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Hip2Help Video Update #3 (+ My Thoughts)

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So, our Hip2Help Tour came to an end on Sunday. It was bittersweet. I definitely felt sad stepping out of that bus… the bus I had called home for the past 8 days. At the same time, I was excited to be able to head to my real home and sleep in my much missed bed.

This tour was an incredible eye opener for me. Life is such a blessing. A blessing we all too often forget is a blessing at all. I am going to make sure to stop and smell the roses… take time each day to really take everything in. Take time to smile, laugh with my kiddos, and spend quality time with my hubby. I have a wonderful life.

Alright, so before posting the 3rd video, I thought you all may be interested in hearing a little bit about how it was traveling in a bus with 9 kiddos and coping with a nasty bug that we all seemed to catch… yes, a total of 21 of us caught this very contagious virus.

I started to feel sick on the night of the 7th and when I woke up on the 8th (at 3:30am due to us having to be in the next town by 9:30am) I knew I was the next victim. I tried to sleep during the long drive and constantly awoke to that horrible nauseous feeling. Once we arrived at the hotel, I could barely walk to our hotel room as the little black dots started to form and dizziness ensued. I literally crawled on the elevator and when I tried to crawl off (according to my husband who was carrying all the luggage) I fainted, hit my head on the elevator door and then threw up all over the carpet in the hotel hallway. Even worse, I threw up right next to a trash can. Yes, it was not fun and pretty embarrassing as all the hotel employees assumed it was a child, but no… just Collin. :)

And on another note, traveling with nine kiddos. Well, it definitely made things very interesting. Yes, we dealt with rambunctious and wild kiddos. We dealt with tears and fits… kicking and screaming. But I don’t regret, for even a second, the decision to bring them.  They saw and they learned so much in each stop we made. They cried and laughed… and loved! They all know, even more so now, that life should never be taken for granted.

Ok, so here’ the 3rd video… and stay tuned for the 4th video soon (and possibly a 5th bloopers video! ;) )!

** If you can’t see the video, go here to watch it.

Written, Directed, Edited and Filmed by Isaac Deitz (

* Did you see the first two Hip2Help Tour videos? check them out here and here!

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58 Hip Readers Commented

  • kitty says:

    bless u for helping out
    BTW i know its not funny but really something like that stuff about how “u fainted with ur hubby holding the luggage and all that happened to you was like out of those comedy movies…lol
    will i hope u feeling better

    i was also sick last month even my little 1 month old baby it was horrible the vomiting even when u have nothing left that stomach of ours just wont stop squeeze from inside which hurts so much.
    anyway good luck with ur tour and get better if ur still sick.

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