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Mar 21 2011
6 years ago
3:08 PM MST

How Do YOU Save on Adult Beverages?!

Mar 21, 2011 @ 3:08 PM MST
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(*NOTE: This post is intended for Hipsters ages 21 and above.)

With warmer weather on the horizon, I am ready to fill up my propane tank, grab the hot dogs and chips, and invite the neighbors over for a BBQ. While I usually have Capri-suns and lemonade for the kiddos, I personally prefer margaritas (on the rocks with fresh lime) or mojitos while my hubby loves a good summer ale (or a Corona light when he is watching his waist-line ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Although you can definitely save money by making your own cocktail mixes (which I will be showing you how to do in an upcoming “Cooking with Collin” post!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ), it is very rare to find coupons and deals on liquor, wine and beer.

Check out this email that I received from reader, Krystal…

With the economy, we have turned to in-home entertaining. While it is nice to go out with friends for drinks, it gets pricey fast. I’ve never seen any information on any coupon or savings blog about how to purchase alcohol more cheaply without sacrificing quality. Mixers like juices go on sale often enough to get cheap or free, and wine goes on sale occasionally at my grocery stores, but I am wondering how to purchase liquor at a better rate. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

So, in an effort to give you the best money-saving tips, I sent my sister, Bryn, off to the liquor store to investigate (and if you knew my sis, you would get a good laugh out of this as she rarely drinks and has literally set foot in a liquor store a handful of times in her entire life). I am just laughing as I type this thinkin’ of her chatting with the clerk.

“Hip” Tips to Help You Save at the Liquor Store

(1) Browse the aisles and keep your eyes peeled for rebates. In one liquor store alone, she found over 20 different rebates.

(2) Check out the stickered prices to see if the cost per ounce is displayed. This will allow you to compare two different sizes of the same product to see if it is really cheaper to purchase the larger size.

(3) Consider purchasing the tiny liquor bottles… this is a great way to save if you are only planning on making 1-2 drinks AND is a great way to try out several different brands before investing in a large bottle. All of the bottles pictured above were priced at $1.25 or less! (Need a creative activity for an adult party? Consider stuffing a pinata with little bottles of alcohol! …And make sure they’re plastic! LOL! :D).

(4) Buy American! Although many of you may prefer the taste of foreign liquors, consider the fact that you are usually paying an extra $8-$10 per bottle in shipping costs for liquor from another country! Yikes!

(5) Talk to the employees at your local liquor store. When visiting with one of the liquor store employees, my sister discovered that there was a recent rebate offer that actually allowed you to make money!!ย  The rebate that was previously available was a $15 mail-in rebate offer when you purchase 1 Sauza Original Margarita. As you can see from the picture above, the Sauza margarita was priced at just $12.95 making this rebate offer a $2+ moneymaker!

So…how about you? Do you have any tips or suggestions? Please share them with us below.

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