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Amazon: *HOT!* 10 Reams of Hammermill Paper $6.07 Shipped (Price Mistake?)

5:58 AM MST
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I am guessing this is a price mistake on Amazon… but thought I’d give you all a heads up. Currently, Amazon has the Hammermill 10500-7 Copy Plus Multipurpose Paper, 8-1/2×11, White, 5000 Sheets(10 Reams) priced at just $6.07 with FREE shipping (regularly $69.99!).

Yes, Amazon may cancel orders… however, I purchased a price mistake item as I mentioned before – 3 bottles of EO Bubble Bath for$0.96 and surprisingly did receive my order, so it never hurts to try!

(Thanks, Rachel!)

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  • Amanda C. says:

    I knew it was probably too good to be true, but I figured it was worth a shot. Although I am slightly disappointed that they were cancelled, it really irks me that they ran my card. I know most of the time a “hold” is placed on your card when you place an order, but that wasn’t the case with mine. The hold on my money didn’t happen until a few hours later when they were supposedly processing my order for shipment. If they were cancelling because of a mistake, then why bother running my card?

    • sheila says:

      i am just now being charged today, sunday for this and my order was cancelled so i did not keep any of the info. does anybody know how i get my money back?

      • jenny k. says:

        I have had a “hold” on my account for the 6.07 since Thursday…and…I have never received a cancellation notice…but…when I try to pull up the order number it says it cannot be found! I hate being in limbo with things like this!!

  • Amy S. says:

    I wrote to Amazon as well. Hoping to hear something shortly.

  • Mic says:

    my order was cancelled too.

  • Elizabeth McRae Sage says:

    This looks like a GREAT deal until you look at the shipping costs…$30! gasp! Anyway to get free shipping on this one?

  • Elizabeth says:


    • laurau531 says:

      I got the “your order was canceled” email…but yet, today, there is a charge on my credit card! You may want to check!!

      • andrea says:

        Sometimes with Amazon the charge goes through automatically. They should remove it within a few days. I would contact customer service, and keep checking.

  • april says:

    I placed an order this morning and it accepted it and this afternoon I got an e-mail saying it was cancelled mine to, if it took my order and I got a conformation for it, it should not have been cancelled.

  • Maria S. says:

    I think we could give Amazon a break, especially with ALL the AMAZING toy deals they offered for Christmas, most being at least 50% off or more than what we would have had to pay at local stores.
    Anyways, Staples, Office Depot, etc, have SO MANY copy paper deals during the year that not getting this one isn’t too big of a deal gone bad. :) just my own little thoughts

    • Melinda P says:

      I agree, Maria! It was thanks to Amazon that I was able to afford really awesome Christmas gifts for my kids, nieces, and nephews. :)

  • Rhonda says:

    INTERESTING NOTE: this companies 41/2 star rating has plumeted to 11/2…wonder if it was worth it?? But I am confused….this morning it was from SHOPLET but now the link is from AMAZON. Hmm….SHOPLET has the paper for 33.94.

    • Amy says:

      The rating dropped because there are many people entering their comments complaining about their orders being cancelled today and with their comments, they gave Amazon only 1 star rating. This whole thing is ridiculous – I had my order through 24 hour Fitness cancelled today but oh well – the “free” deal was too good to be true and so is the low price for 10 reams of paper! You win some and lose some…. there’ll always be good (and possibly better) deals out there for us!

  • Pamela says:

    As of right now I get an email from Amazon regarding my order has been cancelled and my credit card was not charged. Bummer! Collins, keep up with share on any good deals coming as always!!

  • Mollie says:

    I got email with an order cancel as well. :(

  • paulemay says:

    Yep my order was canceled too, bummer. Oh well what ya gonna do, I guess some deals are too good to be true. :)

  • Wendy V says:

    It looks like someone made a typo and we should not be upset that we didn’t get the deal that seemed “too good to be true.” I just hope the employee who did this doesn’t get fired. I am glad that Shoplet and Amazon are both in business and I would hate to see a good company go under because they lost a ton of money on a typographical error.

  • Brandy says:

    Cancelled :(

  • Steven Fitzgerald says:

    Sorry to hear it didn’t work out. I was fortunate in that I bought 5 – 10 ream cases recently when the office supply store’s were running competing Ads on paper and got them for about $10 per case. My wife thought I had lost my mind, but when the kids needed paper she was able to help them out. Now I have enough paper to last me for a while or until my wife gives it away. ;-)

  • Shelly says:

    I finally checked my email and my order was cancelled too. I think I’m down to two reams at home so I was looking for a good deal. Thanks Collin for the great deals!

  • Office Depot: 5,000 Sheets of Copy Paper ONLY $5.97 (Regularly $42.99!) | says:

    […] you’re in need of paper (after the Amazon paper deal got canceled), check out this awesome deal you can score at Office Depot! Through January 15th, you can snatch […]

  • Elizabeth says:

    I also got the cancellation email, but I was charged! And I cannot seem to find a way to contact, esp since this order conveniently is not on my “orders” page. Any ideas?

  • Elizabeth says:

    Nevermind – I just chatted with an rep – the orders were canceled because they ran out of stock. The charges will be refunded if on credit card, and on a bank account, either you have to wait for the bank to drop the authorized hold or call them and have them remove it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to let all of you guys know out there that Amazon is still a wonderful site. I cashed in on this deal. My order was not cancelled. So, I had wondered why most orders were cancelled. I received 1 ream of paper and was charged the $6. I sent an email to let the company know I should have received 10 reams. They immediately refunded my money and said to keep the 1 ream of paper that was sent to me.


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