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OfficeMax: Back to School Deals 8/14-8/20

8:48 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Here are my favorite deals you can snag at OfficeMax Starting tomorrow, 8/14 (NOTE – Be sure to check your local ad as NOT all ads have the same deals!). My local ad in Jacksonville, NC does NOT have any great school supply deals this week; however, some ads across the country may have the deals listed below. Also please note that many deals are limited to a certain number per customer (see the ad for complete details).

Be sure to check your local newspaper on Sunday, 8/14, for the OfficeMax bag pictured above. Stuff as much as you can into the bag and you’ll save an automatic 20% at checkout!

*HOT* Deals (call your store to see if these deals are available!)

* Schoolio 1-Subject Notebook in Assorted Colors 70 sheets 1¢ (limit 5)
* Just Basics #2 Pencils 12 pack 10¢ (limit 2)
* Crayola Crayons 24 pack 20¢ (limit 2)
* OfficeMax 4-oz. White Glue 20¢ (limit 2)
* Composition Books 50¢ (limit 5)

Hammermill 8.5×11 Copy Plus Paper 500 sheets $6.99
Get $6.98 back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards (limit 2)
Final Cost 1¢!

* Please note that OfficeMax no longer allows you to use your MaxPerks Bonus Rewards to purchase gift cards… darn! :(

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  • nicole says:

    Bummer on the gift cards, that’s what I always have gotten :(

  • monica says:

    very bummed, i havent really paid close attention to the ‘deals’ for school or i just went on the wrong week because i feel i spent way to much this round. i wonder if office max gives money back if i bought this week and the sale items are happening this week? can someone email me. i am still so new at learning the ropes theohoppe at aol dot com. thanks so much from this neebie ;0)

    • Maureen Carlson says:

      they should if not return them and re buy at the cheaper price I personally take my ads to office depot and they price match all the other stores this way I get more rewards at one store and do not have to drive all over the place

  • Stephanie says:

    How can they just stop that re: the gift cards. I have $220+ I planned on using for gift cards. I’m personally outraged by this.

  • Kim says:

    I asked office max if they would price match office depot, and the girl said as long as I had the ad and the items were identical. So I got my few items and went to check out…and was then told they wouldn’t match the back to school ads. I was so frustrated, but left the items and walked out. Probably should have asked for a manager since they hadn’t mentioned the exclusion when I first asked…I wouldn’t have spent my time finding the items!

  • Amy says:

    Does anyone know if you can stuff a bag and get the 20% off on sale or back to school items?

  • bansha says:

    This shouldn’t be. If at the time we purchased the items which earned us the rewards the policy was we could buy gift cards out of the rewards, I feel that they should honor that policy.

    • eric says:

      They can change policy at any time. If you look at the Max Perk policy it is subject to change. Honestly buying gift cards is cheating the system a bit.

      • Stephanie says:

        How’s it cheating the system? They sell them in the store, I should be able to redeem my rewards on anything in the store. I emailed them and will see what they respond. I don’t expect to get anywhere, but honestly, what will I buy for $220 in that store? As stated previously, I just would have skipped buying those deals and I certainly wouldn’t have bought my son a $60 backpack. It was the one he wanted and since I was getting back 100% in rewards I got it for him.

        • Anonymous says:

          The program is designed to get you to buy more products in the store to make up for giving you maxperks dollars. Gift cards have virtually 0 gross margin for the store. It was people that spent 200 dollars each trip on American Express gift Cards that made for the policy change.

          I bet if you look around you can find some things to buy in the store. Ink?

  • That Frugal Girl says:

    Really liking the 1 cent deals. I’ll have to tell my sister. She has a 5 year old starting Kindergarten this year and needs to pick up a whole list of supplies (a lot of which she can get for a penny here) just hope ours doesn’t sell out fast!

  • Lauren says:

    Anyone know if you can still ‘roll’ the rewards? I had some that I then used for items with 100% rewards and still go the rewards back. DIdn’t know if that still worked. Thanks :D

    • Stephanie says:

      The rewards will not roll. These changes make it less and less appealing to shop at Office Max. After I use up these rewards, I will not be purchasing bonus items there anymore.

      • Lauren says:

        Thanks! They used to and I had bought some stuff, had it delivered and just rolled it to the next 100% free rewards items when the rewards came back, also delivered. It was handy for awhile, but been a bit since I did the last ones, so thought I’d check. figured they’d close that loop at some point ;)

  • Alexandria says:

    You have got to be kidding me! I definitely wouldn’t have bought a $90 laptop backpack for my fiance if I had known that they were going to change the MaxPerks policy without notifying customers! The prices at OfficeMax are way too high for me to actually shop there. It was bad when they prevented us from rolling the rewards and now we’re not allowed to buy gift cards? Unless they make their prices more competitive (as in comparable to Target/Walmart/, I will no longer be shopping there– even when items are “free” after Maxperks rewards.

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