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  • Lindsay says:

    Thank you, Collin!

  • karen says:

    zip 90210

  • Beth says:

    Hm, I’ll have to check it out! Maybe this will help with my 21 month old’s iron issues.

    PS: Got my sample of Nestle Nido today too.

    • vikky says:

      my little one had a long time iron deficiency. His pediatrician gave us iron supplements alone for a while,but it didn’t help. Then i found Floradix Iron + Herbs in Whole Food MArket it worked like a miracle. If your little one is old enough i would recommend it. Sure enough ask your pediatrician…

  • Irene says:

    I use this with my 2 toddlers, this is expensive, so I lOVE this coupon, yesterday I got 2 of this cans at babies r us and they have a 4 off coupon when you buy 2 large cans, they are 18.99 each, and I use (2) 5 off and (1) 4 off, if you don’t have the babies r us coupon ask the cashier, they usually will keep some at the registers, not too bad for enfagrow

    • Melissa says:

      my daughter is 23 months now but stopped formula at 12 months, do you think it would be fine to start adding a little of this to her diet? Im sure you know what I mean when their little appetites change almost daily, i always worry shes not getting enough vitamins. (obviously Im going to check with her pedi too) but just curious why you started your toddlers on it and when,

      • Irene says:

        I started using this after the baby formula, they have an allergy to cows milk, (but for some reason this one is fine) , I am just a lil worry about their weight and diet, (they don’t eat any meat ( I cant make them eat it), and I get a lil worry about it, so I try to give them the best I can, the pedi told me not to get to worry about it, that soy, almond or goat will be fine too, but this one really works for us, and I feel a lil better, If I don’t have enfagrow, I like to use goat milk, ask your pedi, but I really really like this especially the vanilla flavor ;)

  • Clair Jordan says:

    I have a $5 off and a $3 off Similac that expires 5/31/11 if anyone wants them let me know

  • Caitlin says:

    I have never seen this formula for less than $15. That being said, you can use the coupons along with the manufacturer checks. I bought a can of it for my son using a previous $5 coupon and a $12 manufacturer check and got it for around 99 cents.

    • Ezra's Mom says:

      How do you get Manufacturers checks?

    • RH says:

      Can you use a coupon with a manu check? Every time I use one of those checks, the cashier acts like she has never seen one.

      • Caitlin says:

        You should be able to. The checks are supposed to be processed just like a check or even like cash. You shouldn’t have a problem using the two together.

        • Mrs.Hall says:

          I use both checks with manufacturer at Target. I once even used a Manufacturer coupon and a Target coupon and then the check. They told me they were all different forms of payment so I could! Ended up getting a big can for like .98 :)

  • sunnysky says:

    that’s weird…i can only print one??

  • Chrissie says:

    Thank you, Collin! I JUST started my son on this formula!

  • Jess says:

    Does anyone happen to have any extra $2/1 Olay facial cleanser coupons?? I can trade!! Let me know what you need.. Thanks in advance!!! I just paid full price at the store but would LOVE to take it back in and do a missed coupon on it. Email me at bradfieldfamily@ g m a i

  • nina says:

    I can’t get one to print at all. I see it though lol. darn it.

  • ellekd says:

    As posted above, if anyone could give info on how you can receive the manufacturer’s checks/rebates or whatever i would greatly appreciate the reply. I have inquired before but don’t get a response. Is there not much known about it? thanks in advance

    • Michelle says:

      Hi there! You’d need to sign up on the manufacturer’s website – Enfamil. They send them out from time to time.

    • Heather L. says:

      To get the checks for enfamil or enfagrow you need to go to the enfamil website and sign up for enfamil family beginnings. I signed up and didn’t see anything for a long time so I called their customer service and they quickly sent me coupons as well as set me up to receive some of the enfamil checks. I have probably only received two of them but at $5 off a piece they are worth it!

  • sallie0710 says:

    Thanks! This is awesome. My son is 18 months and we use this at night as his last ‘treat’ before bed! To get the manufacture’s checks, go to and sign up there. You will also get some samples!

  • sallie0710 says:

    Thanks! I use this for my 18 month old son. We give it to him at night as a ‘treat’ right before bed. To get the manufactures coupons go to and sign up. You’ll get samples too!

  • amanda says:

    @IRENE, Please email me if you want some $5.00 Enfagrow checks that I have. those can be used in conjunction with the babies r us coupons AND a manufacturer coupon. If you aren’t able to email me by tonight (Friday) then I will offer them to someone else.

    Wifenmom3@ gmaildotcom ( PLEASE ONLY IRENE EMAIL ME) Thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    I guess they are gone. Tried 90210.. nothing. :(
    This is the only thing my 16 month old will drink. She doesn’t like the taste of whole milk.

  • Nikki J says:

    I got my Nido today!!!!! Thanks Collin!

  • dealsnfreebie says:

    im not sure if im correct but i think it can be combined with babies r us offer $5 free giftcard if u spent $50 worth on formula. the enfagrow are $18.99 in bru.

    so 18.99 x 3 cans = $56.97 – $15 (enfagrow 5off x 3 coupons) = $41.97 + $5 giftcard credit = $36.97 for 3 cans works out to be $12.32 each

    offer expires 14th april

  • April says:

    Anyone have any other advice to get this coupon? I have used zipcodes 90210, 76544 and 54303 and I don’t see any Enfamil. This is an especially important coupon since I have twins AND my hubby and I are in the Army. We are only being paid half a paycheck so I am going to be on coupon lookout for everything until they decide to pay us again.

    • Renee says:

      I used 90210 and 60031 and couldnt get it to print either. April-its a shame how we treat our military personnel :( sorry to hear about the lack of pay.I have 2 enfagrow toddler checks($5.00 each) u can have if it would help you. Email me at bandr42499 at

  • caseymg says:

    if anyone has regular Enfamil coupons to spare, please let me know. I am down to my last one! They haven’t sent me any checks in a long time :( I have a 7 month old, so we have a ways to go.


  • Erin says:

    You can also combine this coupon with the Walgreens coupon for an additional $2.50 off

  • Stephanie says:

    can anyone tell me why doesn’t work for me? i have tried to print coupons from two different computers, but it won’t do it fore me. it is strage, i install the coupon installer and it says they aren sending them to printer, but it wont print.

    i also does this for coupons, too.
    i know iisn’t my printer… because i printed several test pages…. any ideas?

  • lili says:

    hi all,

    90210 and 75063 is not working for me,still could not find the coupon.Anyone have any more information whereby other zipcode hv these coupon??

    Been waiting for this 5bucks to come along

  • Renee says:

    I am on my 5th baby and I have been receiving the formula “checks” for years but I mostly breast fed so I never used any of the checks…anyway, I got some the other day…I never realized you could use them with a MQ! So, can I use the $5 off ANY size MQ and a $5 check to get a can priced around $10 free??? Am I wrong? Any help would be great! BTW I also just got sent a “try for free” coupon from Similac for formula valued up to $25.99! Sweet!

  • karen says:

    hi april i would like to send you some enfamil MQ’ coupons for $5 off it shows gentlease on the pic but it’s for anykind, I also have some expired MQ’ for $13.85 off on 2 any powder enfamil they are a few weeks old if you want tyhem too and I heard they let military use these up to 3 months expired but i could be wrong my email is kgw1314(dot)
    I have bought these on ebay but i have plenty coupons for now so I would like to share these with You and thank You for Your service to Our Country, It’s horrible what they are doing to Your family, it’s a shame

  • Darla says:

    I tried to print the $5 enfagrow coupon yesterday and it didn’t work now today it is gone. I entered the 90210 zip code and it does not come up. Does anyone know what happened to it and is it over? I have twins so I go thru two cans a week it seems.

    • lili says:

      hi Darla,

      At least u did see it once,i have been tryin for days but yet do not see any of it…so sad…was hoping to stock up….

      Does anyone hv any luck with the zip code?

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