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$0.55/1 Vlasic Relish Coupon (No Size Restriction!)

12:06 PM MST
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Wanna know why I’m doing the happy dance?! Because there is a brand spanking new Vlasic coupon available which means more relish for me! Yep, I am a relish addict. Don’t believe me? Check out this post here.

OK, now back to the coupon. :D Head on over here to print a coupon good for $0.55 off any 1 Vlasic pickle, peppers or relish product (no size restrictions!). This should mean some cheap or free relish!

(Thanks, Lady Savings!)

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  • Chrystal says:

    I also saw the same coupon as a hang tag on some pickle jars last night at Kroger!

    • hsmom says:

      Me too! I even switched my choice from Gedney (The MINNESOTA pickle!) for which I had a store coupon, to Vlasic which had the hangies (and was a better deal). I cannot keep enough pickles in my house. The kids eat them like popcorn.

  • Maggie M. says:

    hahaha I love your excitement over relish! :)

  • princessbooboo says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! My husband puts mountains of relish when he eats hot dogs…

  • Gil says:

    You and your relish-too funny.
    I’ve got a thing for guac right now-been putting it on everything. REALLY like it as a spread on sandwiches.

  • Rafael says:

    Hi! My name is Rafael, an official rep for Vlasic. I just wanted to thank you for sharing our latest coupon, and for being so excited about it too! (It makes me want to do a happy dance of my own.) If you get around to picking up a jar or two, I hope you’ll give one of our recipes a try :) Check them out here: In your case, I think the Grilled Catfish Sandwich with Dill Relish is the one you should try!

  • faith says:

    A few of my foodlions have a machine that is printing out coupons for $.75 off any 1 Vlasic pickle, peppers or relish product (no size restrictions!).

  • franfran says:

    thanks love it!!!

  • Renny says:

    Collin, we love relish, too & I have canned a ton of sweet pickle relish during the past 2 Summers…since you love to cook, maybe you could give it a try!! I can sweet pickle relish, but I’m sure dill would be easy, too!

  • crystal says:

    forget relish i created pickle addicts in my hubby and child. we buy at least 2-3 med jars a month of the pickles. though i love the juice more than the pickles now lol

  • cjs says:

    I went to grab my ‘sweet relish’ in the fridge last night so I can make some tartar sauce….NO SWEET RELISH…so I went to the pantry because I am sure I have an extra jar with all the couponing I do….NO SWEET RELISH…agghhhh! So, I ended up using Bleu Cheese Dressing for Crispy Fish Patties…ugh, SO not the same. Thanks for the coupon!

  • Jenny says:

    My DH is just as crazy over this stuff as you are! LOL!

  • amy c. says:

    Try some dill relish on tacos along with some sour cream. It really intensifies the flavor!

  • Selina says:

    Uh oh…. I think you just started my 1st pregnancy craving…. now I REALLY want some relish! Ack!

  • Beth says:

    Woohoo! Pickled peppers! Best burger ever, pickled peppers, ranch & Swiss cheese.

  • rachel says:

    where is the best deal I need to get a few bottles (4) target or smiths’s , walmart?

  • michelle says:

    I tried to print twice, and while it printed, the only part that printed was Save 55cents and the outline of the box. None of the wording or barcode printed. This is odd and has never happened before, has this happen to anyone else, and know a possible reason or remedy> Thanks

  • SK says:

    At Shoprite these pickles are on sale 2/$4- so I got a jar of pickles for just 90 cents (they double coupons under $1)! I’m so addicted to pickles!!

  • Michelle says:

    Food Lion as Vlassic BOGO, blinkie machine in front of shelf of pickles has .75 off one jar. Relish ends up costing .05 a jar up to Vlassic Gerkins( most expensive at this store)$ 1.00 a jar. This is in Va.

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