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Groupon: *HOT!* $15 eBay Gift Card for Only $7

9:16 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Wow! I have not seen a Groupon deal for eBay before! Currently, you can head on over here to purchase a $15 eBay gift card for ONLY $7 – which is an awesome deal considering the already sweet deals you can score on eBay! And don’t forget that you can purchase coupons on eBay too… so this is a great way to save in that area! Also, this $15 credit CAN in fact be applied towards tax and shipping! :)

Fine Print: Limit 1 per person. Limit 1 per order. Valid only on in the U.S. Must have a registered eBay and PayPal account. Credit card info may be required at checkout. Not valid towards service fees. No cash back. May apply value toward tax & shipping. May use over multiple visits.

(Thanks, Savings Impulse!)

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  • Twinkies25 says:

    Sorry to bother but I have $10 amazon code that I would love to swap for a YT and YJ codes, if you would like to swap please email at

    need to buy diapers for twins =]

  • Sue says:

    This is what I did for Ebates. I think that it worked. First I went to the link provided bi Collin. I then highlighted and copied everything starting with deals/ebay

    Then I went to Ebates and searched for Groupon. I then clicked on “See All Results”.
    When that came up, I clicked on “Shop Now” at the first link.
    When I got to Groupon, I backspaced out everything in the address bar after groupon(dot)com and pasted the rest of the link. It took me right to it.

  • Johanna says:

    For all of you looking to spend your gift card on coupons, check out my eBay deals under username jdean7088

  • Shannon says:

    SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!! I order coupons from Ebay all the time!

  • Lydia says:

    I haven’t purchased a Groupon before. Am I understanding that even thought his deal is supposedly on for another 2 day they may end it sooner- as in they have a certain amount available and we don’t know how many.


    • Shannon says:

      That is possible that they may “run out” of Groupons. Some companies limit how many they want to sell. I would imagine eBay would have to know this is a HOT Groupon, if they were willing to put it out for so many days! I was surprised with how many days, usually Groupons just last for one day. I LOVE GROUPON – always a good experience.

  • Holly says:

    Thanks, Collin! And thank you to everyone who patiently explained how to get SB in conjunction with this deal!

  • gamblegirl says:

    nikkiheat has some good coupon deals on EBAY

  • Nikki says:

    I just bought this deal via Swagbucks and it instantly credited. I just typed /ebay after the deals portion of the url and it worked.

  • Kathy says:

    The copy and paste Elizabeth posted worked like a charm….I got the 160 SB with no problem!!!

  • Donna says:

    I am at work and i cant go through the link…..would anybody be able to go through the link and cut and paste it so that I can manually put it in? I would like to get in on the deal before its gone :)

    Thank you!

  • Jessica says:

    I can’t find this deal? Can someone give me the link to it please. Thanks

  • zinkemomx2 says:

    I so wanted to do this through Swag Bucks. Unfortunately, all I have available in my Daily Deals are Mertado and there are NO Groupon offers in my Special Offers TrialPay. I guess this one is not for me today.

    • Kelly T says:

      Read all the comments.

      • zinkemomx2 says:

        I’ve read everything twice. The problem is I live in Northern Michigan and SB never has Groupon offers available for me. The only ones I ever see are when they post them on the main SB page. There are 130 special offers in my TrialPay and not one of them are from Groupon.

        • Sara says:

          Yes, Zink, I finally figured that out too, I went to a different website and got the answer there, I am in MN and have no Groupon offers in my SB, I went through every single page of the Trialpay offers and nothing for me.

  • Katie says:

    So I’m a little confused as to how this Groupon thing works. I signed up for it, but am I only eligible to purchase deals that are listed in my area? I suppose my area would be either Washington DC or Harrisburg, PA, as I live in the western part of Maryland. This ebay deal is listed as Santa Clarita, or something like that, but when I pull up deals in my area, it is not an option. Can someone please explain to me how this works? Thanks!

    • Amy G says:

      Most Groupons are local but some are national. You choose your “home” city but you can view and purchase other cities’ deals too, just make sure you read the fine print. Sometimes there are local deals for national chains that are only valid in certain locations.

  • kbmum says:

    I purchased this earlier this morning and still don’t have a confirmation e-mail or the eBay code listed on my Groupon account. I then went through Swagbucks, thinking my first order didn’t go through. The new purchase isn’t showing up, either, and I didn’t receive 160 SB. I’m getting really fed up right now.

    • Katie says:

      KBMum- I actually had to call Groupon because I never received a confirmation of my purchase either….. the rep said that it has put the site on “spike mode” (whatever that means), which is causing the confirmation delay. Also I’m waiting on my “You +2” link so I can get two friends to buy, and then get mine for free…. but like the previous good promotion I bought, I never got the confirmation (no in spam folder either), and then then sent me my “You +2” link after the promo ended. Extremely frustrating.

      • kbmum says:

        The first one I purchase went through. I received the confirmation a little while ago, six or seven hours after I placed the order. I’m relieved.

  • Elena says:

    Thanks Elizabeth! I did what you posted and got the deal plus my 160 swagbucks.

  • Laura C says:

    Thank you Elizabeth at comment 2.2.3 – your directions worked perfectly and I got the 160 Swagbucks immediately. What a great deal!

  • Hip2Saver says:

    it’s showing completed under the support section…so I’ll give them a day and then I’ll contact them…so much for immediate…

  • Allison says:

    Just received my email with the $15 code!! Whooowhooo!!

    And don’t forget, today is DOUBLE eBAY BUCKS on ebay, today only! If you are earning eBay bucks, the earning period ends March 31!!

    I am off to shop!! ;) Thanks Collin for posting this awesome deal!!

  • lu says:

    Does anyone know if the groupon bucks can be used towards this, i have a $10 amount that i wanted to put towards this deal, but when i clik buy its saying that i owe $7 and asking for card info.. anyone use a giftcard towards this deal? thanks

  • Allison says:

    I’m not sure why all the frustration some are feeling. I have never used Groupons before… but I simply clicked on Collin’s link this morning when it was first posted… filled out the form (yes, password, CC number which I used Paypal card) hit Submit and waited. I didn’t receive a confirmation email from Groupons, I didn’t receive a Paypal receipt like I have for my other thousand of transaction. I didn’t fret or stew… just waited.

    And taa–daaaa… the email arrived a few hours later with the $15 code. Very easy transaction.

  • Julieanne28 says:

    Thanks for the deal! I love Ebay (buy & sell) and I am watching a few things for my son’s room this will really help!

  • Tabatha says:

    does anyone know where on sb to link onto for the points

  • happy1038 says:

    I just received my confirmation email to print my gift certificate for $15 yay!! Can’t use it til tomorrow though so guess I won’t get to apply this to my double ebay bucks today but def not complaining about this one :)

    • Orman says:

      when will i receive the email, groupon now does not show processing anymore, will i be getting an email later today?

      nevermind got it….

  • MichelleM says:

    *** Ok I have some information for those who were wondering about buying multiples with your hubby’s or an alternate account (like myself)…. ***

    I just talked to eBay online support chat for the past 15 minutes! For those who wanted to know if you can buy another groupon from your hubby’s account, but you share an eBay account, they said both will NOT work. He would have to have his own, separate ebay account,.The lady specifically said the groupon ONLY works for the account it was purchased from, and it cannot be transferred, etc… so, apparently it wont work according to her reply. :\

  • aysha says:

    i tried elizabeths instructions, and it wentt hrough trial pay and everything, but stil no swagbucks were awarded, im hoping by the time i get my groupon via email then they will post…but lets see. either way, its a great deal.

  • aysha says:

    Actually, it justttt posted! SWEEET!

  • Steph says:

    Can’t get my purchase to go through. It says there is an error with your order–see messages below. But there are no messages below. Trying to find Groupon’s # to do it over the phone, but their site isn’t loading…

  • Angela D. says:

    Ok, just got home from work did ya’ll do the swagbuck deal for this? I must be overlooking the instructions in the comments!

    • Angela D. says:

      NM, all this time I never saw the “older comments” link lol..I feel so dumb right now..did the deal and already got my waiting on the email with my ebay code lol…thanks Colin!!

  • Jenny says:

    All of these comments are blowin’ my mind right now. You ladies are incredible at all of this!

  • Victoria says:

    Do you have to live in the Willimington area to get this deal?

    • aysha says:

      no you can live anywhere…just click on the link posted above. it will take you there.
      also, elizabeths instructions were kind of confusing for me…so i did open 2 tabs, one for collins link and one i clicked on the Swagbucks toolbar where it says “earn>Daily deals>(look for a Groupon deal)>(led me through Trialpay site to groupon)”
      then the confusing part came along…i highlighted, in collins link, ONLY THIS PART
      and replaced it in the Trial pay link…you have to sort of guess what set of letters and symbols in the trialpay link to replace, because you dont replace the entire thing with a copy and paste. i had to play around a few times before getting it correct. i paid and was rewarded the 160 swagbucks.

  • Sally Leigh says:

    So, does anyone know if you have to have the same eMail used for your Groupons account as is used for your eBay account in order for the GC to work in eBay? Once upon a time, my boss purchased me an eBay gift card for Christmas and used my work eMail, since that was the one she knew about. When I tried to use it in eBay, I couldn’t because that wasn’t the personal eMail I had linked to my eBay account.
    I pretty much use my eBay eMail for eBay alone, and it definitely wasn’t the eMail I used to sign up with Groupon. I don’t want to do this deal if it’s going to give me problems like that. So could anyone who has done the full deal all the way through and has a different eMail at eBay than they do at Groupon tell me if it worked for them?? Thanks ever so!

  • Charlotte Stacie says:

    This is the best deal ever. Buy a bunch, then go to ebay to buy store gift cards. Basically you are getting more than 50% off the store cards!

  • Matt says:

    I bought, but i’m from Croatia, and know i’m having troubles using it.

    When i’m on ebay, i enter code and it applies and price is 15$ less. But when i proceed to Paypal, it removes coupon, and says X-1654: Gift certificate not valid.


    If i don’t suceed guess i’ll have to give it away to someone or exchange it for some other gift certificate.

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