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Quad/Readers Club = Earn FREE Postage Stamps

9:50 AM MST
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If you could snag 10 FREE postage stamps per month by simply investing a minute or so of your time on a daily basis, would you be interested?! If so, check out this email that I received from reader, Barbi…

Collin, I belong to a Club called Quad Graphics Quad Readers Club. Basically, it is a mail decoy company. What this means is I receive mail (catalogs, flyers, postcards) from them with special numbers typed in front of my name. When I receive the item in the mail, I call an 800# and report that I have received the item (it is all automated). I receive a few pieces of mail each day. It takes about 1 minute to do the reporting via phone. In return, besides all the great catalogs I receive (I love going to the mailbox) each month they send me 10 postage stamps as payment. I never have to go to the post office again. Here is the information to possibly get accepted. I say possibly because it depends on if they need anyone from the particular zip code that you live in.

After reading Barbi’s email, I did a little research myself and discovered that the Quad/Readers Club is comprised of more than 600 volunteers across the United States. As Barbi stated, after receiving earmarked mailings to their homes, the volunteers call a toll-free number to report, via an automated system, which pieces arrived on a particular day and in what condition they arrived. It’s that simple!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer like Barbi, you need to send an email to quadreaders@qg(dot)com with the subject line Quad/Readers Mail Decoy Program. Let them know that you are interested in joining this program and be sure to include your name, address, city, state, zip, home phone, day phone, and email address.

And as always, be sure to come back and let us know if you are accepted into the program!

(Thanks, Barbi!)

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  • Mari says:

    Does anyone know how often one has to call in? Daily? Every few days… weekly?

    • Sally says:

      My dad has done this for years now and he has to call in every day. However it really does only take 1 minute.

    • Barbi says:

      I sent in this post. If you receive mail, then you call in that day and report it. They prefer that you call the day you receive the mail. There is an option to report that you received the mail on a different day. If you don’t receive any mail from Quad Readers on a particular day, then you don’t need to call them. If you are going to be out of town for an extended amount of time, then you call in and report that. Very easy and great to “work” for.

  • Gabrielle says:

    I am definitely going to email them! I like to send my expired coupons to people who request them so this would mean I don’t have to buy stamps. I hope I hear back from them! Thanks, Collin :)

  • Teresa says:

    I did this a few years back and got mail I would not care to get (Playboy and such). Not something I want with four young sons who love to get the mail.

    • mrspurple says:

      Eek, count me out.

    • Cathy BB says:

      Oh, I just asked about this; your comment must have gone up as I was typing. Thanks so much for sharing this – it’s just what I was concerned about!

    • ali mae says:

      Not cool. I’d PAY 4.40 a month to keep that OUT of my mailbox. I’d love to do it if that wasn’t the case. . .

    • Collin says:

      Are you sure this is the same company?! As Barbi never mentioned this in her email.

      • Busy Mama says:

        Yes, QuadGraphics is the company that publishes Playboy. I don’t know anything about this program and whether or not you would receive that publication. For those of us with children or those with individuals struggling with porn addictions, let’s hope not! There must be a way to make sure, however, before signing up.

      • Barbi says:

        Collin, I do not receive any offensive catalogs or magazines. Actually I have not received any magazines. Not sure what these people are talking about. As I stated there are other companies out there that do similar mailings, but I opted out from participating with them for one reason or another. I have received alot of catalogs from Lakeside, ABC, Country Home, Eddie Bauer, Big & Tall etc. I would not participate in a company that would subject myself to this type of materials…..even if it meant something free in return. I do have morals. I also would not want to affend any readers. I’m hoping that I have cleared up some misinformation.

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks for posting this. I was just wondering if there would be any questionable materials, since my children love getting the mail as well. My husband is also overcoming a porn addiction problem, and that is not a temptation he needs right now. SO THANK YOU! :)

      • Anon says:

        What husband isn’t!?! lol! I wish YOU the best of luck with it! ;-)

      • andrea says:

        I have a relative with that same addiction and it is REALLY hard to break. You are right, he does not need this!! I am glad I read the comments because I have a teenaged son in the house. Don’t think I’ll risk it.

    • Danielle says:

      I work at Quad Graphics, we do print Playboy; however, this title is not sent to “mail decoys”. Please make sure you are posting accurate information.

    • Barbi says:

      I have never received this type of mail from them. Mostly catalogs…..never any of these types of magazines that you have mentioned. Nothing offensive!!! There are other similar companies like this out there, so they may send this type of stuff out, but Quad Readers has not. Hope this helps

      • Tina says:

        Danielle, sending up a prayer for your husband and family right now! I have been in your shoes and know what it is like to be married to someone with this type of problem! Way to eliminate temptation from your home! Our experience has been that only by the grace of God cans someone overcome such a powerful addiction. On our own strength we will always fail!

    • Marsha says:

      I do this and Playboy is NOT one of their clients. Not Quad Graphics.

  • Jennifer says:

    There is a Quad Graphics about 20 mins from where I live. From what I’ve heard it’s not the best place to work for. So I think I will opt out of this one. They should work on better pay for their employee’s instead of this.

  • mrspurple says:

    Lol, for a second I thought this was a contest to win a big mailbox to fit all our goodies we receive! I need a new mailbox :p

  • Cathy BB says:

    Does anyone know what type of catalogs are included? I’m wondering if I’d need to change sending my kids to the mailbox, or if they’d all be safe for kids to see. Thanks! =)

    • Vivienne says:

      From the comments above it sounds pretty questionable.

    • Marsha says:

      I get LL Bean, National Wildlife, Woman Within, American Girl, Figi, all OK companies, nothing even PG. And it only gives you 10 stamps a months, but since it takes me just a few minutes a day and costs me nothing, I am OK with it.
      It is all volunteer.

  • Lori says:

    That’s only $4.40 worth of postage every month. I don’t use that much postage in a month, except at Christmas. Not worth my time.

  • ashley says:

    Would love to get free stamps

  • Kathy says:

    I have been a mail decoy for Hausernet for about 6 years now. They pay per piece and it comes in a check every few months. I enter the mail codes online on their website, but I really don’t get enough mail to amount to anything. Sometimes I get one piece of mail and other days I get a few. When I signed up for it, I thought I would be getting a stack a day to make it worth it. I usually let it stack up for a week or so even though it’s supposed to be done daily. I’d rather look up coupon deals! LOL!

    • KeeksP says:

      I am a mail decoy for U.S. Monitor and they do make it worthwhile.
      I applied in May 2010. When I was finally contacted in November, I was told that it would be slow at the beginning —probably to make sure that you will do the daily computer mailpiece entries—but that it would begin to pick up the longer I was working it.
      Well, December – March were slow, but April was much better, and May has been phenomenal—I am receiving between 6 and 14 mailpieces every single delivery day!. They pay a flat $10 per month PLUS 25 cents per entered mailpiece. It is adding up very nicely.

  • Maria G says:

    I get mail all most every day and for my efforts I only received 5 stamps in a 2 month period. Frankly, it is a hassle and I called them yesterday to cancel.

  • aesha says:

    this is good esp when u have rebates— it really makes it free with the free stamps!

  • Lauren says:

    Sounds fun! I love getting mail!

  • shanec25 says:

    I wouldn’t have a problem doing this and heck, free stamps come In handy! I might be missing It on the site, but where do we sign up at exactly?

    • JoR says:

      As Collin posted:
      If you are interested in becoming a volunteer like Barbi, you need to send an email to quadreaders@qg(dot)com with the subject line Quad/Readers Mail Decoy Program. Let them know that you are interested in joining this program and be sure to include your name, address, city, state, zip, home phone, day phone, and email address.

  • Anon says:

    I’d be terrible at this! Since it’s only a minute to do the calling, I’d forget to do it. Silly, I know.

  • Heather says:

    I enjoy getting mail…its something my son and I do everyday on our way to the park so why not!

  • flautatime says:

    Well…I sent an email – I love getting mail and I send so many things thru the mail that I would love to get stamps for free! Thank you Colin….hope it works out.

  • mommy24girls says:

    This sounds great I love getting mail and I really hate to pay for stamps.

  • Eli says:

    My biggest concern would be all the junk mail and its impact on the environment. Please everyone either recycle or better yet, remove yourself from junk mail by opting out completely. It’s easy and really does work: less clutter and way better for the environment.

  • Valerie says:

    I am a volunteer for this company and i have to say I have been very pleased with it so far. I mean all I get each month is 10 stamps but some of the magazines they send out are kid magazines which i can keep and give to my daughter. I honestly dont use that many stamps but I like to have them on hand for when i do need them. They give out some really cool stamps too. lol It really does work and is not a scam. You don’t have to pay them anything. After I am done with the magazine I RECYCLE them!!!!

    • melinda s. says:

      What happens if you need to go on vacation….we do take a few weeks off during the summer and have our mail stopped.

      • quickgal says:

        When you report your magazines, there is an option to report your time when you can not report magazines (sickness, vacation or whatever). They will begin to stop your magazine deliveries at that time. Depending on how early you notified them, you may still receive mailings. Quad will know that you are unable to report those magazines and won’t hold it against you when it is BONUS time or Christmas time. They do track how many items you miss reporting. All magazines will be easily identifiable as QUAD on your mailing address.

    • Donna says:

      Sounds great! I just sent them an e-mail. Hope it works out!

  • Jen says:

    I was actually a participant in this company’s program several years back. I moved to another state recently and was just thinking about them the other day! Thanks for this post and contact info. I emailed them.

  • smirky says:

    I’m always running out of stamps, this is perfect!

  • Nyvania says:

    I would love to receive free mags and catalogs, I make magazine bows, even use newspaper sometimes for this as well. My daughter makes jewelry out of paper to, so would not be wasted around here. And the stamps are a plus as well, can always use those!

    • Michelle C. says:

      You would have an endless supply for bows. I have received as many as 15 magazines in one day and out of the last month I have received mail everyday except for maybe 7. Worth the stamps…that’s $4.40 I can spend on something else!

  • Michelle C. says:

    I’ve been doing this for months now and like the variety of magazines I am receiving, takes only a minute to report and always have a mailbox full of publications. If you kiddos love checking the mail then this will be great for them. Some days I have 15 magazines stuffed into my mailbox. And as a reader pointed out, the stamps they send are nice and not the usualy flags or bell.

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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Susan N. Hall, Collin (Hip2Save). Collin (Hip2Save) said: Quad/Readers Club = Earn FREE Postage Stamps #h2s […]

  • lovinglife2005 says:

    I sent in an e-mail, so we’ll see what happens. I can always use free stamps and love getting magazines in the mail.

  • Debbie says:

    I have also been doing this for over a year also. I use my stamps for all the rebates I mail in, and yes, I have not had to buy stamps either. It’s one minute a day, and no weekends, and do get a bonus check and christmas nuts as well. Very worth it.

  • coupon woman says:

    Is it easy to cancel if you start doing it and either get inappropriate mail or just decide you can’t or don’t want to do it anymore?

  • Emma harrison says:

    What kind of magazines do they send? I’m not asking because I’m worried about them being inappropriate but rather whether they send any that I may want to read.

  • song says:

    is this free or do u have to pay a monthly fee?

  • Heather W. says:

    I sent the email thanks for the information. I think it is funny some of the posts I read. Seriously do you think they are going to send you Playboy? That is so funny. I think free stamps is a great deal. Thanks again for posting Collin! :)

  • Sue M. says:

    I had no idea such a program existed. Even if there was Playboy, it would go into my recycle bin. My children are grown and gone, so no worries of a child checking the mail.

    I’m hoping that I get accepted. My brother is in prison (he’s in Arkansas, & I’m in Arizona), and since our Mother passed away 5 years ago, I have tried to write him and send pictures at least once a week. She wrote him 1-2 times a week, and always encouraged me to…. With my own health issues, it is usually 3 times a month now. Sometimes just a card, with pictures….I always make sure that I put two stamps on to accomodate the extra weight with the pics though. He “lives” for mail call. Last summer I had strokes, and he didn’t hear from me for over 5 months. This is what he wrote at one point, as I still got his homemade cards weekly, but couldn’t reply back…. “Dear Susan, You never know what a letter can mean until you’ve been where I’ve been and seen what I’ve seen. I am confined to a world behind these walls where nobody sees and nobody calls. As I come to my senses and I look out the windows at chained link fences I wake up and go on with my day. I wait for mail call None for me They say. Not a letter or a note or even a Card when nobody writes it makes my time hard. So sit down and take the time to write me a letter to you it’s not much but it makes me feel better!” I typed that exactly as he wrote it with no punctuation. Of course I was able to finally tell him why he’d not heard from me.

    I don’t like what he did; and he deserved the sentence he received–but he has already served about 25 years, and has about 15 to go; unless he is granted clemency next month, which I doubt. Didn’t mean to get off the original topic, but this would help me with my own very strict budget to help brighten someone’s day.

    So very grateful for posting this! :-)

  • Traci says:

    I’d pay $4.50 a month to help plant trees in addition to buying my own stamps before doing something so wasteful and harmful to the environment. What a serious waste of time.

    • ken says:

      So then, have you signed up to pay your $4.50 a month to the National Arbor Day Foundation and made an appointment to start planting trees for them?

  • Chalee says:

    This company sounds neat. And for those concerned, Playboy comes descretely wrapped so your kids can’t see the covers or anything. If you didn’t want your children to see this “porn” you could always just try the old fashioned method of saying no! It’s just boobs and articles ya’ll, I’ve read them.

  • MollyC says:

    They respond really fat to emails. I sent them my info and got this response back less than 5 minutes later.
    Thank you for your interest in Quad Readers.
    I am sorry we are unable to add you to our program at this time, as we have fulfilled our need for seeds in your area.

    We will keep your information on file in the event our needs change.

    Thank you for your interest our program.

  • Rhea says:

    I got denied too…boo. I was excited to do this.

  • casey says:

    i didnt get an email that i was denied, does that mean im accepted? :)

    • Rhea says:

      I initially emailed yesterday about it and got a reply today. They said they are swamped right now with requests and there are only 2 of them working on taking the requests.

  • Annalea says:

    I just sent in my application email. Hopefully, I’ll be one of the lucky people chosen to participate. Sounds like a neat program.

    Thanks, Collin and Barbi! :)

  • Briana says:

    I emailed them and then got a response with a list of FAQ. She asked for my name and address again and then said they’d be in touch to let me know if they needed people in my area. 3 hour later I got another email saying I’m in!! Very excited! I don’t mail a lot of things, but thank you’s and whatnot to grandparents, so free postage will be awesome!!

    • Brittney says:

      Just got my acceptance today! Very excited! I LOVE getting mail and free stamps is awesome! I’m planning on saving them up for Christmas time so I’m not hit with such a big out-of-pocket expense for Christmas cards!! Thank you!!

  • fairy dust says:

    I got an acceptance – yay!!! Thanks for posting about this, I never would’ve known otherwise.

  • Lea Ann says:

    I still haven’t heard from Quad Readers, but I did get an acceptance e-mail today from Hausernet mail decoy program. They said it will be slow at first, but I’m going to give it a try!

  • Lea Ann says:

    Today I got my acceptance & seed # from Quad Readers! Can’t wait!

  • Nina McManaman says:

  • Bibek Chatterjee says:

    I want to join and get free postage stamps and magazines.

  • Ashley C. says:

    I received the below email from QuadReaders:

    A while back, you showed interest in the Quad Readers Club. If you’re still interested, please respond to the below information.

    Thank you for your interest in our program. Below are some frequently asked questions that may aid in your decision to participate?

    What will be expected of me?
    Once you have been added to the program and received your seed ID number, you are expected to call-in your receipt date of each specially marked QRC (Quad Readers Club) item. Must call in 85% if items to stay in program. If you are unable to participate in this program for a period of time (this would include vacations, hospitalizations, etc.), we ask that you notify us via phone or email. [Note that once you become activated, information on how to report will be sent to you.]

    How many items will I receive?
    Tallies show each volunteer received an average of 130 items per month.

    What will be sent to me?
    Your QRC items will be a combination of catalogs, postcards and envelopes. You cannot choose which items you will receive. Because some of our mail pieces could be mistaken for “Junk Mail” we will add the letters ‘QR’ where your name and address appear mail piece. This will help you to identify the QRC items.

    How long will this last?
    We ask that once you get onboard the QRC program that you commit to a year of service. A number of our volunteers have continued reporting for years. We do understand there may be extenuating circumstances that could cause you to request an earlier inactivation.

    What do I do with the QRC items once I receipt them?
    After reporting receipt of each mail piece you do not need to do anything more with the QRC item. You may recycle or pass the item on to someone else. If you decide to order from any of the catalogs, do not use any codes that are on the label. When placing an order, say that you received the catalog from a friend. Otherwise, you will start receiving two of the same catalog and both will have QRC information on the back in addition to our unique 7 digit code. Thus, you won’t know which one is the true QRC item.

    What do I get for my efforts?
    Once you start recording receipt dates, as a thank you for your participation, you will receive 10 postage stamps on a monthly basis. Our only requirement is that you maintain an 85% response rate.

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