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Huggies Rewards: 375 Points for $15 DQ Gift Card

5:00 PM MST
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For all You Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards Program members, if you’ve racked up enough points, you’ll definitely want to head on over to the rewards section! Currently, for only 375 points, you can snatch up a $15 Dairy Queen gift card! Seems like a great deal to me! And who can say no to DQ?! ;)

Have you saved up enough points to redeem this?

(Thank for the heads up, Matt!)

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  • Marissa says:

    If anyone doesn’t collect these points I have would love to get them from you. I feel like I have been saving FOREVER and haven’t gotten very far! Thanks so much :) marissa_rostad@hotmail(dot)com

    • Angela says:

      I hear ya! I’ve been saving these points for probably close to 2 years and I still have yet to redeem them. :( I’m only 42 pts away from this one though, so maybe in another few months, they’ll have another great deal! :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Huggies points program. I have used my points to “buy” a potty seat, snack holder, free diaper & wipe coupons & I’ve even played the games & have won a children’s book & $25!

  • anne says:

    says the site is down for ‘a nap’

  • laura says:

    their site is down right now :(

  • Angela says:

    Yummy! I don’t have enough points but I love DQ! The site is working again, though. I double checked my point balance.

  • Anonymous says:

    Do you not earn points for polls, videos, etc. anymore? I hadn’t been on the website in awhile…

  • Sandra says:

    I have not been able to sign into my account for days. I have codes to enter but I cannot sign in. I’ve even e-mailed them about it but have heard no answer. Is anyone else having problems signing in?

    • CJ says:

      Everytime I’ve tried to sign in this week it says the site is “taking a nap” :(

      • nicole says:

        i keep typing my email and password and it keeps telling me it’s wrong, so i requested my password through the forgot password link, turns out the password and email i was tyoing is the same one the sent to me email stating it was my login and password, so i go back to the site type it 10 more times and it keeps telling me wrong password. wtf i have no idea.

        • Amanda S. says:

          OMG I am having the exact same problems! And I just bought 4 new packs of huggies today and I know I have over 200+ saved up and I can’t access them. :( I don’t know what’s going on, but if anyone has any suggestions I would love some help with this! TIA!

  • Amanda C says:

    I only have 324 I’m about to raid some packaging and see if I can get there lol.

  • Karen says:

    Had just over 400 points so I had enough to claim this! Yay! Most of the prizes are too baby-ish for my kids now but I still enter the free codes when I find them so I was pleased to be able to get this yummy 15.00 gift card.

  • Ashley says:

    I got all excited, but then I got to the website and saw that I only have 160 pts, lol! At least I know that if I keep going I’ll eventually run in to a good deal like this one. Congrats to everyone who got a DQ card!

  • downingmama says:

    Also, head on over to Dairy Queens facebook page (!/dairyqueen?sk=app_10531514314) and you can get up to 6 BOGO coupons on their blizzards per year! Which means that $15 gift card will last you a lot longer! :)

  • Dawn Rogers says:

    I love the instant win games! I log in occasionally and use points that I have found posted in blogs. I have won $35 in starbucks gift cards in about a 6 month time period!

  • Whitney says:

    This is totally irrelevant, but those DQ Gravy commercials… where the gravy is going through a straw… OMG… that commercial makes me want to barf! Sorry. I just had to say that.

  • Isabella says:

    woohoo – thank you! i had about 390 pts, and i’ve been collecting for about 2 years – I haven’t been too good collecting them until about 6 months ago. it sure takes a while! this is the first prize I got!! thank you very much Collin!

  • Lisa says:

    If you don’t have many points, do an internet search, several sites have a listing of promotion codes and such, you should be able to get upto 100 points if you haven’t used those codes before.

  • Beth says:

    I have been collecting codes for only a few months but had 377 so just enough to get this deal! thanks for sharing!

  • Sandra says:

    I just noticed they also added a $25 GC for 625 points. I am so close! Thanks

  • CT says:

    Here is a one time use code for the first person who snags it. I do not buy Huggies so it is not worth it for me to make an account. HTH someone!!


  • Lisa Randle says:

    I can not seem to find this reward, so it must be gone!! :(

  • Shelly G. says:

    I didnt see the DQ one anymore on there, but i did just score a $15 Starbucks gift card for 375 points!

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