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Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale: Up to 75% Off

12:37 PM MST
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Currently, Bath & Body Works is having their Semi-Annual Yellow sale where you can snag items up to 75% off!  Hip2Save reader Neetha headed to her local store in NV and was able to snag the “Lemon Gelato” 14.5oz scented candles (pictured above) for only $4.87 each (reg. price $19.50)!  Even sweeter, you can use the 20% off $25 purchase coupon found here (through 6/16) or the Free Signature Collection item with ANY purchase coupon found here (through 6/15) for an even better deal!

* Please keep in mind that you may not be able to find the candles at this price at all stores, so you may want to call your local store before heading over there. Come back and let us know what deals you score!

(Thanks, Neetha and The Clever Clipper!)

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  • Latasha says:

    I was able to get the Blueberry Pancake foaming handsoap for $2.50 each. They even had some other scented foaming soaps for $1.25 so I stocked up! I walked out of there with 10 hand soaps, one full size body lotion and some small hand sanitizers for under $25! Love it!

    • lorip1988 says:

      Lovin this sale!! I stocked up on the foaming hand soap as well :o) Can’t beat it for $1.25 each!! VS Semi Sale starts tomorrow…Darn it…now I have to go back to the mall…lol

  • Rachel says:

    My daughter and I went yesturday to check out the sales, there are some great deals to be had!! We got lots of goodies! Definately worth checking out. I might even need to go back!;)

  • Will says:

    Also at check out, check your receipt, there should be a email address and phone number to do a short survey. After completeing the survey it gives you a code to fill in on the receipt to make the receipt a coupon for $10 off of a $30 dollar purchase. With the coupon and sale I was able to get $90 worth of products for just $20. Plus a free travel sized Item. What a deal.

  • Anonymous says:

    On Saturday they had some of their most popular scented lotions on sale for $3.

  • Ana Maria S. says:

    At the store I stopped at they didn’t have any of the hand soaps on sale for less than $2.50 each so I ended up just stocking up on pocket bacs…8 of them for $5 plus a couple of the cute holders to attach to my purse for only 25 cents each :)

  • Jen @ Master the Art of Saving says:

    The mint chocolate ones are my absolute favorite @ Bath & Body Works.

  • ashley says:


    • Whitney says:

      I’m thinking the EXACT same!!

    • Mags B says:

      That’s EXACTLY what I was doing. I keep a “gift box” full of goodies like this throughout the year until Christmas comes around… saves so much money and time in the long run. Then come December, all we have to do is wrap!

  • ashley says:

    wait…the 25% off would make it 20 dollars oop BUT if you spend 20 (before the coupon) and use the free travel size one first ($5) wouldn’t you spend $15? Can you use both like that?

    • Stasia says:

      Only one coupon per transaction

    • Sarah says:

      I don’t think you can do it like that, but you can use two coupons together. I did it the other day and all the time with no problems. I used the $10 off of $40 coupon plus the free travel item and paid $29 OOP for 12 hand soaps and and full bag of other stuff. This is when I stock of for gifts. I always get a body wash and lotion of the same scent to make a gift for someone. They had them $2.30 each for the body washes and lotions and $1.25 for some of the hand soaps. Can’t beat that.

  • Jessica says:

    Does anyone know where to find a $10 off $30 or $10 off $40 online? I am looking for one to print off.

  • Regina D. says:

    Thanks for sharing…I love stocking up for gifts throughout the year and I love their hand soaps myself!

  • Kim says:

    I was able to get 1 mini lotion, 3 handsoaps, 5 big bottles of bodywash and a small candle for under $24! If only I wouldve had some coupons to sweeten it further, but I still believe I did good!

  • Susan says:

    The first semi-annual sale when I worked at BBW was amazing. We got our discount on top of the sale… they stopped it after that time. I got like $280 worth of stuff for like $40… that was a good day and I wasn’t even a bargain hunter yet :)

  • jessica says:

    THANKS20=20% off. Works on any amount until 7/3/2011.

  • Saving@School says:

    This sale is amazing! I went on Saturday with my $10 off $30 purchase coupon from a former reciept, and I got 16 foaming handsoaps and 10 pocketbacs, all for $21!! :D

  • Laura says:

    This sale is awesome! I went there on Saturday and I got 2 foaming hand soaps and my free travel size perfume and only spent $2.70 after tax! I only wish I would have thought to get more before they ran out!

  • anastaciab says:

    thanks so much got 15 soaps, 2 candles, 2 lemon body creams, 3 of the new trial lotions, a pair of the beauty queen wave gloves, 6 scented oils and one of the scent egg things for $50!!

  • Ashley says:

    I found some great deals Friday. Over $200 retail and I paid just over $40. All the ladies Christams shopping is done lol!

  • Nancy says:

    A good way to know of upcoming deals is to sign up for the BBW emails. They sent an email on Friday. I ordered online and had to pay $7.99 for S&H :( I would have canceled my order too but when I got to my store, they had few choices and I went the day the sale started. A lady in front of my in the line had 3 BIG bags full of stuff :)

  • Stormy says:

    I work at BBW part-time and I worked for prep. Thurs. night, for the sale Friday and for the sale Sunday. Each day I’ve seen different items go out. So…you may want to keep checking back. For example, we had tons of 75% off hand soap Friday and none were there went I went in yesterday. But, yesterday we had a bunch of Orange Sapphire (to be discontinued) at 75%. You just never know!! It is entirely based upon what each store has in stock and in storage. The only items that all stores get are the $3 classics – you know…plumeria, cotton blossom, sun ripened raspberry, etc. Those go to all stores, but this in the LAST TIME they will be in the stores. Not back in January. So, unless you want to order them online in the future, get them now.
    You may want to shop a variety of stores if there is more than one by you – you just never know what inventory they were holding onto for this sale!
    Sorry – just wanted to give you some info – just to share!!

    • yangzi says:

      Thank you, Stormy for inside scoop! I stopped by at downtown store yesterday and got bunch of coconut body wash, coconut lotion and forming hand soaps for 75% off! I am done Christmas shopping for ladies in my family! :D Now, I will go to another store at the mall tomorrow (for me)!

  • calipenn says:

    I got 10 handsoaps, a shower sponge and 2 double packs of wallflower refills which came to about $31. Then I used my $10 off $30 I always get on the bottom of my receipt for doing the survey. So it was $21. Awesome deal!

  • Jennifer C. says:

    You can also use coupon code THANKS20 to get 20% off with having to spend $25 or more!!!

  • Deanna says:

    I went today and used a $10/$30 Q from a previous purchase survey and got some great deals! Got some of the $20 candles for $3.31 and hand soap for $.85! Also got some body spray for $1.19$2.04 and the Scenteggs for $1.70. All in all i got $114.00 worth of stuff for $21.24! =)

    • nicole says:

      OMG! seriously? those prices seems so ridiculously crazy!!! in a good way =)
      where are u located? just curious…where b&bw sale is so amazing.

  • Meghan E. says:

    I just got 8 mini hand sanitizers (8 for $5 or .62 & .63 ea) and 2 hand soaps ($2.50 ea) for a total of $11.28. I wanted more hand soap but I know the $3 ea sale is tomorrow (?) so I will go back since I have 5 of the $10 off $30 q’s from prior purchases – I could not get up to $30 today – I am only buying what I need. (boring, I know). I love the surveys on their receipts, I don’t think I have shopped without one in years.

  • Meg says:

    Does anyone know when the fall/winter semi annual sale will be?

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