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New Pull-Ups Wipes Coupon + Walmart Deal

1:00 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

There’s a new high value Pull-Ups wipes coupon available! Just head on over here and scroll down below the first coupon offer to the second one listed, then login or register. After doing so, you’ll be able to print a coupon valid for $1 off any one Package of Pull-Ups Flushable Moist Wipes! Hit your browser back button to print a total of 2 coupons per computer.

Walmart sells the 42 ct package of Pull Ups Flushable Moist wipes for just $1.64, so ONLY $0.64 after the coupon! Let us know if you come across any other in-store deals.

(Thanks, Krazy Coupon Lady!)

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  • Lynne Wright says:

    Cannot get onto the site… It won’t let me sign up or log in…

  • Corina says:

    I had no problem printing two. Thanks. We needed a new container. Our is worn out=)

  • new2qs says:

    Worked great! Thanks : )

  • Joan says:

    Worked great and just in time! I am getting ready to train my triplet girls. Any advice?

    • Dana says:

      I’d say try for one at a time. I tried to train my 3 and 2 year old at the same time and it was a disaster. My 3 year old seemed easy after I decided to put off training my 2 year old for awhile.

    • Jen says:

      Get cheap potties at Ikea and keep them all over the house, even if they play with them at first it gets them used to the potty and helped my daughter remind her that she has to go.

  • Ashley Gillespie says:

    Works great! Thanks!! :)

  • Betsy McKinstry says:

    Got my 2 coupons, thanks!

  • Amanda S says:

    I cant print it either!!
    When I click on get coupon it takes me to
    Server Error Page and says that Value cannot be null.

    (and we are on our last pack of flushable wipes)

    • Kavi Ravi says:

      Just go to and then click special offers tab…then when you scroll down you will save on pull-ups training pants tab…click that…once you get to the enxt page…you will first the coupon for pull-ups pants…scroll down and it looks like the same as pull-ups pans coupons except it says” save on flushable wipes” click get coupon and it will take you to bricks. Hope that helps!

    • LC says:

      Mine did the same thing! Grrrr.. But I just kept tryin and it finally went thru. HTH

      • Danielle says:

        for some reason I keep getting this message when trying to print it from my desktop. I was able to get it on my laptop though. I don’t know why I am getting this message I tried internet explorer and firefox?!

  • Christie says:

    I got the coupons. I always flip the printed coupon back into the printer, hit the back button, then refresh and get another coupon. It usually lets me get 2. Thanks for all the coupon updates!—Oops, did not see where you said to hit back…shows that I got excited about the coupon part and didn’t read any further. :-) Thanks again!

  • Sherri T says:

    I so miss the $3/2 coupons that used to be available for these. I’m down to my last 20 or so packs (after 3 years!) so its time to start stocking up again.

    • Jeanie says:

      Oh wow! Kudos to you for such good a stock pile! ;)

      • Sherri T says:

        Thanks :) It was one of the few things I really stocked up on. My son had just started to potty train at that point. He’s 5 now. He and my older child still use them but we don’t go through as many now.

    • Jennifer says:

      That’s great!! How were you able to stock pile that much? I would love to be able to do that! :)

      • Sherri T says:

        At the time they had insert coupons for $3/2. I got a lot of the coupons through clipping services. For every 2 I bought, I spent less than 30 cents with tax. I bought 6-10 packages each time I went to the store for several weeks. I haven’t saw the higher dollar coupons for these in a long time though. Right around the same time there were all of the $1 off Johnson’s coupons that didn’t exclude Buddy Bars and I still have over 100 Buddy Bars in the bathroom. We use them, we donated a bunch, we give them away to friends and family, etc.

  • Sarah says:

    I got mine yesterday. Thanks. You are actually able to print these every month so keep track. I go back to the site every month to see if it is time for me to be able to print again. Great pullups coupon and moist wipes coupon that you can print twice!!!

  • Sarah says:

    Has anyone seen these at Target? What is the price there? I looked a few months ago and couldn’t find them (I avoid WalMart like the plague).

    • Nicole says:

      My Target doesnt sell these. They only sell the Pampers Kandoos.

    • Sarah says:

      My target doesn’t either :( I HAVE to go to Walmart to get them and they always fight me over the coupons, but I make them use them even if it means getting the manager. I don’t know why walmart cashiers are so mean when it comes to coupons!!! I sure wish I could get target to start carrying these. Maybe I will talk to a manager :)

  • Sharon says:

    Does anyone know if we can use these with the Huggies Walgreen’s deal going on right now?

  • Anne says:

    Just a little FYI- even though they are flushable do NOT use them if you have a septic tank. They caused our system to back up and we had to pay an extra $150 for an emergency service call to have our system pumped on New Years weekend.

    • Sherri T says:

      We haven’t had any trouble flushing these (sewer, not septic thankfully) but tampons are a big no-no around here because they clog the lines every time.

    • Kelly says:

      DITTO to that comment…I just keep a separate trash can with a plastic bag in it next to the toilet and empty it every few days. We are so careful what we flush with our septic!

      • Tasha says:

        I have a little seperate trash next to the toilet too. We have septic and I don’t flush most anything! I won’t even let my kids have Charmin tissue in their bathroom at ALL! (A friend of mine had a huge service bill, and the plumber told her Charmin is horrible for septic systems.) It’s just not worth it to flush anything, when I can just teach them to use the little trash can and empty it every couple days. I use the plastic bags from the stores as liners, the ones I get those times I forget to bring my own bags in! LOL

  • scootykatie says:

    I can’t “log in.” It keeps saying that it has to abort this process and won’t let me register. Am I doing something wrong?!?!

  • LC says:

    Does anyone have the direct link for the Q? (The print link that is.)

  • Sue says:

    I am unable to get the site to accept my registration. When I press the submit button, the site returns to the registration page. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

  • Danielle says:

    does anyone know the price of these at the commissary???

  • New $1/1 Pull-Ups Wipes Coupon ($0.64 at Walmart) says:

    […] count package of Pull Ups Flushable Moist wipes for $1.64, so only $0.64 after the coupon.Thanks, Hip2Save! Disclaimer: This post may contain links to an affiliate. See my disclosure policy for more […]

  • Patti says:

    Have tried all day (and part of the night) to print this. Keep getting error message and it won’t let me access it. Tried every angle… login, internet explorer, different computer….nothing working for me. Can anyone give me a suggestion? Even the ‘direct link’ above won’t work for me…..UGH! I really wanted this one……I know, I know…..don’t sweat the small stuff – right….LOL

    • Brianne says:

      I contacted Kimberly Clark about it and they basically told me too bad. They said no one else has had any trouble getting the site to work so there is nothing they can do. I even copied and pasted the error message I keep getting in the e-mail I sent to them. They sent me the direct link and it won’t work unless you register which is where the problem is! I am not impressed with their customer service at all!!

      • Patti says:

        I sent a couple emails to them through their “contact us” link on their site. The first email was of a nicer tone than the the second one I sent that basically told them that I thought their website stinks and I copied and pasted the error message I was getting from their site. They sent a response to me; I followed their instruction; and I got the coupon to work…’s their response….

        Thanks for your e-mail to Kimberly-Clark. Using the information that you provided, we have confirmed that you are registered in our on-line database, but a password has not been assigned. Below are step-by-step instructions for using the Registration Update Center to enter your password choice.

        1 – The link below will take you to the Registration Update Center login page where you should enter only your e-mail address. Do not attempt to enter a password at this time.
        2 – Click on the “Forgot your password” link. The screen will refresh, and you will see a message asking you to create and confirm a new password.
        3 – Fill in the New Password box and the Confirm box. You can also enter a Password Hint to remind you of the password. Then click on “Reset Password” to proceed.
        4 – This will take you to your complete profile which can be updated to include your postal mailing address, caregiver information, and communication options.

        For your convenience, you can use the following link to access the Registration Update Center:

        We appreciate your interest in our products and hope that the instructions that we have provided are helpful.

        I hope this helps….

        • Brianne says:

          Thank you so much! It worked great. I’m not sure why they couldn’t have just given me this in the first place. I appreciate it!!! :D

  • nbhuff says:

    I got the coupons to print just fine, but when I went to the Crystal Lake WalMart to use the Q, they were $2.42, not $1.64. So, still cheap, just not dirt cheap.

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