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*HOT!* Sunday Newspaper Subscription Deals

4:15 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

If you are looking for a *HOT* deal on a Sunday Newspaper subscription (for coupons, of course!), then you’ll definitely want to check out the deals below (valid for select states only)…


Orlando Sentinel
* Valid for Orange, Seminole, Osceola, West Volusia, North Polk and Lake Counties
* New subscribers can snag a Wednesday-Sunday Home Delivery subscription for only $34.11 for 13 weeks. Even better, each subscription comes with a $10 Publix gift card
* Order up to 4 subscriptions per household; if you order 4 subscriptions, you’ll snag 4 $10 Publix gift cards!
* Click here to purchase


The Idaho State Journal
* Available for delivery to the cities in South Eastern ID: Pocatello, Malad, Preston, etc.
* Month-to-month subscription
* 5 Sunday papers and 1 daily paper (Mon-Fri) delivered every week for $18/month
* Click here to purchase


The Las Vegas Review Journal
* New subscribers pay just $40.50 for 6 months for a daily paper subscription (Monday-Sunday)
* Existing subscribers can snag 26 weeks of a Sunday only paper for just $20
* Click here to purchase


San Diego Union Tribune
* You are signing up for a 20 week subscription to the San Diego Union Tribune Sunday paper.
* New subscribers will pay $20 for 20 weeks
* Current subscribers can get 20 weeks of the Sunday only paper for $10
* Click here to purchase.

Los Angeles Newspaper Group
* Includes the following papers: Long Beach Press-Telegram, Torrance Daily Breeze, and Los Angeles Daily News (Delivery is only available to certain zip codes within the Los Angeles Metro, South Bay & Long Beach Areas and not Orange County. Delivery is also available if you live either IN or AROUND the areas of Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, Inland Valley, San Bernardino or Whittier area).
* New and current subscribers pay $30 for 26 weeks of the Sunday only paper
* Click here to purchase

The Press Enterprise
* Delivery in and around the areas of Inland Empire and Temecula
* New and current subscribers pay $15 for 5 weeks of the Sunday only paper
* Click here to purchase


The Salt Lake Tribune or Desert Morning News
* $20 for 1 year (52 weeks) Sunday only Subscription to either the The Salt Lake Tribune or Desert Morning News –
* Subscribe to the Weekend Edition for an additional $19 for 52 weeks
May purchase up to 2 Salt Lake Tribune and 2 Desert Morning News subscriptions
* Click here to purchase

The Standard Examiner
* Available in Box Elder, Weber, Morgan and Davis counties.
* Month-to-month subscription available (choose from 3 -5 Sunday papers each week)
* Click here to purchase

The Herald-Journal
* Available in Cache and Box Elder counties
* Month-to-month subscription available as detailed below:
3 Sunday papers each week, $15.50/month
4 Sunday papers each week, $17.75/month
5 Sunday papers each week, $19/month
* Click here to purchase

<Last Updated on 3/12/14>

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  • Krystina says:

    I signed up 2 weeks ago for the union tribune same day as I subscribed to LA times. Been getting the LA times for 2 weeks but no union tribune. How long does it take?

  • Sara says:

    I live in CA. I buy the San Fransissco Chronical on sundays. We have another local sunday paper that also contains coupons but not as much as the San Fransissco. How do I know that I will get “ALL” the coupons in the San Diego Union Tribune?

  • RoxAnna Foudray says:

    The Las Vegas Review Journal does not put all the coupon packets in their paper, many of them come on Tuesday/Wednesday with the ads, and I have not been able to get additionals of those. Usually the P&G is in the Sunday paper. Smart Source is sometimes in there. Red Plum only comes in the tuesday mailing.

  • jenny bosse says:

    I wish they had some newspaper deals for maine

  • Crystal says:

    Hi i just moved to North Carolina…I don’t know which paper to get for sunday coupon insert….plz help……:)

  • Alissa says:

    For the coupon inserts that come with your mail. My mail carrier told me that there are tons of extra inserts leftover because they go out as mass mailings, which means there are a ton left over from them being addressed to empty lots, addresses that don’t exist etc etc, some mail carriers if you ask properly will leave you a few extra in with your mail. Not all because I don’t think they’re technically supposed to do that, but the leftovers they take back just get thrown out anyhow.
    Also, I need some good newspaper deals for the nashville area of TN! Please!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I just call the newspaper and ask if they have any promotions for subscriptions. In every place that we have lived, four states, this has worked. When each promotion ends, if I ask, there will often be another to get on. I have never paid full price on my newspaper. Can’t guarantee all places work like that, but it’s worth a try.

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