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Extreme Couponing = Extreme Backlash?

8:51 PM MDT
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Extreme Couponing… has it turned in to a broken record?

Well, all I can say is that it’s definitely a very hot topic. One that even Yahoo Finance highlighted today in this article, which discusses how the show Extreme Couponing is causing Extreme Backlash. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and if you feel the stores in your area are being affected.

As I hope all of you Hip2Saver readers know, Extreme Couponing is not realistic. And really, why the heck would you want it to be? Just think if Extreme Couponing was your life…

You go to bed at night dreaming about the mustard and BBQ sauce that is neatly stacked in your 2 car garage along with 500 packages of toilet paper, 60 bottles of detergent, 500 boxes of cereal and list goes on. When the alarm clock goes off in the morning, you slowly wake up to your hands moving in a cutting motion… and it remind you to get to printin’ and clippin’ those coupons. You run down the stairs not having brushed your hair or teeth… and start the long and tedious process of clipping your piles and piles of coupon inserts thrown all over the house. At about noon, you make your way to the computer to print coupons and order coupons… you don’t ever think about the amount spent to purchase these coupons. They are coupons, they are gold! And finally, after searching the Internet for the plethora of in-store deals to be had, you are off! Fast forward 6 hours and there you are – in the driveway. Your car is packed with bags and bags of…

Now I hope my little message above isn’t coming across that I don’t want you to use coupons. In fact, quite the opposite. Couponing is such an amazing skill to learn. One that has changed my life in such a positive way. That’s why I started this blog – as a way to share just how “Hip” those pieces of paper are. I also hope that I have and continue to emphasis just how important it is that you use coupons correctly. I want you to know how to properly use coupons the way the manufacturer’s intended, how to feel confident and empowered when you get to the register, how to stockpile in an un-extreme way, how to use your couponing talent to give back in a BIG WAY and most of all to just have fun with it and laugh at yourself occasionally!😉

Life is too short to be so focused on these pieces of paper that you forget the whole reason you started clipping them in the first place. And, as I said in this video, if you save 90% on your grocery bill and you are spending the additional 10% on items you don’t need than you really aren’t saving money at all.