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CVS: Summer Clearance Up to 90% Off = $0.69 Sunglasses, $0.29 Flip Flops + More Deals

5:10 PM MST
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Wow!  If you’re out and about shopping today or already headed to CVS, you may want to stop by and price scan some of their Summer Clearance items!  I’ve heard that some stores have Summer items up to 90% off!  That means you may be able to score sunglasses for $0.69-$0.89, flip flops for only $0.29, Sing-a-ma-jigs for only $3.25, and lots more!  And, I’ve heard that many of the items may be unmarked, so be sure to scan them at the Magic Coupon Machine!

Check out these flip flops marked at 90% off…so only $0.29!

Also, these Sing-a-ma-jigs were unmarked and scanned at 75% off, so only $3.25!

Another deal to note is the Gillette Venus Bikini Razors, reportedly on Clearance for 75% off!  If you can find these at your store, you can snatch up the following deal…

Gillette Venus Bikini Razor Set $1.75
Use the $2/1 coupon found in the 8/28 P&G
Final cost FREE!

Also, the Disposable Gillette Venus Razor rang up for only $0.73 (reg. $7.29), which is a great price and no coupons needed! :D

What Clearance goodies have you found at your CVS this week?  Please share in the comments section below! Thanks!

(Thanks to all you readers who emailed me!)

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  • Augusta says:

    Mine was only 75% off today but I got a big Igloo cooler for $7, a nice $20 fan for $5 and bags of Kingsford charcoal was $1.62 a bag! Yippee!

  • Tisha Mondy says:

    You think these will still be good tomorrow? I don’t want to go out tonight, but gotta go out tomorrow anyways. Hmmmmmm

  • tia says:

    Yesterday I picked up:
    -Singa-ma-jig 3.25
    -Animal head sippy cups .75
    -Grow-a-Dino eggs .49

    Going back tomorrow to do more scanning :)

  • liz says:

    i got 8″ playground balls for $1.75 on Friday.
    today the magic coupon machine spit out a FREE milky way bar—my favorite!

  • Kathy says:

    I was at mine earlier this week and it was only at 75%. I did find nerf guns for only $3.75. I bought those, they are regular $10 at Walmart.

  • Ronni says:

    I found Women’s Sunglasses for $2.99 regular price $19.99!

  • sue says:

    Some days I wish I had a car :(

  • Andrea says:

    Are the razors by the summer merchandise or with the other razors?

    • Catherine says:

      I found them in the summer merchandise section at one store and said $6.99 but scanned at $3.50, but then checked one more store and they were in the regular razor section and said $6.99, but scanned at 69 cents! :) Which means you can get 3 with just 1 coupon. I didn’t, I got 2 with 2 coupons and then gave the other coupon to the cashier and she was excited. Good luck!

    • Tricia H says:

      Found the razor on and endcap hanger…but i do not have that coupon…not all P&G are the same. It was 1.75 for one.

  • April says:

    My daughter’s “crocs” from Children’s Place broke a few weeks ago, and we couldn’t find any more. They had some very similar ones at CVS in her size for only $2.50. She was ecstatic!

    • Michelle M says:

      I picked up two pairs of Crocs on clearance as well- just over $2 each!! My daughter loves her new pair, and I’m giving the other pair as a gift.

  • Julie says:

    my cvs is still at 75%

  • Lauren says:

    I wish there was a CVS closer to me! The nearest one is almost 20 min away! Definitely not something I can just quickly run out to :/

  • Jolie says:

    WOW if you find these items on SALE then luck you! I just stopped by my local CVS and the exact items shown here are priced way too high. Flip flops priced @ $3.99 (regular price), Spiderman sunglasses @ $2.95, and the Huggies baby wipes mentioned previously @ $2.61. I live in Granada Hill, CA. No luck this trip. Maybe next time.

    • Ashley says:

      hmmmm yeah I hear Cali is one of the most expensvive places to live, when I get a little older I plan on moving to Cali and going to college ect. (I’m almost 16, so 2 years) and I was wondering if I could ask you californians whats the sales tax rate? In PA it’s 6% so I was wondering if it’s much higher (it’s a stupid question but it’s been bugging me) ;) Thanks :)

      • Leticia says:

        Hey Ashley, its 9.75 and in some stores its 10.0 it all depends the store.. its weird but yeah.. HTH..

      • Me!! says:

        Here in Los Angeles County Tax rate is 8.75% :(

      • Jolie says:

        The standard statewide tax rate is 7.25% plus a 1.5% district tax, which equals to a 8.75% tax rate in the Los Angeles County. So it varies depending on the district tax. But the minimum would be 7.25%.

      • Jen says:

        Well Ashley, there’s no easy answer to your question. It all depends on what city and county you live in. In the LA area it is 8.75% but some cities are even higher because of special referendums. I hope you have lots of cash or scholarships at your disposal because out of state tuition is going to be a doozy. So. Cal. has changed a lot in the 15 years I’ve lived here and not for the better. We are planning on moving because the taxes are so high and it’s difficult to earn a living wage. And if you’re planning on going to film school I wouldn’t – been there, done that. Save your money, get a job in the industry and work your way up.

      • Ashley says:

        Alright, thanks guys! even though you would think they would make it a round number but hey… lol Thanks :)

        • Anonymous says:

          Im from Illinois and am visiting SoCal since Im moving here in a few months. The sunshine is soooo worth it! There are no taxes on food so that seems to even out. The gas prices are the same and its 20 min from the beach. Itll be difficult but I am sold! COld weather is just plain awful.

          • Michelle says:

            The tax on food depends on where you are, they tax food in San Diego. I get so thrown when I visit and shop there, lol. I am not used to that at all!

        • Anonymous says:

          California is expensive, but it is actually less expensive for us to live here in Orange County than it was for us to live in Norhern NJ. The housing costs there were comparable and the taxes and other fees are similar but we make a better wage here. By the time you factor in gas and electric prices year round and the higher cost of medical in NJ we are actually better off here. And as the other person mentioned, you really can’t beat the sunshine! : )

          Oh, and mani/pedis and haircuts are the same price and sometimes even cheaper here. It all depends…

  • Tracy says:

    My CVS was at 75% off, but I got T-shirts for $.62. Yeah!

  • Jessica says:

    We also found my daughter a Tea Cup Pig toy the other day marked $14.99 rang up $3.24.

  • Tatiana says:

    well, where do i start?.. I got 3 pairs of flip flops, a beach chair (orig $20), 4 ice cream bowls (dishwasher safe were 2/$4), 6 nerf guns with darts (orig $11 each), and a few other summer things, paid about $10 for everything. We had Nerf wars all day!!!!! I have to say though that last summer I didn’t find anything at cvs at 90%, it was all gone, so THIS is cool!

  • Melissa says:


  • veronica says:

    my cvs had 75% last week and i got a Discovery Kids play tent for 4.99(regular 19.99) i also saw the “crocs” type shoes, sandals and other stuff marked at 75% off. went back yesterday and there was no summer stuff, they already had the halloween stuff in its place. wish i wouldve bought more stuff, like the kids swim shoes i saw marked down to 1.79 :(

    • Emilytwinmom says:

      I have one of those tents in my “next Christmas pile” from last year’s Christmas clearance!! I got a really big one for $5! We already had an old hand me down one, so I know our kids (and cats!) will love playing in it :)

  • Angie says:

    Thank you Collin!!!! I just went and got over $150.00 worth of toys for $ 23.00 was able to get a sing a ma jig for each of my kids they love those things and at 3.25 I’m pretty tickeled with them my self. The best steel was a Large Transformer action figure for only 1.25. Thanks again for all your great tips,

  • Debbie says:

    I bought flip flops last week for $.25! They were 75% off. I’m gonna have to check this week to see if my store is at 90%

  • Gina says:

    Wow. What a haul this a.m. I got a 19.99 kids lifevest, 17.99 kiddy pool,and 3 14.99 beach bags all at 90% off. Then 2 packs of huggies slipups. Used my expired $3 off cvs Q for slipups and two $3 manufacturer Qs. Then also a $3 off of 15 baby items. rolled over 6 extra bucks and spent 6.57 oop. Savwd over$ 95!!!

  • Amber says:

    Wow! I am impressed with all of your finds. My CVS must stink big time in comparison. NO razors, fans, or anything too interesting in the 75% sale here :( BUT, I will prevail :)

  • slnea39 says:

    My CVS deal – 4 bags of the Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal 6.3 lbs for $1.87 each. I used (4) – $1.00 off coupons which made the charcoal $.87 per bag. I overheard the CVS clerk telling the manager the charcoal was ringing up $1.87 and he stated that the charcoal should not be on clearance. I’m going back tomorrow to see if they raised the price back to $7.99.

    • Janel123 says:

      I got the charcoal today too. Awesome price and I don’t think charcoal can expire. :)

      • Calicat says:

        I grill all the time. Great deal. Although it does not “expire” I have had some Old charcol “go bad” didn’t light. It was this brand and just happened to me this past weekend.

  • Ap says:

    I got my daughter 3 fold up Disney Princess chairs for $1.30/each, campfire marshmellows for .17/bag, cup for my son to take to school for .60, transformers for 1.50, bubble kits for .40 and some “crocs” for my daughter for 1.00

    It was a happy day at CVS :)

  • sandra says:

    You guys are making me want to hit my cvs before work….It is only 2 minutes away so what heck

  • sandra says:

    If razors are lower than my coupon, can i apply the overage to something else?

  • Adrianne says:

    I got 3 chair cushions $7.49 each, 2 jugs of Sluggo $4 each, rose spray $1, water toy $2.49 and hose sprayer $2. I think that I will be hitting up the other CVS’ tomorrow to see what else I can score on. All the gardening items were on sale and what a sale they are having.

  • Hwsmom says:

    I got an elephant sprinkler I’ve been eyeing up all summer for $2.49 (my son loves elephants) and a set of wind up boats for $1.24. Plus, I got a coupon for a free milky way from the magic machine. I had also saved my orbit gum coupon from the magic machine last week and since they were bogo I got two packs for 49 cents.

  • CJ says:

    My CVS store is small and hardly ever has clearance items (and sometimes doesnt have the advertised sale items either). But yesterday I got a 20 lb bag of wild bird food marked down 75% to $2.26.

  • Jennifer S says:

    Got me 2 Singamajigs but not all were 75% off in KS. Some still 50%. Scanned 2 different red ones one cheaper than other. Also blue one with long ears was 75% at my store.

    Got BOGO Skinny Cow singles! Woohoo! Love me some Skinny Cow. Stack with MQ and 2 for FREE!

  • guai says:

    will go tomorrow and check it out :) last year i think they were some cheap coolers on sale for 90%

  • rebecca says:

    Our stores here are all still 75% off, but on our sat night shopping trip we did score as our venus trimmers were there and we bought all six of those and they did allow the overage, and our CVS guys baked us a huge snickers cake we take them something every week. So free cake and next weeks ad not a bad score for the week.

  • Allison says:

    CVS in Riverside CA still at 75% off but great finds anyway! I got a pair of flip flops for $0.25 and the Huggies wipes (shea butter) half price @ 1.74 (but used a coupon too!), then did the carefree liners deal to get the ECB making them free, and got the CVS coupon for free Milky Way. BTW, I tried 2 stores before finding scores…..different items at different stores. No reduced razors at either one! Keep looking and enjoy the hunt! :)

  • Tom says:

    Signs say 75% off, but all summer clearance rang up 90% off.

    Here is what I found

    Flags 19-29 cents for a double pack
    Flip Flops 29 cents to $1.49
    24 x 48 Aluminum table $2.49
    Beach Towels 89 cents to $1.49
    Cooler marked $34.99 for $3.49
    Metal Stars 39 cents to 69 cents.

    Davie Florida

  • Alligator says:

    I just found Green Latern figures regular priced at $12.99 on clearance for $3.25 a piece and Huggies 64ct soft skin shea butter wipes on clearance for $.87. Love it. Thanks for the heads up Collin, I love your site.

  • priya says:

    i got cosco stroller which is $20 for $5 .and lot more items for 75% off

  • mikka says:

    lol.. i just went and all that’s left is flip flops and some pool toys. no razors, no strollers, and no huggies slipups. 75% is still great though ! va beach people are hip2savers! everything is always wiped out!

  • Ana Maria S. says:

    I went to my local CVS here in Asheville, NC and all the summer stuff is still only marked down to 50% off….manager did say that soon it will be 75% off but I was hoping to score 90% off stuff like you guys,,,hehe….Also off topic but my Target is still only at 50% off all the back to school stuff…will keep checking though since it is literally right around the corner for me. Plus I keep getting free cute apparel off the clearance racks thanks to the smoking hot printable coupons available right now ;)

  • Calicat says:

    South Florida is only at 50% for summer BUT I did get my free chocolate with the .99 cents rebate PLUS my BOGO free Hershey’s coupon. Now I can get a 2 Liter of coke for the .99 (sale this week) = FREE ;)

  • lisa says:

    only 50% off in south florida

  • Monica says:

    I got 2 pairs (black/white) of Okabashi sandals for 1.49 each! So comfortable. Plastic bowls & cups (4 piece set) for .25 each set. Ice bucket & personal cooler each for under a dollar. Large cooler for $2 (from $20) and a beach chair for $1.50!

  • PjsMommy21 says:

    I got the pink sing-a-ma-jig for 3.25, and huggies soft skin wipes for .87!!

  • Leslie says:

    I scored 7 Nerf guns for $19! The $10.99 guns were 99cents and the 12.99 and 14.99 guns were $3.50!

  • Rachael says:

    I was able to get the charcoal this weekend for 50% off and went back today to get more, but it was back at the regular price. Oh well, I’m just glad I got the propane tanks and charcoal while it was on sale! Today I did get a venus razor, a nerf gun, two remote control cars, a pair of sunglasses and a banana split tray all for around $15 and save $45, thought it was a decent deal!

  • Misti says:

    I got 2 sing-a-ma-jigs for 1.29 each! Plus plastic clogs for my daughter next year for 2.49 and 2 no spill bubble buckets for 1.62 each!! I am starting a gift stock pile! sing-a-ma-jigs for christmas and bubble for next easter, it is a start!

  • Spring says:

    I got 2 packs of large bowls for salad or popcorn for .25 cents or 12 cents each and also got medium sized bottles of bubbles for .19 cents each and outdoor light stings in red/white/blue for 1.25 each and pots for .12 each.

  • Katiria says:

    I went yesterday and they had 50% off, I bought pool noodles for $1.49 each- I’m KICKING myself because they would be cheaper today. I hate it when that happens

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