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Old Navy Clearance Sale: Save up to 80% Off (starts 1/14)

9:50 PM MST
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If you do not have any plans tomorrow, consider rounding up the kids and heading to your local Old Navy store. Beginning tomorrow, January 14th at 9AM, all Old Navy stores in the U.S. and Canada will be hosting a “Practically Free-For-All” Clearance Sale. You’ll be able to snag up to 80% off when you take an extra 40% off already reduced items (keep in mind this is valid in-store only and ends on January 17th). Check out the Old Navy Facebook page for more information.

**Don’t forget to head over to Old Navy’s Barker’s Bones where you can “dig” for coupons like $5/$50 or $15/$75!

(Thanks, Beauty, Events and Free Stuff, Joanna, and Olivia!)

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  • KG says:

    WOO HOO!! I got maternity jeans for $9 and capris for $7!! I have been dreading having to get some of these because they are so expensive!

  • Brittany says:

    i got a hoodie for each of my boys, hubby two long sleeve shirts, (for when he rides the bike) and myself two tank tops for 50 bucks total! awesome awesome deals :D :D :D :D our sale her on island ends on mon, :( but its been going on since the 30th i guess. and i had NO CLUE! i need to pay more attention! im so glad i got these hoodies, its been raining and these guys dont have alot of cold weather stuff ;) and they were each only 7 bucks! i couldnt believe it! OH! and i got a cute boy messenger bag for my middle guy, (obsessed with bags, lol) for his bday. it was like 2 dollars! yay!!!!

  • Molly says:

    This is an awesome deal:) I just went there today and I scored 2 pairs of jeans, 8 t-shirts, 4 shirts for my 3yr old son, 2 hoodies for my son and a pair of pajamas for him. Oh and a piggy bank and water bottle! Total of $47! Totally worth my trip:) Thanks Collin.

  • Britt says:

    I spent $25 today, but saved $125! My sister spent $130, and saved a whole lot more, but we didn’t add up her savings… we were quite exhausted. Thanks for the heads up!

  • froggyfroggy says:

    My local store was also doing the 40% off all clearance but from the look of the racks the deal had been going on for awhile. I still managed to get several items for next fall/winter for my daughter and a couple of items for my husband.

  • Lisa says:

    Took my 3 yr old shopping…23 items (17 of which were for her including some awesome sheepskin boots and 3 pairs of pink pants) and $110 later we scored big!

    Total retail value around $400 and the kid is set for next winter!

  • kiesha r. says:

    Was able to score 2 pairs of flip flop for my sons and 2 dresses for me and 1 pair of cargo pants and the total was $17.58!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crystal says:

    We got amazing deals also! 4)Mens long sleeve button up 5)Boy long sleeve button up 1)boy tennis shoes 3) Lil girl skirts 4) Lil girl shirts 2)lil girl dresses 2) Womens shirts and 1) messenger bag for $70………….The bags were bulging and my wallet was still fat(LOL)!

  • christina says:

    Got things fpr next year for the 3 kids. Bought 40 items including a coat and jeans and spent a little over $100, what a great deal!!!

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