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Coffee With Collin: Hip2Help Tour

4:59 PM MST
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I am very excited and honored to tell you all about a special project that I have been working on for the past week or so…

Because we are still in the early planning stages, I thought that it would be more appropriate to share this project with you in a post instead of the typical “Coffee with Collin” video. As you may recall, I posted a survey about 10 days ago to be completed by those of you who live in a community that was recently affected by the tornadoes and floods. I was so moved by all the responses that I received regarding the amount of devastation that your communities were experiencing, which inspired me in a huge way to want to personally help make a difference. With this desire to give back, the Hip2Help Tour was born.

The Hip2Help Tour will involve the Hip2Save team (including 9 kiddos, ages 3-10!) traveling by bus from North Carolina through Georgia and Alabama within an 8 day period from July 3rd-10th. Our goal is to personally provide community service, host donation drives, host community events with music and entertainment + much more! We are also going to be capturing this special trip on video so that all of you readers can be part of the experience.

How Can YOU Help?

* Send FREE (and unexpired) product coupons as well as gift cards to the following address (please remember that we will not be traveling until July 2011, so please only send coupons that will be valid at that time):

Hip2Help Tour
PO Box 8716
Camp Lejeune NC 28547

* Consider mailing personal care/household/toys from your stockpile to the following address (the most needed items are sunscreen, bug spray, diapers, wipes, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, baby wash, first aid supplies, tampons, baby formula, shaving cream, nonperishable food items that do not need to be cooked, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, trash bags, pet food, can openers, batteries):

Hip2Help Tour
PO Box 8716
Camp Lejeune NC 28547

* If you do not want to spend a bunch on postage, consider packing up all of your samples and trial size items and unopened hotel hair care products etc. and mailing them to the address above.

* Stay tuned for a Hip2Help Tour t-shirt; all of the profits from this shirt will be donated to this tour

* If you own/work for a company that may be interested in sponsoring this tour (with free product coupons, donation items etc.), please send an email to Bryn, and she will email you with further information.

If you live in one of the communities mentioned above, I hope to have a chance to personally meet you in July. Stay tuned for additional posts and videos in the coming weeks with further information on the planned events…

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  • Robin says:

    This is great BUT.. you listed a way to help a week or so ago and I sent down a 42 LB box to the the first baptist church in Moody, AL and baby food and Libbys canned fruit directly there from my amazon. I’ll have to search around to see what I can ship to you or get started shopping on amazon, I know I have extra coupons. Does anyone know if amazon will ship to P.O. Boxes and if I USPS will give me the media rate for sending coupons down?

    • Lisa says:

      If you have a ton of coupons, consider sending them in a Priority Mail Flat rate envelope for $4.95. That’s how I mailed my coupons for military overseas. Media rate wouldn’t apply for coupons.

  • BrandyC says:

    I am so excited to be a part of Hip2Help!! It is truly a blessing what you guys are doing!! Can’t wait to meet you and your family!! :)

  • Tammy says:

    I live a few miles from two areas that were hit very hard (East Limestone and Tanner). I think it is great what you are doing to help the people who lost everything they had. You can not imagine the devastation until you see it first hand. My son’s school Blue Springs Elementary had a donation drive a couple of days after the tornados came through and the number of people giving and volunteering was amazing. I took all the body wash, shampoo, deodorant and other samples I received along with items I bought with coupons and was able to donate 6 bags of needed items.

  • Valerie says:

    I was wondering if anyone can give me info on the flat rate boxes from USPS. Do you go in and get the box and pay for it when you bring it back?

    • Allison says:

      Yep! You go in and pick up as many as you need (they are free!) and then you bring them back and pay the postage at the counter. I believe you can also pay the postage on paypal!

      • kay says:

        If you pay the postage online, you get a discount and free delivery confirmation- pay at and you print it out and tape it to the flat rate box. Easy-peesy!

    • Connie says:

      You can actually go onto and order boxes and envelopes directly and have them sent to your home. Free of charge. I hope this helps.

    • Lisa says:

      If you have Paypal, they have a SHIP NOW page where you can put in your address and select your shipping option, they have Priority Flat Rate as an option on there also. You get a slight discount vs. paying in store, and there is free tracking with it. Here is the link:

  • Samantha says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea. I can’t wait to see how it plays out for you and those families in need!

  • Jennifer C says:

    I just got home from the Post Office. My package is on the way! :)

  • Tatyanna says:

    Thank you so much for allowing me and family be a part of the HIp 2 Save Community! My family will be sending coupons and other essentials, AND my employer (a local hospital in MI) has agreed to send some bandaids kits. Please keep us posted on any “wish items” that you are finding your supply may be lacking.

    Hope you got lots of storage space… your cup shall runeth over! God Bless you Collin!

  • ksparkles16 says:

    Collin! What a great idea! I’ll definitely be sending you some items. This is just a suggestion, but maybe after you collect all the items you could take a picture of all of them/take a video? It would be cool to see how much stuff you get. I’m sure that a lot of readers (including myself) will be sending you items. Good luck on your mission!

  • Stacey says:

    Collin, I think what you are doing is great. I have some stuff that I will be getting together to send out for you. I have two questions:
    1. Do you need household cleaning supplies? I have some that I got on one of your right aid deals that I dont think I will be using (Pinesol, Tilex, etc..)
    2. What about childrens clothes? Gently Used? New?

  • Nini says:

    What about pillowcases? I can get some donated from work, but only want to send/pay shipping if it’ll be helpful.

  • Minde Yorchak says:

    What an incredible thing you’re doing! Me and my friend just packed up a big box that will be picked up for shipping tomorrow! Hope it helps, good luck & God bless.

  • kristen says:

    Hi Collin! My family owns a home in Emerald Isle we will be down there the last week of June. I have boxes packed up (about 4 boxes) that I was planning on shipping down to the Tornedo Victims. It would be much easier if I could somehow get them to you while I’m in Emerald Isle, this will save a TON of money in shipping, as these boxes are pretty big. my email is if you think something could be arranged!

  • sun says:

    Hi Collin,

    I think you should do a documentary on the whole process collection, the trip and the delivery of course. Collin, this is a far-fetched idea, but I have put it out there. And I am waiting for a response. I’ll fill you in on it in a bit.

    I was thinking it’s far better to send our stock pile than send coupons. For many reasons. However, the cost of the items to ship esp. the kind that the victims need by nature will be very heavy. I think when it’s all said and done, the shipping will seize to make this cost effective for anyone.

    So, I have this idea to “ride share” the packages. That is, find someone who is looking for riders back to NC, near the base. I looked on Craigslist, and found someone that lives near the base, and is making a trip out to California, and presumably will come back. I am going to see if he is willing to carry packages back to you for the readers who live near his travel route. Like I said, it’s far-fetched, but this is the true Hip2save way. We are more clever than the average bear. I will let you know what he says, if he responds.

  • karen says:

    This is terrific! I wonder if it would be helpful in gathering coupons if we knew what items are on sale in your area. So for example, if there is a certain brand of shampoo on sale, we’d all know we should send those coupons to you. Maybe someone could list (or link to another blog) deals that are running in the grocery stores close to you. I’m in Portland, OR so we may have very different deals running.

  • Diann says:


    I had some things to donate but they have taken a detour. I’m less than 1 hour from Joplin, MO and it was hit by an F5 tornado last night that destroyed 30% of the city and demolished the largest hospital of the 2 there. I’m sending all my items to Joplin hopefully today.

    I really appreciate what you are doing!!

    • Jody says:


      I live in Kansas about 3 hours from Joplin. I would like to donate my items there, but checked with my local Red Cross and Salvation Army and they are only taking monetary donations. Any idea how I can get donate my items to those in Joplin? Thanks for your help!

      • Ryan says:

        @Jody & Diann

        You guys are great, and I’ve gained a grand appreciation for this undertaking over the last few days.

        Our local Red Cross center accepts supply donations, but shipping costs can really put a damper on how much people are able to give, so they usually suggest the website or texting options for donating.

        Here’s the contact info for our local Red Cross center, which was thankfully untouched:

        410 South Jackson Avenue, Joplin, MO 64801-2956
        (417) 624-4411 ‎

      • Diann says:

        I ran into the same issue but found out that one of our local radio stations is starting to collect items today. My daughter’s school is also doing a canned food drive starting today.

        I’m hoping everyone was just scrambling yesterday to get organized. I don’t have money to donate but I have several hundreds of $$ of items from my stockpile to share. I know there are probably lots of other people in this situation too. I know all of us couponers can really make a positive impact.

        Another thought I had was…I’m sure local food pantries may not get as many donations because people will be sending $$ and stuff to Joplin. Unfortunately, that won’t change the needs of others locally…so if we can’t get our donations to Joplin, we can help keep the local help agencies going too!

  • Karen S. says:

    Have a TON of products and things to donate! Even had another lady in line ask if I was shopping for the whole neighborhood and when I said I was donating these things for the Hip2Help tour, she asked for my email addy so she could put together a box of things to send as well!

    • Karen S. says:

      I’d also like to add that my son’s preschool is putting together a spur-of-the-moment donation drive to help too. You’ll be sure to get a big donation from Lancaster county Pennsylvania!

    • ksparkles16 says:

      that’s really cool! Happy to see you got someone else in to donate! looks like we will all donate a lot!

  • Jody Tucker says:

    Sending a box of love to Hip2Help today from Vista, CA! Great idea, H2S!!!

  • cherryreidenbach says:

    If you are interested, my business Cherry’s Delight, creates tshirts, aprons, all sorts of items that you would be able to sell. I would be willing to do at my cost for this project.

    I believe in giving back. We adopted a platoon of 20 in Afghanistan, and during their year-long deployment was able to send them thousands of dollars of needed items for free from couponing. I would love to help you.

    To see what I do, check out my Facebook page Cherry’s Delight LLC and my Facebook Group Cherry’s Delight (101st Airborne Group). Let me know what I can do to help you.

  • Tiffany says:

    This is amazing. Best of luck and may God give you safe travel.

  • Heather says:

    Hi collin…I live 5 minutes from one of the hardest hit areas in Ringgold, GA. We have already been able to donate so much stuff thanks to the money we saved on items that we learn about from your site. I am very interested in helping however you may need help when you guys come through. I am already starting to collect items to bring you when you guys are in the area, but whatever you might need help with while you are here I can do for you. I also have a company that makes boutique style items for little girls and would be happy to donate several items to be either auctioned or raffled or whatever you need. Just let me know how I can help with this. Thanks so much, you are awesome!

  • KATE says:

    Are all sizes of donations welcome??? I have a really small stockpile but have managed to put together a box of deodrant (10) toothbrushes( 6) and toothpaste (6) .

  • Angela says:

    I live in the Joplin area in a small town just a few miles down the road from Joplin, MO. I just took a stockpile donation a few hours ago to one of our local drop off sites. They are in great need of toiletries… toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, shampoo, etc. They also need laundry soap badly. If anyone would like to donate, please let me know and I can get you to the right people. This tornado has been worst than anyone can ever imagine. My husband is in town right now with his chainsaw cutting through debris still doing search and rescue. As we are about to be hit again with another tornado, I am getting ready to take my three kids down the road to shelter. Please help us in any way!!!!

    Thank you and God Bless!

    • Amy says:

      Hi. Please let me know where I can send some donations, If you can, post here or I can send you my email addy. I have a box going for Collin too but I’d like to get things to Joplin ASAP as I know the need is great right now.

  • Renee says:

    Collin, I am getting ready to leave with my box full of donations for the Hip2Help tour! I am so proud to be apart of this and think it is a wonderful idea :D I can’t wait for those t-shirts!

  • almadh says:

    Hi Collin and the awesome hip2save community. I live here in Joplin. The tornado is the worst thing I have ever seen. 13 miles of devistation. Many of us here have been working nonstop since it happened to help the healling begin. So far more than 150 lives have been lost, several thousand injured, 20,000 people lost their homes, 4200 school children no longer have a school, and 402 businesses have been destroyed. We are so thankful for the outpooring of support we have received. A couple of things that will be needed in the upcoming weeks and months- cleaning and household supplies (as people begin to find homes) and school supplies/ backpacks for kids when they return to school. A couple of donation sites- Forest Park, College Heights, and Calvary Chapel Church. Those are the ones I know of right off the top of my head. I know there are more. here is a website that might help direct support
    Thank you again for all that you are doing and have done to help our devasted city rebuild.

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