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Toys R Us: *HOT* Sale on Hershey's & Mars Bagged Candy (Price Match at Target or Walmart)

10:29 PM MST
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Need to stock up on Halloween Candy?! Well, you may want to head on over to Toys R Us tomorrow or plan to price match at Target or Walmart! You see, 10/16-10/22, Toys R Us is offering up a really awesome sale on Halloween candy. As advertised in their weekly ad, all Hershey’s and Mars Bagged Candy (6.34 oz-16 oz) are on sale for just $1.99 (regularly $3.99!) – which is an awesome sale price and when you combine this sale with coupons – it gets even sweeter… literally! ;)

Buy Snickers, Milky Way, or Twix fun size packs 11oz or larger $1.99
Use the $1.50/2 coupon found in the October issue of All You mag.
Final cost $1.24 per bag!
** There is also a $1.50/3 coupon found in the 10/9 RP.

Buy Hershey’s Snack Size Bags of Reese’s, Kit Kat, Hershey’s, York, Almond Joy, Mounds or Twizzlers 9oz+ $1.99
Use the $1.50/3 coupon found in the 10/16 SS
Final cost only $1.49 per bag!

Buy Reese’s, Kit Kat, or Hershey’s Snack Size Bag 9oz+ $1.99
Use the $1/3 coupon found here
Final cost $1.66 per bag!

Buy M&M’s brand Pretzel variety 9.9oz $1.99
Use the $1/1 coupon found in the 9/11 RP
Final cost only $0.99!
** There is also a $1.50/2 coupon found in the September issue of All You mag.

(Thanks, Saving in Sumner Co!)

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  • sandy says:

    how do i “price match at target?” — just bring the ToysRus circular to the store??

  • Mary says:

    Can we use coupons at Toys R Us? I’ve never tried it before–thanks!

  • Heidi says:

    I just got my new Target mobile coupons today and there’s one for $1 off a bag of Kit Kats or Reeses. You can only use the coupon once, but that would be .99 for one bag–that’s a heck of a deal!

    • shannon says:

      Won’t work. Target takes off the Target coupon BEFORE the price match and if the price match is still lower then will override it to the pricematch. They only take off manufacturer coupons AFTER the price match. So it would still be $1.99 with the price match because that’s lower than the coupon price.

      • Bridget says:

        Question – Lets say the item your price matching is only .50 cents higher at Target and your matching with a 1.00 target and 1.00 man coupon, will they take the whole 1.00 off with the target coupon or only .50 cents??

        • Bridget says:

          hmm, After reading what I ask, I realized there is no need to price match, I would just go through regular cashiers line with both coupons.

    • Min says:

      I got it too but says for a larger bag than the 9 oz.

  • CHI says:

    Just the other day I noticed something peculiar at walmart. They actually have the weekly ads from other stores zip tied to the registers. They were close to the cashier so i could not go thru it and see exactly which circulars they had, i could only make out CVS and Wags. Has any one else seen this? Im in N GA. I asked the cashier if they only price matched those ads or any ad that i bring in and she didn’t know. Im not a usual walmart shopper. Does anybody know?

    • Margo says:

      It’s because you are supposed to be able to price match without bringing the ad in. Walmart had commercials about it a while ago. HTH

    • Nicki says:

      My Walmart here in central IL does the same thing. I still bring my own ad though. I had a cashier look through the ones by register instead of looking at mine. She couldn’t seem to “find” the item. She called the manager over to make sure it was ok to use the price from my ad!! What?! It was the same exact ad… obviously it was ok and she realized she skipped over the page I needed :P

  • Gina in Chicago says:

    I’m am brand new at this and my husband and I just saved $100 at Walgreens and Target combined. The cashier was so impressed she said she was going to start collecting soon. Thank you Hip2Save, your site is the easiest and most fun.

  • Stevie Nanstad says:

    I like to get the deal at the store that offers it so to Toys R Us I go.. :)

  • lilefanatic3 says:

    If anyone is near a Kroger store on Tuesday of this coming week 10/18 they have these same size bags on sale $1.78, Tuesday only though!!

  • Olivia Douglass says:

    Awesome- just got 6 bags at Toys R Us for $9.47….. “you saved $12, woohoo”.

  • Min says:

    Be sure to ck out the deal today over at CVS.
    The CSO machine is giving out $1/2 candy Q’s we used to sweeten up our P&G $30 deal and got an AMEX $10. GC.

  • Stefanie says:

    Do these prices/sales vary by location? I can’t find the ad that shows this price (searched ad through TRU website) when I enter my zip code.

  • Debbie says:

    Oh Horrors! I just got back from doing this price-matching scenario at Target. The service desk lady said my 11 ounce bag of Snickers didn’t qualify because it wasn’t between 6-16 ounces like the Toys R Us ad says. Then she said it didn’t qualify because it had halloween wrapping bag. Then she said it didn’t qualify because the photo on the Toys R Us bag said it was Fun Size, not Mini. I looked at the TRS ad, and it didn’t say that, so I questioned the cashier again. She said, “Well, you can tell my looking that they are bigger than mini.” Then she said that they weren’t originally $3.99 so I had to go back and get more expensive bags, because the ones I was buying were only originally $2.69.

    I wish I was making this up. My 11-year old daughter watched the whole thing, and couldn’t believe it. I told her that if you are a customer paying full price at Target, they love you. If you are a customer doing price matching or using coupons as Target, they treat you like a thief.

  • Lynne says:

    For those if you that are military, the navy exchange has m&m mars candy on sale for $2 a bag and there were $1 off 2 bag coupons on the display :)

    • kristen says:

      Thanks for the heads up – hopefully they’ll be the same price at the Marine Corps Exchange so I won’t have to go through the extra hassle of price matching there.

  • JenL says:

    I picked up 8 bags of candy for $11.42 today. My three kids and my 23 second graders will have plenty to share. Thank you!!!

  • Sherrie says:

    I went into the Neighborhood Walmart store this a.m. – they would not price match – they said that TRU is not a competitor???

  • cassiesoren says:

    Does anyone know if any of the candy bags that have the “harvest blend” are included in this sale? There’s the $1/2 mq for the M&M’s Harvest blend (not sure which insert it’s from, mine’s already clipped in my binder). I hate to run down to TRU just to check and be disappointed. Walmart won’t price match if it’s not exactly the same as the picture and I used my other q’s for the CVS deal a couple of weeks ago. TIA!

  • Mel says:

    I just got back from Target. I tried to do the price matching at Target only because there’s only 1 TRU in my area and I wanted to use the $1/3 11 oz or larger snack candy bags in conjunction with my manufacture coupons. I went to customer service I explained to the manager that I called TRU to ask if they had their weekly ad available for customers to take and the answer was no, they only have 1 copy that’s kept behind their customer service desk. So I explained this to Target’s manager and stated that because of that I went online and printed out the weekly ad valid till October 22nd. I pointed out that my print out clearly stated the ounce limits, date of ad, valid for in store purchase only, and the ad from the local TRU store. The manager would not do the price match. I called corporate. Corporate said it has to be a valid ad, this is a valid ad. How can I obtain an ad that TRU can’t even offer me??! Despite my legitimate arguments, I had no luck and corporate just said, “thank you for calling!” It will be several months before I shop at Target again!!!! I was only trying to price match 3 bags, 70 cents difference per bag, a whooping $2.10. I don’t get the Sunday paper and I had friends of mine check theirs’ and there was no TRU ad in there for me to take with me.

    • Anna m says:

      I get the ads from the newspaper (i get to different ones and only one gets the TRU ad) and if it is their policy how can you be upset with Target? It isn’t their fault you don’t have the ad. You are blaming the store because you couldn’t find an ad? That’s not a legitimate complaint.

  • Koran says:

    I want to but York peppermint patties with this ad…. It’s Hershey’s so do u think Walmart will price match????

  • Jean says:

    Price matching at Target and Walmart?? A joke–I asked at CS @ Target and the 2 reps rolled their eyes–I asked if it was a pain and they said “kinda”–and told me i needed the whole ad–not just the front and back page that had the offer and date on it…So–the next day I went to Walmart (I never go to TRU–i didn’t know they take coupons) I see the commercials all the time on was ironic that over the loudspeaker I kept hearing “match it! match it!” at the store. I went to the register..with the ad…the cashier said “these are not toys these are candies”…(duh) when I showed her the ad. Then she said the bags were not the right size because they were not exactly the sizes printed. I pointed out that the sizes printed were a size range..Then she had to adjust each bag seperately (9 bags) Then…she looked back and because she only saw one “Skittles” on the receipt (I had 2–different varieties) she charged me for another bag..This took a long time with a long line behind I’m ready to leave–I check my receipt. She charged me for 10 bags of candy (the other bag of Skittles was listed as “Chewy Candy”) So–I had to wait on the CS line for my $2.15 refund….Not cool!!!!

  • Corey Iosue says:

    I live in Massachusetts and got my Toys R Us ad with the $1.99 halloween candy today. I took the ad to the service desk at Target and they told me it would be no problem to price match it. I ended up buying 8 bags total, with coupons, and spent less than $12! They had no problem price matching the following candy –

    M&M’s – Peanut and Regular
    Snickers – Regular and Almond
    Kit Kat

    Thank you for the tip!!!

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