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"Hipsters" to the Rescue: What are YOUR Frugal and Hip Valentine's Day Gift Ideas?!

1:15 PM MST
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This has got to be one of the cutest Valentine’s Day gift ideas! Head on over to the Lolly Jane boutique blog to learn how to turn a 6 pack of Crush Soda bottles into an oh so adorable gift for your Valentine!

Do you have any unique, frugal and “hip” Valentine’s Day gift ideas?! Please share in the comments… I need all the help I can get! Thanks! :)

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  • Holly says:

    This year my boyfriend and I set a ten dollar limit on each other. We are trying to find the BEST present/s for the absolute cheapest. Its forcing us to be creative and put a lot of thought into it =)

    • Teri says:

      We started the $10 limit for our family for christmas a couple years ago. (Kids not included)At first some people were not real happy, but once we tried it, everyone loved it. Yougot to be a little more creative and did not go broke. It became quite fun. A couple gifts peolpe kept the price tag on because they got it for 75% off so that nobody questioned the $10.00. Have fun with it!!

  • Rebecca B says:

    Mu hubby is a classically trained french chef – we have a tradition of making truffles together on Valentine’s day or the eve of Valentine’s day. They are actually super inexpensive to make for yourself and then you get exzctly the flavor you like best :o)

  • Lolly Jane says:

    THANK YOU for featuring us! You made our day!! xoxo

  • Michelle says:

    I was featured on Love, Actually’s blog for a cheap idea…
    I didn’t spend any money on it, although I think I might buy him a little something extra anyway.

    Thanks for all of your hard work! I love your blog!

  • Mouse says:

    This is my daughter first year in school and my bf and I thought it would be fun to make the valentines but instead of just little papers we are making “butterflies” We will have her decorate some wooden clothes pins and add little pipe cleaner antennas, googley eyes and then take a snack size bag (from dollar tree) and fill most of the way with goodies, then you scrunch up the middle of the closed snack sized bag and clip it with the clothes pin the clothes pin is the body and the bag is the wings! saw this in a magazine

  • Elizabeth says:

    I bought the Christmas reed diffusers at Pier 1. 90% off. It was a vanilla scent, so it worked for any season. The Christmas decoration was just a cheap plastic wrap around that didn’t even have glue on it. I removed it and then took the reeds and tied them the the bottle, with a ribbon to match the occasion. (I used one for a birthday, one for Valentine’s day) Very cute and only $1.65. (I had the ribbon on hand) I loved the way it looked, much better than the original!

  • Noel says:

    One year for my husband I used the rose candy molds from a craft store (micheals) and the long sticks for them to make chocolate suckers. Then I used a vase I already had and I put some material or pretty paper or something in the vase so you couldn’t see the styrofoam that I put in the bottom. Then I arranged them like real roses add some real or fake babys breathe and tie a ribbon around the outside. It looked really nice, he was impressed. I am not very crafty usually so he thought at first I didn’t make it :)

  • NYCSingleMom says:

    no ideas I am learning from all colins readers

  • Melissa says:

    I have to admit…I did a lot of my valentine shopping at Bath and Body works semi annual sale this year. I also found some great gifts marked down after Christmas and still had enough sense left about me to purchase these gifts at a great price!

  • laura says:

    does anyone know about any deals or promos out for Apple itouch? My husband wants one ..thinking about getting him one for vday…if anyone knows anything i’d so appreciate it!

  • Mayra says:

    WE decided this year to make each a $14 basket (14 as a symbol) my husband has been very good helping ,me out with the transactions at the various stores so with the knowledge and access to coupons that he has he agreed to the challenged so will see how this end up.

  • krista says:

    What a cute idea! I wonder if I could use the same idea, only with those miniature water bottles. Then I could fill them with candy and give them to the school kids with a note saying Happy Valenties Day or something else cute.

  • Jennifer says:

    My daughter is in Kindergarten this year, 28 kids to buy valentines for!
    We were in Target last night and they had the glow bracelets in the dollar spot, we got 15 bracelets for a 1$. We are going to make paper hearts and put the words ” you make my heart glow” on the hearts, punch 2 holes in the hearts and then put the glow stick through the heart (kind of like a cupids arrow)

    For my other daughter in 2nd grade we bought some pencils from the $ store, and are writing on the homemade hearts ” you are just “write” for me!!”

  • Lacie says:

    My fiance and I don’t do valentines day. Or I should say, we don’t purchase anything for each other. Last year he surprised me with a little caterpillar he made from a kids craft set at work they had purchased for decorations. It was adorable. We’re not into valentines day so usually I will just draw him a little card or something. We always just do something little and silly if anything. We think it’s silly to just show each other we love each other one day a year. We’re more into the random “just because” gifts. :)

  • Susan says:

    Last year the night before Valentines Day, I waited until my husband went to bed and then took Armor All and other cleaning supplies to his car and detailed the inside of the car, wiping every surface and crevice down and polishing all the windows, vacuumed the rugs and then tied a huge big red ribbon around the steering wheel with an attached handwritten Valentine note. He was so greatful and his co-workers were so jealous. Somethings are just priceless, especially acts of love.

  • Trish says:

    Last year I made a gift basket of goodies for my hubby. The basket was from Goodwill and I filled it with Big Hunk bars, a six pack of Coronas, limes, his favorite Sports magazine, beef jerky etc. I used clear wrap with a big bow. He thought I bought the basket and loved it! Definitely a hit and I’ll likely do something similar this year.

  • steph p says:

    For v-day this year for my hubby I wanted to put the spice back into our marriage. My cousin is a photographer so I had her take boudouir (sp?) pics of me. We did theme pics for each month and made it a calendar. For ex. Dec I wore a Santa hat and red bra and panties. Feb. was in my bed with roses. Jan (superbowl…he’s a big sports fan) Wore his fav teams jersey shirt and sexy panties ect… Did not put much money into this bc I wore things I already had, she took the pics for free (to get the experience) and I had it printed pretty cheap from snapfish :)

  • Michelle C. says:

    Here are some of my past ideas…some corny, some thoughtful, serious.

    1. Have cards postmarked from different Valentine’s themed cities. Here’s a small list I have saved:
    Bliss, NY 14024
    Bridal Veil, OR 97010
    Darling, MS 38623
    Hart, MI 49420
    Hart, TX 79043
    Harts, WV 25524
    Heart Butte, MT 59448
    Honeyville, UT 84314
    Juliet, GA 31046
    Kissimme, FL 32741
    Lovejoy, IL 62059
    Lovejoy, GA 30250
    Loveland, CO 80537
    Loveland, OH 45140
    Lovelock, NV 89419
    Lovely, KY 41231
    Loves Park, IL 61111
    Loveville, CO 80538
    Loveville, MD 20656
    Loving, NM 88256
    Loving, TX 76460
    Lovington, IL 61937
    Romance, AR 72136
    Romeo, MI 48065
    Sugar City, CO 81076
    Sugar City, ID 83448
    Sweet, ID 83670
    Valentine, NE 69201
    Valentine, TX 79854
    Valentines, VA 23887

    2. Tie balloon to their vehicle at work, take “car” paint in red and draw hearts, kisses, etc.

    3.Dozen roses with a “reason why I love you” tied to each. You could do fake flowers, candy bars, pencils for kids, pens for their office, possibilities are endless.

    4. Google Love quotes and text them a quote every 30 minutes or hour so that they know you are thinking about them all day.

    5. Leave note cards/post its around with I love you in different languages.
    Hopi : Nu’ umi unangwa’ta
    Hungarian : Szeretlek te’ged
    Icelandic : ?g elska ßig
    Indonesian : Saya cinta padamu
    Saya Cinta Kamu
    Aku tjinta padamu
    Saja kasih saudari
    Italian : Ti amo
    Irish : taim i’ ngra leat
    Japanese : Kimi o ai shiteru
    Kazakh : Men seny jaksy kuremyn
    Kiswahili : Nakupenda
    Korean : Tangsinul sarang ha yo
    Kurdish : Ez te hezdikhem

    And last, write a letter from the heart. Nothing like someone knowing how much they truly mean to you.

  • Danielle in Peoria, AZ says:

    We are making Valentines cards with the mini fruit roll ups that were on sale at Safeway a couple weeks ago. One pack has 18 mini roll ups. We are planing on writing something to the affect of “Just ‘rollin’ up to say Happy Valentine’s Day!” Thanks for all the great ideas above!

  • Janelle Putrich says:

    I think that this is a really cute inexpensive gift! Check it out :)
    hope that is helpful :)

  • Jody says:

    I have lots of candles stocked up… I was thinking about writing a note that said something like “Valentine, you light up my life”. Do you think this is appropriate for preschool teachers?

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