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Coffee with Collin: Extreme Coupon (the Un-Extreme Way at Walmart)

4:35 PM MST
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First off, I apologize for not posting this Coffee with Collin video yesterday (planning for the Hip2Help Tour is literally taking up every free moment of my time). Anyway, today’s video takes you shopping with me at Walmart where you’ll see that my transactions don’t always go smoothly…

* Closed Captioning is now available on select videos! To use this feature, click the play button above and then click on the CC button. (A big thanks to reader, Courtney, for transcribing this video!)

** If you can’t see the video, go here to watch it.

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  • Lisa says:

    Good story….I also am so tired of dealing with management that makes up their own “coupon use” rules. I am for ever contacting corporate or district to educate the management on their companies coupon policies.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was at walmart the other day trying to redeem my free Zyrtec

  • elizabeth says:

    Are your Glasses made by Tom ford?

  • Beth says:

    ‘Can you imagine going in a store without coffee. I mean, seriously?!’

    Love it!!

  • Jim says:

    Thank you, Collin, for helping us all know that sometimes even if we’re right, the timing isn’t right to debate an issue. I wish I could have seen your face when the manager was explaining the value of the coupon meaning over $1.00! I bet your jaw dropped and looked around for a candid camera! lol
    Regarding cashiers who just don’t get it and require management assistance for coupons.. they are a pia to their managers too.
    Love the videos.. keep up the great work!

  • Mj says:

    I was at cvs today and I ve brought coupon 4 free new small Lipton
    Gosh the look I’ve got from cashier ,then she run 2 menagerie ask if I can get free tea
    She hated the fact I got it free exactly as Collin says there is something about getting stuff 4 free they hate…..
    And then I gave her that leaf thing 2 her hand and she did not scan it…forgot…its only 0.25 cents but still….at least she could say sorry …..
    Overall very unpleasant experience ,,,
    Love this episode ….Collin is so pretty and. Hip !!!!!!

  • Cathy says:


    I appreciate all you do to helping people about couponing and great deal notifications. I am deaf and wished I understand what is being said on your videos, especially that one at walmart today. I wondered what had happened when manager came to the cashier.

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Tia says:

    I love how normal your videos are! This is a normal shopping trip for me, not super duper extreme. I really do appreciate the effort and time you put into these videos (and all your helpers!) Thank you so much. And nice to know that even a pro has trouble like the rest of us! Thank you again!

  • Wendy says:

    I am positive the manager was mistaken and thought that it meant that the coupon was good for one thing for a $1.00, not knowing fractions and seeing it means 1/100 of a cent!

  • Diane O says:

    yeah, i decide not to shop at one local walmart because managers make up their own coupon rules.. EVEN having a coupon policy in hand! i complained to them through their corporate number and even got the store manager to call me back and talk to me about what had happened. they told me that I WAS RIGHT and that they can’t be making up their own policies, that EVERY store has to follow CORPORATE policies no matter what! supposedly the cashier and that particular manager were going to be “re-trained” and given the accurate coupon policy to sign & acknowledge that they understood it.. i avoid that store like the plague!!

  • Carlitasway says:

    Collin its so tue about cashiers with the coupons….the really hav a problem whenyou get merchandise at no cost….geesh! Have a great day! :-)

  • Dee says:

    Very good video. I do have a question though about overage. I know that some stores do not allow overage, but accep coupons that are higher in value than the item. What they basically do is “downgrade” the coupon to the maximum value of the item. Isn’t this considered FRAUD since they are going to redeem the coupon to the manufacturer for the face value plus handling hen they dindn’t even give the customer face value? I say they need to either reject coupons higher in value or give the face value.

    • fairydust says:

      I’m not Collin, but my answer to your question is “yes” what they’re doing by rounding down then submitting the coupon for its full face value to the manufacturer is fraud. I don’t understand why some stores think that’s okay to do. It amazes me that Target actually puts that in a published policy – I would think the manufacturers would be kind of upset about it…

  • Laura says:

    Does Walmart price-match items that are on sale with a CVS card? (like if the ad for CVS says “price with card”)?

    • joy says:

      I would say yes because all of the CVS deals require the use of the CVS card. In the video Collin purchased the .88 Pepsi from the CVS ad and price matched at Wal-mart. I just don’t think you could price match something that is from CVS which requires earning CVS bucks. For example: Purchase Crest Toothpaste 2.79 get 2.00 in ECB = .79. In that case you could not price match the toothpaste at wal-mart for .79. I hope that makes sense.

  • angie says:

    Wow, how surprising that you had a coupon issue at Walmart. I never ever have a store comb over and scrutinize my coupons like Walmart does. Target doesn’t even look at my coupons, just grabs the stack and starts scanning. Walmart will lay each coupon out on the counter, read and reread EVERY one and pick out the ones that they think they can’t use (usually ‘like’ coupons, they always think one is a copy) and it ALWAYS ends up with the manager coming over and doing the same thing, and it ALWAYS turns out that I can’t use some of them, because I am not going to argue with them. Then I run over to Target or any other store on the face of the planet and use the coupons with ease that Walmart says I can’t use. So, I will not step foot into Walmart anymore. Who has that kind of time? So worth it if I have to spend a little extra.

    • Laura says:

      It obviously depends on which store you go to. My local Walmart is super coupon friendly…just scans them and yet the cashiers at Target look over them.

      • Anon says:

        As a Target employee, we are required to look at the coupons to be sure they are for the correct product, not expired and the amount does not go over the price of the item. Other than that, we are able to push them through when they beep. I am a couponer, but also must adhere to my work policy. I think that is fair.

  • Dianne says:

    Awesome video from your trip to Walmart. I found it so educational and comforting that you the expert also have to educate as you shop. Cashiers can be intimidating when they look at you with the stack of coupons and as newbie I sweat as I approach them!

    Thanks for your insight and this great sight. My sisters and I are working through this process and always find your site so helpful, educational and fun.

  • Lorea says:

    I really have a hard time at Walmart EVERY time I go there. The cashiers are not very educated on the coupon policy and the managers seem to make things up as they go. I just can’t bring myself to shop there anymore. I’ve definitely had problems trying to purchase trial size items with coupons. The cashiers always treat me like I’m stealing or something!! It’s just outrageous. The company gets that money back from the coupon so why do I have to be treated like a criminal??

  • Lorea says:

    Oh and I wanted to add, Great job on the video! :)

  • Leslie Hastings says:

    Love these videos! Thanks for the time and effort you put into this!

  • TD says:

    i want your dress, i Love it…where did you get it?? thanks for another great video!

  • Fru-gal says:

    Hi Coline! I love you did this WalMart Video that I am super encouraged to visit my local walmart with few flyers for price matching! You are so articulate and brave to stand up to those mean managers :) I am not really good with arguing,so most of the time I just drop it and not buy the product. Can’t wait to hear about the dial body wash!!!

    Thanks for your fun helpful video!

  • Melinda says:

    I had an issue with the Taco Bell special. Did you know there was a limit on the Crunch Wrap Supreme specials? They were quite ugly with me saying that was Corporate.

    • Nicole says:

      Hi! I work at a Taco Bell and there is a limit on the cruchwrap supremes that we are only allowed to ring up two per transaction but most of the locations that I know about (including the one I work at) will do as many as you want just will have to do multiple transactions. My husband even went to one that is owned by a different franchise yesterday while he was an hour from our house and they let him do 2 transactions.

    • Olivia Davis says:

      The limit is stated on the promo sign.

  • Nicole says:

    I called the two Walmarts in my area and strangely one of them accepts Big Lots ads and the other doesn’t.

    I live in Jacksonville, NC. The Yopp rd one does not price match to Big Lots but the Marine Blvd one does.

  • Connie3782 says:

    Just curious….what website did you find the “fine print information history / clarification”? I would like to have that in my coupon policy binder too!!!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hoang Van Nguyen says:

    awesome trip. Thanks for showing your experience. I have this issue a lot when the managers make up their coupon policy and not letting you use the coupon in a right way. Like at CVS, i bought the Zyrtec 5 ct for $5.99 and i used free coupon but when the print gave me back $5.99, the cashier tore my Extra bucks and she said that i got it for free so i can’t get the extra buck. I argued with her and the manager came and he saidthe same thing. All i said was what the heck. I’m new to this country so my ENglish is not perfect to argue with them but i feel so disappointed in myself when thi happened. In this economy situation, i just want to save some money by using coupons. I agree that some managers are so mean

    • fairydust says:

      That’s awful! The whole reason I got the Zyrtec at CVS this week was to get the $5.99 ECB for free by using the “free” mailed coupon. That lady was wrong. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience!

    • crystal says:

      i would call corporate. but if your english isn’t so great, write them an email. that was wrong! good thing it wasn’t me because i would have blown a fit!

    • Bonnie says:

      I am so sorry that happened to you! It can be so disappointing when things don’t work out the way we hope they will. Do not give up though! You can still save lots of money!

  • trailmama says:

    i hate it when cashiers tear up my coupons! i have had that happen before!!

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s COUpon (as in coo-pon), not CUEpon. That is one of my biggest pet peeves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow! I say “cuepon” too and I also call them “q’s” not “coo’s”….who cares???? Here’s a newsflash…things are pronounced differently all over the country depending on what region you are from.

    • Sarah says:

      Actually both pronunciations are correct :) If you look it up in a dictionary it will show both ways. Same with syrup, lol.

      • MA says:

        The things we learn as we go along in life. Makes it interesting. :-)

      • Carrie says:

        There’s more than one way to say syrup? I say “sear-up”. Maybe some say “sir-up”? This is too funny…I just asked my husband what the brown stuff is that you pour on pancakes and he and I say it differently! I had never noticed. Who cares as long as we can laugh at ourselves, right?!

        • Anonymous says:

          Regional distinction, dialect, or whatever the reason for the pronunciation differences, I think it makes one sound uneducated to say “cue-pon.” “Newsflash”-everyone is entitled to their opinion.

          • Carrie says:

            Wow “Anonymous”……here’s a tip ~ Don’t watch Collin if you can’t stand it. Personally, I think Collin is a hoot and love her attitude AND the way she says CUEpon. (Collin..I totally say it that way too!)

    • Andromeda26 says:

      Too funny! One of my biggest pet peeves is how you pronounce it. I was actually getting after my husband the other day because he says it that way too. I know both are acceptable, but I said to him that if we were meant to say “ooh” it should be spelled c-o-o-p-o-n. I just simply choose to pronounce the “u” that’s there. :)

  • imiss says:

    another great video, thanks for the tips

  • Tracy says:

    You also have to remember that Walmart treats their empolyees like crap, especially women employess. Alot of them are afriad they are going to lose their jobs. And most of them need that job. They are afraid of being fired so they don’t want to do anything to get into trouble. It’s very sad :( Most of their employees make minuim wage and are on assisants from the state for insurance and food. So they need their jobs. Sad the largest company in America treats their empolyees so bad!!! They are making billions of $$$$$$$$$$ and we the tax payers are paying for Walmarts empolyees insurance and food stamps. I just can’t bring myself to shop there!!!!

    • Anne says:

      Tracy…..EXCUSE ME! Do you work for Walmart? I DO! I am NOT paid minimun wage….nor am I treated like crap. When I started there I was paid WAY more than minimum wage….. I am a woman too! Wow! I am NOT on food stamps, although it seems like EVERYBODY ELSE in the world is. I check out fellow employees ALL THE TIME and they are not on food stamps. I pay FOR MY OWN INSURANCE….Thank You very much! How’s about you take some of your coupons and stuff them in your mouth so that you don’t talk about something you know nothing about. Oh, and I really don’t know many people who work ,that don’t “really need” their job….think about THAT stupid comment!

      • Tracy says:

        Well I am happy for you I hope you make lots of $$$$ :) I do not shop there because I support workers getting a living wage and want all people to be treated fair and that includes you :) I was just pointing out my feeling . If you are paid well and treated fair good for you. I will take my coupons to another store like Meijer’s where they make great money and don’t have to pay for their insurance the company provides it! May God bless you and your family!

    • Anne says:

      Oh, and it’s ‘a lot’ not alot….. and assistance….not assisants. Employees…..not empolyees. Minimum…not minuim. Walmart’s not Walmarts. But what do I know, I’m just an afraid, underpaid, female Walmart employee on food stamps! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tracy says:

        Well I am happy for you I hope you make lots of $$$$ I do not shop there because I support workers getting a living wage and want all people to be treated fair and that includes you I was just pointing out my feeling . If you are paid well and treated fair good for you. I will take my coupons to another store like Meijer’s where they make great money and don’t have to pay for their insurance the company provides it! May God bless you and your family!

    • Tracy says:

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      • Anne says:

        What does your great job of copy and paste above have to do with your insulting comment that “Walmart treats their empolyees like crap, especially women employess. Alot of them are afriad they are going to lose their jobs. And most of them need that job. They are afraid of being fired so they don’t want to do anything to get into trouble. It’s very sad Most of their employees make minuim wage and are on assisants from the state for insurance and food. So they need their jobs. Sad the largest company in America treats their empolyees so bad!!! They are making billions of $$$$$$$$$$ and we the tax payers are paying for Walmarts empolyees insurance and food stamps.” ???? Just throw in a God Bless you and your comments are just fine? AGAIN… do you know we are not paid well, but people at Meijer’s make ‘great money’? Free insurance…probably more like they are in a union. Never even heard of that store, but do you work there so you KNOW they are paid ‘great money ‘ as opposed to my ‘non-living’ wage, or is that just a ‘feeling’ too? Oh, but wait….you don’t know how much I make! I really don’t know how I can afford my 300M, Coach and Dooney purses, Movado watch , house and all on the awful pay you say I’m getting…..

    • Carrie says:

      I completely do NOT agree with you Tracy. I worked for Walmart many years ago and they were a great stepping stone in my life. They worked around my school schedule and encouraged me to go to school. I felt I made decent money for having a high school education at the time. I was offered promotions, so they allow smart, productive people to work up the ladder at Walmart. You just may not fit in the category Tracy and with that attitude, I’m not sure it Meijer’s would want you either! Be lucky you even have a job right now Tracy because there are many unemployed people out there.

  • Tammy says:

    I went to Target, Walgreens and Price Chopper today. No problem with my coupons. Love them places! Went to Walmart and once again…a crappy experience. They didn’t want to take the $2.00 coupon for the travel size Dial Body Wash. I even took out the coupon policy. The floor manager or cashier manager (whatever) comes over and says we’ll take it, but I’m going to talk to management about it. After I was done, I went up to her and said I wanted to talk to management. So, she didn’t get the manager, but I’m guessing it was her boss. Her boss says she uses coupons and she always has problems wherever she goes. Yeah, right. Problems? She must be shopping at Walmart! I show her the coupon policy and she doesn’t really care…no one there seems to care. Then they had to give me $3.00 back, because they were so busy telling me I couldn’t use the Dial coupons that they missed 2 of my other coupons. So annoying. I really HATE going there.

  • AMY R says:

    Had similar problems myself. We are a Wal-Mart family- meaning that several family members work for various stores and have for 20+ years so we are sometimes privy to information not made public. First, Wal-Mart is due to drop a new coupon policy in the next few days. I am not sure if there will be any changes or if it will be like what Target just did, but be sure to check it out. Secondly, When a customer has issues like this (and they indeed are right) you should call the home office (1-800-Wal-Mart). Of course be polite, it’s not thier fault. Anyway, if you have a legitimate complaint- home office policy dictates that either they or the store you shop at, are to issue you a gift card usually in the amount of $10. This is public information as I am sure you can see why. But I have done this myself and it does work. Anyway, just food for thought…

    • Niki says:

      I didn’t know you could call Corporate. We live in the Bentonville area, and our Walmart Neighborhood Market has the WORST customer service. I’ve written emails but I”ve never received a reply. (not even an automated reply!!)

  • Ashley says:

    Do you get overage from price matching? Like her pepsi deal, would she get to use that overage?

  • Niki says:

    Hey Collin,
    Thanks for the great video. I think I will give price matching a shot. That might save me a trip to Aldi.
    A few videos back you mentioned that you might do a post on how you stay so trim. I am dying to know your secret! (Is it all the coffee? lol)

  • Clarissa says:

    I actually shop at the exact Wal-Mart and I have gone throught her line a couple of times and everytime she gives me a problem (plus one of the CSMs) I am told NO everytime I have a coupon for overage. Plus, I was told that I couldn’t do mult. trans. Since when did they number the amount of trans? For the other Wal-Mart on Yopp, the manger would not take any of my coupons because it didn’t match the picture, they even told me that the coupon policy I had was wrong that they went by their own policy and it said exactly what the corp. policy said. So I’m confused on that one.

  • kdd4g2 says:

    hey collin!
    i just wanted to firstly thank you for this great website! I am a college student and saving money while living a decent college life is quite a priority for me :) I had gone to walmart today and had a bad experience with one cashier. I had the suave professional coupons (2 of them since I won 2 free products and they were expiring on 6/20/11). I was pretty disappointed when she refused to give me 2 products on one single transaction. She called the manager and he read the fine print and told her to give me the shampoos for free because it said only “one coupon can be used with one purchase,” not one coupon per visit or per transaction. it’s been on my head since then but i am not sure if i did anything wrong. also thanks once again for all the great work you do! :)

  • Bonnie says:

    Hi Collin,
    Thanks for your upbeat attitude while experiencing this twist in your plan! I really admire you for pointing out that, hey, it’s a 97 cent bottle of bodywash. Grand scheme of things; this ain’t nuthin’! I love that you did not get freaked out about this!

    Also, I wanted to point out: you can get a better deal at Rite Aid this week using those $2/1 Dial coupons!!

  • Krystle says:

    Hi, I just want to say thanks for all the time and effort you put into your site! Its really makes my life easier! Your awesome….also wanted to ask where you got your dress? It is so cute! want to get myself one….lol

  • krista says:

    Ok I did my first price matching at Walmart today and it went very smoothly, and I got some free protien bars :) Does anyone know if you price match on a bogo sale can you use a bogo coupon? I’m thinking since rite-aid changed their policy I may be getting those deals at Walmart!

  • Tara says:

    Thanks so much Collin! I’m relatively new in this coupon deal and I’m glad to see that you just don’t just stock up on 100s of cans of free hot sauce and clean off shelves of stores like those on the show Extreme Couponing. I personally find it a little aggravating to watch that all that food needs to go to waste since not all of them donate it. I find your tips very useful and inspiring to see that you can actually get NECESSARY items while saving money.

    We unfortunately do not have a walmart nearby, but does anyone know if Target has the same “rollover” policy where if the coupon goes over it’ll save for the other items? I know my local supermarkets won’t give you better than free.

  • April says:

    Had a great time with my teen daughter at midnight last night as baby sister slept soundly in the Ergo carrier. We price matched and doubled coupons in Walmart till we dropped! They didn’t bat an eye when I told them Kroger’s cheaper price on certain items and they price matched accordingly! They even doubled competitor’s store coupons! Love your video-thanks!

  • Pamela says:

    I am so glad I watched this video. I had a horrible experience at the Commissary and left just like you did to do some research. I am still confused, but I have decided to talk to the director for clarification and how exactly I was treated. I was so discouraged this week, but you are so right in saying some cashiers just dont like when you do well. Thanks!

  • shannon says:

    Thanks so much for this video> I have never really thought about using toiletry coupons for trial size products. I always just try to wait for a sale on a full size one. Great idea!!!

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