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How do YOU Organize Your Stockpile?!

3:30 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

(I use a hanging shoe organizer to organize my seasoning packets, snack bars, food samples & more!)

How many of you made getting organized in 2011 one of your top priorities this year?! For me personally, when I get all the different pieces of my life organized (i.e. the checkbook, kitchen, garage, kids’ schedules etc.), I feel so much more relaxed and motivated. And this goes for my stockpile as well. Although I am not a big fan of having a huge, grocery-store like stockpile (how many jars of spaghetti sauce does one really need, right?!), I do like to organize all the freebies and grocery items that I acquire through my couponing adventures (and I know that many of you do as well).

Check out this email that I received from reader, Rosanna…

With all the freebies and great deals you stock up on how do you organize/store all your goodies? I would love to know what tips if any others have for keeping the pantry and all the extras organized. I know you have said you have a closet, but do you have it organized or just crammed full of stuff? I am new to couponing and quickly realizing how easy it is to stock up and score freebies and I want to keep up with what I have and where if possible.
Thanks for any tips you might have.

So, here are a few of my stockpile organization tips…

* Every month or so, go through all of the items in your stockpile and be sure that the items that will expire first are located in front of the items that have a longer expiration date (sometimes, I will take a Sharpie and write the expiration date on canned goods so that it is easy to see).

* Keep a pantry list close by your stockpile, so you know when you are getting low on a certain item.

* Be sure that you only stockpile an item that you know your family will use.

How do YOU organize your stockpile? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Erika says:

    I love the shoe organizer idea! I have a nice pantry, I just can’t figure out how to make it functional – it’s driving me crazy. Thanks for all the great suggestions from the other commenters! I’ve gotten some great ideas!

    What I need suggestions on the most is how to organize my Tupperware and lids! They are all over the place, falling off the shelves, etc.

    • Nikki says:

      Yess!! I need help organizing tupperwear too. Unfortunately I have soo much & the lids don’t attach to the bottom like the newer ones do. My hubby is fed up with it too. Last week he made an angry grunt then threw the tupperwear on the floor. haha I was like you know your rewashing that, right? hehe

      • Anonymous says:

        The new Rubbermaid containers have interlocking lids – so it keeps them together nicely. I just bought a 24 piece set.

      • Angel says:

        I use tupperware to organize my drawers (junk drawer lately). In my silverware drawer I used a tupperware container that I’d lost the lid to as a holder for my measuring spoons, and a separate one for my corn holders (that stick into the ends of the corn). I like using old play dough containers for little screws, and misc. items. They work great!

    • LisaM says:

      I buy a cheap dish rack (dollar store) and use it for lids only. Works really well.

      • Shirley says:

        good idea

      • susanna says:

        I do something similar I use on of those mail organizer baskets with different slots for the lids.

      • Anonymous says:

        I do the same thing but with smaller containers and I stack all of the similar lids together upright going from smaller to larger lids. The lids are easy to see and don’t take up much space when they are upright. For example I have a container with square lids and one one with round lids in them.

    • MA says:

      Currently using several items for this. Tupperware used to sell, at different times, things for hanging/holding the seals/lids. Don’t know if they do currently. I had something I bought that is either meant to hold plates or lids vertically, with dividers/spacers inbetween. So I sorted some of my round seals and put them in there on a flat shelf in the kitchen cabinet on the bottom shelf.

      Also the square/rectangular seals I have in a different cabinet along the side of the cabinet wall. held up by the containers themselves. Works pretty well with the rectangular or square containers or one of the plastic milk crates that you can buy. Or put them all inside of the containers you are not using at the time.

    • vicki says:

      i use cheap, and/or second hand, upright napkin holders for lids and just stack by size. sorting by shape. a stack for round, a stack for square, etc. works well.
      other option is to just have all the lids inside a large bowl(if its one you use, have another one handy to dump the lids into when you need it) and then just stack all the others next to it.

    • Angela D. says:

      I have a TON of tupperware..I use a medium sized cardboard box I got free at the grocery store to store my lids..just tore the top panels off, slid it onto a cabinet in my kitchen and now all my lids are in one place lol. I just pull the box out when I need a lid…since they are organized inside by size they are super easy to find! Depending on how many lids you are storing just go to your local store on their truck night and see what sizes they have lol.

    • Melindatx3 says:

      I have a lid drawer. All my tupperware is in a cabinet stacked neatly but my lids lay flat in a drawer. Best way I have found so far to keep them all together and out of the way.

    • Danielle says:

      I have a big plastic storage bin in one of my cupboard that I slide in and out like a “drawer” . Works great!

  • Shannon J says:

    I bought shelves from Home Depot and put my stuff on them. I have a craft/stockpile room. I have 5 8 ft shelves that are full of my stockpile.
    My HBA stuff is in my bathroom closet seperated and orgainized.

  • abkb802 says:

    I bought some plastic baskets @ Dollar General. They usually come 2 to a pack. They are great for plastic lids, kids small toys or even books. You can stand the lids up from largest to smallest for easy finding.

  • Debbye says:

    When I first started couponing I realized how easily it would be to let my stockpile get out of hand. Before I knew it I had more toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, etc. than my husband and I could use in a year. I didn’t want my house to look like one that should be on Hoarders, so I purchased a large five-shelf bookshelf that fits into a corner of my laundry room. Each shelf has a specific group of items:
    1. Boxed goods (cereals, crackers, muffin mixes, etc.)
    2. Canned goods and Condiments
    3. Bathroom stuff (toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, shower gel, etc.)
    4. Pharmacy items (medicines, heat patches, etc.) and Feminine items
    5. Cleaning products (laundry detergent, bathroom cleaners, etc.)
    (The top of the bookshelf holds toilet tissue, paper towels, etc.)
    If the shelves are full I don’t allow myself to add to my stockpile. I have to keep reminding myself that things will go on sale again!
    Just to clarify, I do have a small pantry in my kitchen where I keep my everyday items. I use baskets to hold my produce and any small items. When I run out of a staple in my pantry, I go to my stockpile to replace it.
    Oh, I forgot to metion that I have two baskets hanging on one side of my bookshelf to hold samples! I love samples of shampoo, laundry detergent, etc. I use them when we go on vacation. They are so much easier to pack, and I don’t have to bring anything back with me!

    • Olivia Smith says:

      What a nice organization tip- I would love to do the same sort of thing but we don’t have much room. I would also love to have some sort of shelving unit with doors so that it could stay closed. Right now, my items are in the top of my closet- it’s a mess and I even put more in boxes on the 3rd floor of my parents house…. I need storage!

  • Amy says:

    Pegboard is great for things that you can hang.

    • LovinMyCoupons says:

      yes! My DH hung some in one of my 5 cabinets in the garage.( I hang all my items just like in the store.) He likes to show off my stockpile to our friends when they come over. I think he especially likes to show them that cabinet. :)

  • Angela says:

    I use the shoe organizer too! Thanks to a smart and beautiful friend of mine for the idea! I use the shoe organize on the back of my bathroom door for all my hair products and electrical items(hair dryer, curling iron ect…). I also have one hung inside the tub/shower with nails, cut the bottom of the shoe organizer off so it doesn’t get so wet and poked holes in the pockets to drain any water that collects and store all my shampoo, conditioner, face wash, razors, soap, ect..

    A fantastic storage idea if I do say so myself!

    • Katie Glomski says:

      Love that idea!!!!

    • usafsam says:

      I saw that idea on Sell This House once. There were no cabinets in the bathroom so instead of a shower curtain liner they used 3 of the clear plastic shoe organizers hidden behind the shower curtain to hide and organize all the bathroom products. It only works if the rod is actually attached to the walls tho and not a spring pressure rod that does not hold the weight.

  • Kailee says:

    I love all of the ideas. I will definetly be sewing an over the door shoe organizer this weekend! I also knew there was some strange reason we kept shoe boxes, this will be decorated as well this weekend and start storing things. I find it funny that just while reading everyones comments I received an email from Walmart about saving big on home-organization essentails! Maybe they will have something for those of us that need major help with food organization and no pantry space!

  • Kelly says:

    I put high shelves all around my laundry room – just above the door and windows – where I stash the less frequently used items. I too use shoe organizers – also in the kids room for stuffed animals like webkinz & beanie baby sized and in the bathrooms. Lucky to have a huge pantry!

  • FrugalDarling says:

    That’s a work in progress at my house. The hardest thing I find to keep organized is my grocery items — canned goods, boxed meals, pasta, seasonings, sauces, etc. My husband and I are planning on creating a pantry in our garage for certain items since our kitchen pantry is super tiny. That leads me to a question. What kind of items are best stored in a garage? Keeping in mind that we live in Texas, so the temperature will fluctuate – getting very hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but not freezing. I don’t want to attract pests or critters so I’m worried about storing boxed goods out there. The pantry will have doors so I can close it up, but what do you guys suggest for storing in those conditions? Thanks in advance if you have an answer! :D

    I also like the shoe organizer idea!

    • christine says:

      You can get can dispensers from Costco or even from stores that are changing canned soup displays. You can store lots of cans in a confined space and rotate very easily. Toiletries are easily stored in the garage as well.

    • Melindatx3 says:

      This is so funny…we live in Texas too and my husband is going to build me a “storage room” in our garage as well. Its actually our laundry room right now but we will be moving the washer/dryer to the other side soon. I am going to store my kitchen appliances and other rarely used kitchen items in the garage storage room (along with other non-food stockpile items). This way my kitchen cabinets will be freed up to keep food because my pantry is very tiny. Can’t wait for him to get started!

    • Mo says:

      We live in CO – so we have those same temperature fluctuations. Having worked in the restaurant business for years, I would really caution against storing any kind of food in a place where the temperature can fluctuate as much as it can in a garage. Obviously paper towels, tp, etc. will do fine (just make sure you have no rodents in the area… I’m sure they’d LOVE to make nests from them!), and depending on what it is, personal care items will probably do okay too. I just know that here it can get up to the 60’s in the winter… and our garage tends to be even warmer than outside… in the summer – it can be 100 outside – so who knows how hot our garage gets. Moving things inside in once it’s summertime could work… but that would be time consuming to say the least… and obviously, you’d be storing inside to begin with if you had the space. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer – just don’t want anyone in your family to get sick!

    • jheintz says:

      I love what one food storage expert said. It was something to the effect of, “When it comes time to really using food storage, you will wish you had stored your couch in the garage and your food storage in the house.” The garage really is not a good place because of those temp fluctuations, but I did store my bottled goods and giant buckets of sealed foods as well as the #10 cans for years in my garage. Boxed foods do not store there well at all.

    • FrugalDarling says:

      I can’t believe I never came back to thank you ladies for all your advice and suggestions. I definitely have some better ideas now. I like the idea of storing appliances out there to make more room in the kitchen for “pantry” items. It might just be a matter of moving things around a bit. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! :D

  • Laurie Brown says:

    On the inside of the door of my spice cupboard I have lists of which spices are on which shelves so I can find them easier. In my bathroom I have a tiered rack next to the shower I put all my shampoo, lotion, etc. I have labeled plastic shoebox tubs in my linen closet and I keep all the extra toothpaste and floss in one, deoderant in another, contacts supplies and eye solution in another, cold remedies in another, and so on so that if I need to check my supply of something I just check the appropriate tub. In my canning/ storage room (Laurie’s Mini Mart) I have my shelves divided into sections with labels that say what goes in that spot such as condiments, soup, pickles, salad dressing, etc… I used to write the date I bought things on the package but I’ve been slacking on that lately but we try to put new stuff to the back. My goal for this year is to write the contents of each of our freezers on a list that I plan to keep on the doors so I know where to find stuff. Its not fun to dig through 4 freezers trying to find something. I do try to keep certain things in certain areas like bread, veggies, meat, leftovers, microwave meals, ice cream, etc… so I have an idea where to look but sometime there isn’t room when we put stuff away so it just gets shoved wherever. I have done lists before but we are terrible about keeping them updated. I started using a marker board that has a magnet on it on the side of the fridge where people can’t see it to write which perishable foods are in the fridge that need eaten first as well as to write items that we are low on. I plan on trying them for the freezers to see if they might be easier to update.

  • NYCSingleMom says:

    I have limited space in my new york apartment so I have to force myself to be consistently ensuring buying items I have in stock. I usually clean my cabinets out once every few months because I cant find stuff then buy it again. Once a year and this is the weekend when the tupperware gets a good cleaning – no lid off with their heads.

  • Cortney says:

    My husband put shelves up high in our laundry room and it was real easy and pretty cheap. It only took about an hour to put them up and cost about $40 for the wood. I have all our stock pile in containers stored out of the way. I also had him put shelves in all our closets through out the house for more storage room.

  • ellekd says:

    Great minds think alike! I was just in the process of doing some organizing when I took a break and check in. Lots of wonderful tips for me to try, thanks peeps! Having just started with the Q’s I haven’t quite gotten the stock many of you have earned but am still amazed when I open my stockpile cabinet and see some of my scores. CVS in my town is moving to a new store so just had a 75% off sale on many items so you can imagine the fun I had with that. Thanks for all the tips from everyone as this is still very much a learning process! And of coarse a very big TY to Collin and her staff, I love your site above all!

  • Brandy says:

    I also use a shoe organizer under my bed for all of my/my husband’s toiletries. It’s great b/c I keep dental floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shave gel, razors, deodorant, etc and it’s easy for my husband to find whatever he needs.

  • Amber says:

    My husband cut a hole in the wall under our stairs to see if it was hollow. Sure enough it was and he was able to build a little closet under there. Our friends call it our “Harry Potter closet.” He put a rolling shelf in and shelves around the wall. I am able to put a lot of my items there. I also have organized underneath our bathroom counters and put most of our bathroom stockpile in plastic bins according to their category. I would LOVE to put mine on nice shelving in the garage so I can organize it pretty and admire it like I have seen on TV, but our garage gets over 120 degrees in the summer and I worry that some of it would be ruined.

    • ginger says:

      I really wanted to do this too but we live in a condo we rent from my parents so not sure they would appreciate us making our own closet… lol :)

    • Angela Joy says:

      I live in AZ and have all my stuff stored on a wire shelving unit in my garage. Nothing got too hot last summer. I moved all my canned goods out there recently so I’m not sure how those will do.

      For my canned goods, I put them on an old dvd shelf organizer that I was about to give away. Its nice because I can see all the labels and know what I need!

  • RK says:

    PLEASE LINK TO A PICTURE!!! I guess I am jsut a visual learner…I like to SEE your ideas!

  • EM says:

    At Frugal darling, storing things in any garage can be tricky, esp with climate change. I would rather store Items under beds, on bookshelves, closets, wall shelves, anywhere other than outside. Unless your garage is kept around 70 degrees. You can search the web for more specific information, but climate changes can alter food/med/etc. to the point where they aren’t good anymore, as well as easier access for ants etc. I have a friend who uses 4 rubbermaids with a table cloth over for night stands for storage in her bedroom. =) Paper products like diapers/ toilet paper, feminine pads, etc. would be good for garage.

  • amy says:

    i just put out my old cloth shoe organizers and i was going to freecycle them. i’m going back out to fetch them. i knew they were good for something!!!!

  • Shelley Toale says:

    I just love the shoe organizer idea – I have one too but it’s the kind that velcros over the hanger bar in a closet and just hangs there with 10 slots. It’s great in our front closet to store all of the family’s hats, gloves, mittens & scarves. It’s so great to hear everyone’s organizational ideas, I’m an organizing freak – this is great!

  • Mitch says:

    It is a challenge to stay organized, especially living in a 2 bedroom apartment.
    I have every nook and cranny covered and many, many plastic containers.
    I try to go through the inventory 2x a year and donate other stuff to school bake sales, etc.
    It is a lot of work but it is fun!

  • Sheila says:

    I got rid of almost all of my plastic/tupperware as I was unsure how “safe” it really was especially since some Tupperware products were made with polycarbonate (#7) which contains BPA ( harmful and hormone disrupting). Also, other plastic containers with plastic #1 are safe to use once, but repeated use can have negative side effects. I really didn’t like the fact of storing in plastic (#1-???) and then having to move it to a “safe” dish to microwave. Now I store in ceramic and cover for refrigeration. I have a whole free cabinet now!!!

    • luckyme502 says:

      I am concerned about that too, so I switched to the pyrex glass containers. They are better because they don’t stain, they are totally dishwasher safe and I can use them for small mixing bowls as well. I got them at Walmart with coupons so they weren’t that expensive.

  • Amber R. says:

    I plan on using those plastic soda can holder/dispenser thingys, for my canned goods. Plus their stackable! Now if only I could find a place that has a good deal on them… hmmm.

    • Danielle says:

      keep an eye out at Good will for these! I have found several of those! I also use a round “turntable” organizer in my cupboard that I got at Goodwill!

  • Beckie says:

    We bascially cleaned out a room in our basement, went to Menards and bought shelves. We have everything organized by item. We also try to keep a clipboard of what it brought up from the basement so that we know what we have downstairs at any given time. My husband like to keep a certain level of food at all times and since I enjoy couponing and shopping, it works out great.

  • Jenna says:

    totally would love to see pictures!!!

  • Megan says:

    We live in a small apartment and its just the two of us, so I dont do too much stockpiling, but when I filled up the small pantry and our IKEA Island that we use as extra counter/storage, I bought a 10 gal plastic container with lid to store the extra in, in the dining room, and I have already filled it up and have stuff stacked on top of it, I’m considering getting another one to stack, but I should just probably just stop buying so much cheap/free hot chocolate and microwave popcorn :D You can label the tops of things in the plastic box using painter tape since you cant see the labels. I have a hall closet near the stackable laundry where I keep all the laundry things on a rolling wire cart and in the bathroom cabinets I have baskets and plastic drawers to organize shampoo/soap/toothpaste.

  • TiffanyDHallmark says:

    My husband and I faced a tough year last year financially, and I must say I am totally intrigued with all these coupon stories. I want so badly to be a couponer, but I just don’t know where to start! It seems everything is scattered at this store and that store, so I guess I just need some advice on how to get started and how to be organized. Any advice is very much appreciated.. Thanks so much!!!


    • Rose says:

      Hey, Tiffany! You found a good place to start!! Look around on Collin’s pages and watch her video clips of different deals at different stores. Warning: you will be addicted once you start! :)

    • tikilava says:

      Start small. Pick one store, say Rite Aid, just buy what is on sale at a great deal. Nothing else – maybe 4 items. This way, you will be able to figure out what you are supposed to pay, and see if it works. And when you get the hang of it, you will feel more confident to buy more. Also print out the coupon policy for the store you pick. Go Slow.
      Instead of cutting each coupon, mark the date on each insert Red Plum (RP) and Smart Source (SS) and stick it in a file. When the deals come up, go to that file and date and find your coupon. Take it slow. You can do it!

  • Nichole says:

    I just redid my panty today! LOVE LOVE LOVE to organize! And with all the flours I have to have for baking gluten/dairy free…. Its AWESOME!

    • Amie says:

      Just wondering what you store in those 5 gallon buckets in the bottom of your pantry. Looks nice. My pantry is smaller. I am cramped for space. I have 2 closets in the garage where I store non food items and sometimes coke. I have found that the GA heat is not good for food items so that is not an option to store food in the closets in the garage. I do store some extra boxes of cereal and crackers (which take up a lot of room ) in my master closet. This is my only option. And I have cleared off a shelf in my linen closet for toiletry items. I love to oragnize and have probably 40 tupperware containers called modular mates in my pantry with food items in them and labled. This helps because boxes take up a lot of room. Thanks for sharing your photos.

      • Lauren says:

        where in ga do you live

      • Nichole says:

        We are a gluten (amoung a few more allergies) free family, and it is SO expensive in the store to buy all the flours that I found out thru a friend who is also a gf family that I can buy WHOLESALE flours for WAY cheaper than in store thru her at Bobs Red Mill . So I buy my flours by the 25 lb bags. :-) And store it in lowes buckets! I pull out enough to put in the canasters for every day use. Its been a major money saver!

    • Kris says:

      It looks great! Where did you get the clear containers that the flour is stored in?

      • Nichole says:

        I had gotten my orginal few from Bed Bath and Beyond using coupons but they don’t sell all the sizes any more so I ordered them off the website. And if you sign up for their discounts they send you a 40% total coupon! And over $40 is free shipping! A GOOD DEAL!

    • usafsam says:

      I love the snapwear too and have been buying them at my BigLots at $5 a container everytime they get a shipment in. I buy the tall narrow ones and they will fit 5 lb bags of sugar or flour but were not tall enough for my speghetti so I found tall glass jars there as well for $5 each. We have a fire ant problem here so having things competely airtight is essential even in the house.

  • Jo says:

    With the Pepsi deal this week at CVS, some of you might like this idea. I saw on a craft site where a lady covered the empty cardboard packs that the pop cans come in and by opening the upper back of it, she stored her canned goods in them. Put the new ones in the back and the older ones roll to the front to be used first. Stack-able too. Of course, they wouldn’t have to be covered but that does make them prettier and a little sturdier.

  • berettas314 says:

    I store all my plastic lids according to size & shape in quart & gallon size storage bags w/ the zipper locks! Works nice & is easy to see what is in the bag- square or round lids!

  • Denise says:

    I do need to reorganize my shelves for sure! I am pretty good at keeping things tidy since it makes it easier to find things, BUT, whenever the rest of the family helps with putting things away it becomes a disaster! Someone told me they label the shelves where certain things go…even in the linen closet! Sounds like a good reason to go buy a lable maker!!! Good luck everyone~

  • tikilava says:

    Ikea has cubbie shelves that have 12 squares. They do cost about 149.00 but it has been very worth it. It fits shampoo and body wash -standing up, another square holds dish soap, another meds and first aid, deodorants, and you can even buy plastic square drawers for them – I use 2 of those to hide the gifts in. It also can hold kleenex and wipes, everything! All organized and you’re able to see it all. And I have baskets on top of that to hold even more things.

    • usafsam says:

      You can buy the coated metal wire cube version for $18 at Target (in store). They snap together with connectors (if you want them more secure use zip ties) and the baskets will fit in those cubbies as well. They are more versatile as you can connect/stack them in the way you see fit.

  • Xenia says:

    Here is my way to do it:

    I have a notebook, separated into 3 sections (by sticky notes): toiletries, household, food. Each one has a separate sheet for whatever category you need: razors, laundry, canned and etc. Each sheet got columns: subcategory, brand, quantity and some time exp date.
    I got shelving unit very sturdy at a garage sale for $1 or $2 and put it into spare room closet. I just use boxes (whatever I get from Amazon and etc) and have stickers on them with the same categories as the notebook (except for food, coz I got enough cabinet space) and then when i get home fro the store, before putting whatever I got into the boxes – I just write it down into the notebook.
    When I get the item out of the storage, I put ”-1” in the notebook. That way I can quickly and without sliding the boxes back and forth, figure out what I have and how many.
    I have a simple post ir note on my fridge with things my stockpile getting low on, so I know what i need to keep an eye on the sales.

    I do not organise my frozen stuff, coz all fits into upfront freeze, so I its visual.
    try it. its simple and you wont need to do inventory once a month. if u got kiddos or hubbies who prolly not gonna be marking what they got from the storage – just tape the list on the box or back of the cabinet door and keep a pen handy.

    I dont stockpile much but I am a coupon freak. lol

  • Rick says:

    I have been activly Qing for about a year and a half. I have a nice stock pile of items we use. I figure if we HAD to, we could live between a year and a year and a half on what is stored if we didn’t loose electricity. Without electricity, possibly a year but it would not be fun.

    Currently I have a section of the basement dedicated to the storage of most of these items. I have tracked my savings and using this figure I have justified an addition to our kitchen that will serve as our panrty. The room has just been completed and I will begin assembling shelves this weekend. The room is approximately 10 ft x 12 ft.

    Our freezers will remain in the basement, no sense in bringing this heat into the living space. I use a couple old freezers that are turned off, to store dry goods to protect from humidity and rodents. These will remain in the basement for items such as pet foods, large bulk rice, etc.

    While I may appear as one of the crazies on that “Extreme Couponing’ show, I am not. I buy what we need and use, rotate our stock and share windfalls. I guide others in the art of Qing and once they see my stockpile and see what I paid for it, they are hooked.

    Shop on!

    • jheintz says:

      They have an Extreme Couponing show? That would be fun to watch. We could even get good tips. =)

      • usafsam says:

        It was on TLC and only aired the same episode 4 times. They did however find the rating to be high enough that they are going to pick it up as a series. The pple on the show have their own blogs and FB pages. The Krazy Coupon Lady (Joanie Demer) has been blogging for a while as has the man in the episode Nathan Engels AKA Mr Coupons. I loved the show tho the station tried to put a bad spin on it, making it seem as if they were all crazy hoarders. Actually the first lady they showed I think does need to seek help.

        I also check out Mommysavers regularly and they just started a new FB page TargetSavers!/pages/Target-Savers/170506932992678
        I have also joined 2 coupon trains there and eagerly await those Qs in the mail and passing on those I will not use to others who will. They also have a link to the OCP so you can find out how to send your expired Qs overseas to military families who can use them up to 6 months pasy their expiration.

        • Rick says:

          The show probably had a high rating as folks thought it was going to be an informative show on couponing. It was more of a show on people with issues. The Coast Guard couple and the nurse were ok, but the first woman and last man couponed and hoarded for the sake of doing it. They both crashed the store computer sysytems, required the assistance of most all the store employees to handle their take. Required multiple vehicles to get their “purchases” home. The first woman you could tell her husband was tired of filling rooms of their house one after another with things they did not need. They should have been on the “Hoarding” show.
          Anyone spending 70 hours a week locating Qs to BUY, taking 4-6 hours to check out once they get to the store, needs to get a life……………………

  • melissa says:

    I don’t have alot of pantry or cupboard space, so I found a large 5 drawer file cabinet at Goodwill Outlet for 5.00, It is in my garage, and one drawer holds all the Nivea soap deals and other bathroom bulk deals. Then I have canned goods in a drawer, cake and cereal boxes etc in another. It works really good- cause I can just go look out there to see if i have any.
    I also keep a little plastic basket in bathroom cabinet with all the free samples ofpersonal type items and when we are packing for a trip or refilling gym bags it comes in handy- can just pull it out and try things too..

  • ila Johnson says:

    For my trial size items I have been using the Huggies/Pampers wipes containers and then writing on them with a sharpie.

  • Hope says:

    I use the shoe hangers in my daughter’s rooms too. I use them in my oldest (7) daughter’s room to keep all of her drawing/design things organized, and then she has little pockets for other stuff too. Then for my youngest (3) we keep her barbie dolls, strawberry shortcakes and other small toys in them. On hers, we take digital pictures and tape them to the front of the pockets so that when it is time to clean up, it is easier for her to find where she is supposed to put them. We also use the fabric cubes and plastic closable totes and use the pictures too, it has made clean up time soooo much easier. We are about to start that with my son’s (2) room too, it is time he start helping pick up his room too.

  • Heather says:

    Our basement is semi-finished, meaning it is framed in but no sheetrock, etc. So, my husband built shelves right into the 2×4 framing for canned goods. The cans fit right inside the framing and form a sort of wall between framed-in rooms. It gave me tons of extra space!

  • Angelia says:

    I picked up the little gift bucket cardboard/metal on clearance at Target for $0.25. I put these on the shelves and put toothbrushes, bandaides, and other small items in them. Makes it easy for the kids to get what they need and there have been some really cute ones. If you expand and need something bigger than you can always use these to give as gifts. You can also attach them to a board and hang them on the wall. My daughter’s has hair accessories in hers.

  • Carrie Fry says:

    I used the plastic 3-drawer stackable storage bins for a lot of my bathroom/healthcare accessories. I have 4 of them and they are FULL. A few examples of my drawers (and yes they are labeled…can we say “OCD”) are makeup,nail supplies, lotions, toothbrushes/floss, medicine, bandaids, and samples. The drawers are clear so you can see through them too.
    Here’s a link to what they look like….I LOVE THEM!!

  • Rosanna says:

    Wow that took me forever to read all the posts! Thanks for posting my question Collin & for all the wonderful responses. I got some great ideas and some much needed motivation to find new creative ways to store my goodies and better organize my home.

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