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Wonderful Pistachios Facebook Offer…

2:29 PM MST
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UPDATE: Since there have been quite a few comments below wondering whether this is a legitimate deal, I decided to contact Paramount Farms (the company who owns Wonderful Pistachios) at 877-450-9493. I spoke with a representative who did assure me that this is a legitimate offer. However, if you do not feel comfortable sending your information to the Pistachio Queen, then by all means please do NOT do this offer.

Wonderful Pistachios just announced this on Facebook:

We made 30,000 fans! Good job team! Send a message to the “Pistachio Queen” (page owner) with your full name and address and we’ll send you a lil’ somethin’ somethin’. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 @ 3 PM PST is the cut off for submissions. Subject line: 30K Must include your full information. (No write backs today.)

So if you haven’t already, go “like” them on Facebook, then send Pistachio Queen a message by following the directions above and hopefully that will get you a lil’ somethin’ somethin’! :)

(Thanks, Wheel ‘N Deal Mama!)

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