more stuff! LOVE THIS!

  • Veronika says:

    I have done this deal 3 days this week. Sunday I received 2 $5 off coupons, Wednesday I received 1 coupon, and I stopped at CVS today and got another coupon.

  • Brianna says:

    This deal is still working, I just went tonight and received my 2nd one. I got 4: $.99 H’ween candies (I think he pushed it through?) and 1: $.99 H’ween Caution tape.
    CVS rocks.

  • Shelly T. says:

    I went back today and scanned my card and did NOT receive another $5 coupon :-(
    I’ll try again tomorrow.

  • Rie says:

    New to CVS. If u go to 2 different CVS on the same day n scan ur card, will the coupon machine print something each time? Thanks for any input

    • kidsallgone says:

      You get coupons once in 24 hours. No matter how many times you try. Though sometimes I can scan my card twice (at the same machine) and it spits out a couple more coupons. Rare but it’s happened. So to answer your question, I wouldn’t bother going to another CVS store after using the red machine at one store. You won’t get more coupons from another store. HTH

  • laura says:

    I went yesterday and the machine gave me my 2nd Halloween coupon! :) Also they had packs of 3 little boxes of raisenets and nerds on clearance for $0.25, I got 20 packs (60 little boxes to hand out to trick or treaters!!) completely free with the $5 off coupon. Yay!!!

  • Alycia says:

    Ugh, the cashier at my CVS in Bowling Green, KY, modified the coupon down to the price of the Halloween item. No overage for me. :-(

  • Amy says:

    Anyone have any luck today??? I scanned my card today and nothing printed at all—screen just said no coupons available, try again tomorrow. I was shocked that it didn’t give me anything…not even the not so great coupons….NOTHING. Phooey!

    • kidsallgone says:

      That happened to me too.
      But the cashier said that if I got coupons w/in 24 hours, it won’t print again.
      I thought I got them at 3pm Thursday, but it was 5pm Friday and it still said, “No coupons available.” :( But I scanned my mom’s card and she got several coupons. Guess it just wasn’t my day…..BUT….I did call my mom (she broke her hip and I’ve been doing her shopping) and I asked her what she would like for me to get her from CVS. She told me a couple things and told me to get what I wanted….and I could use her coupons & ECBs!
      6 boxes of Puffs = $6
      2 bottles of Wisk = $10
      1 box of candy = $1
      1 Halloween thingy = $2
      Toothebrush = $2
      2 Sure deod = $4
      Total = $25

      $5/Hall item
      $8 ECBs
      (2) x $3 Wisk = $6
      (2) x $1 Sure = $2
      = $25
      ****For some reason (anyone know why?) the tax was $.72!!
      Not complaining. And paid with a smile :)

  • Charlene says:

    I got a $5 Halloween Item coupon on 10/5 and again on 10/8…I bought some cute candy corn lights! I think I’ll go tomorrow and see what I get :)

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