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Dollar General: 10¢ Summer Sale (Starts Today)

9:15 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

If you live near a Dollar General, you may want to make a special trip today. Beginning today, October 25th, through October 31st, Dollar General is offering up all Lawn & Garden, Swim/Summer Toys & Green Dot Home items for 10¢ each (some items with an original retail value of up to $25!). Before heading out the door, you may want to contact your local store to see how many items are available etc.

* If you plan to shop later in the week, be sure to print this coupon valid for $5 off your purchase of $25 or more valid Friday, 10/28 only.

Come back and let us know what you find!

(Thanks, Stingy Momma & Lori!)

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  • Dawn says:

    Our dollar generals did the 90% off a couple weeks ago. So there’s not really anything left. I called.

    • cbeths says:

      Ours has also had the 90% off for a while now…bought a few $1 items yesterday for 10 cents. Pretty much all they had was summer toys…. coloring books, swimming goggles, a few childrens books…

  • Sarah says:

    Just went up and got bubbles, Americana wreath, and tan curtain all for .10 each. The curtain was just in the clearance section, not even with summer stuff. is worth doing price check.

    • Sarah says:

      Went back and got 10 tiki torches, extra wicks, 2 potting soil, 4 plant hangers, 3 more curtains, lots of citrinella candles, jump rope, sprinkler, and 2 clocks = $3.53!!! Yeah !!

      • Lisa says:

        That’s awesome!!! I need to check out my DG after work today!

      • CJ says:

        Ours didn’t include the potting soil. I had a sad moment because they didn’t include a lot of the pots either. I did get some Americana bows to use for the patriotic holidays, great since my and my husband are military.

  • Allison says:

    Called my local store in FL and she said that the sale has been going on for a few weeks and nothing is left :(.

  • Ksherman says:

    I just scored 55 items for around $9!! Ours had lots of gardening items. They also had summer clothes for $1.

  • Jessica says:

    Hey did anyone notice that they have Dollar General coupons on their website?? Can these be stacked with Man Q’s? I didn’t see a coupon policy anywhere on the site but there was a trashbag Q that I would love to stack! We are almost out of garbage bags :(

  • Gena says:

    Just went to 2 in my area and got approx. 40 items for $7.17!!!! Got sandals, flip flops and shoes for .50… thought these would be great for Operation Shoebox! Also got bird feeders, wreath, candles, windchimes, etc… some good little inexpensive Christmas gifts!!!! THANKS COLLIN!!!!!

  • Lana says:

    I just got back. I got a FULL cart of good stuff for $23. This included a number of clothing items for only $1. Lots of 4th of July stuff for our yearly big party, puzzle books for stocking stuffers, scarves that look great after removing the ugly packaging for 50 cents. Yeah! I finished up a number of people on my Christmas list! So worth going for me even though I did not get there until after 10 AM. Check out the stores in the out of the way places that are less traveled.

  • Kelli says:

    I went to four locations in my area and two had clearance stuff. One is a newer location and it looked like it didn’t have any of the summer/garden stuff to begin with and the other location looked like they already got rid of it. I found lots and lots of stuff. They had $15 hoses for 10 cents, the swim suits that help the kids float for 10 cents, door mats, decorations, etc. Thanks for posting this deal. I got right up and left and I’m glad I saw it when I did!!!

  • Kristin says:

    Got cute baby and kid clothes! Plus after sun lotion and bbq utensil set! …and a cheap decoration my daughter broke

  • cher m says:

    2 lamps, 2 shades, 2 small framed art pieces, 2 curtains, 2 baskets, 2 hummingbird feeders, 2 corked plant coasters, 1 beercan chicken roaster, a bag full of garden hose sprayers and accessories as well as 2 of their flavored seltzer waters (at full price) for $3.80

    The cashier kept wondering aloud how come so many people knew about the sale as they just found out about it last night themselves.

  • karglynn says:

    I wish I could sent in a pic.
    I got 2 very cute flower pots
    womens garden gloves
    3pack of mens cloves
    dip & chip plate
    set of 4 plastic plates
    set od 4 plastic deli baskets
    2 squirt guns
    wind up toy dolphin for the pool
    side walk chalk
    small wind chime
    decorative garden stake
    3 spring tea lite candle holders
    metal “spring” sign
    2 sets of dive sticks
    all .10 cents each so for 19 ites I paid 1.90 plus .11cents tax. YAY!!!

  • Andrea says:

    I had a cart full (6 bags) and it cost $13. I purchased four $1 polos for my husband, a $1 SpongeBob t-shirt, a $1 Disney Princess shirt and capri set, two $1 long sleeve shirts with matching leggings sets; three $1 v-neck ladies tees; and 10-cent sprinkler, candles, votive set, sidewalk chalk, squirt guns, sippy cups, Dora and Disney Princess pinwheels, and some Americana items for our Christmas bingo table. (Our family plays bingo at Christmas, and winners get to pick a prize off the table). Thanks for posting this deal Colin. I checked off some Christmas and birthday gifts. The 10-cent sprinkler may be the best though!

  • chelle says:

    My local Dollar Gen. is horrible! I found an awesome boat that was summer section and asked about it being .10 cents and the store employee told me no.
    Then my friend went in after I went out (watch the kids in the car) and my friend saw the SAME employee ringing up the awesome boat for .10 cents!!
    I would have said something to someone but whatever, I just refuse to go back.
    Everything else for .10 was basically junk.

  • sheila says:

    I got 8 locker organizers for my oldest daughter’s books 10 cents each and 4 shirts for myself 1.00 each 2 shirts for my husband 1.00 each4 pairs of shoes for all my daughters 1.00 each and 2 decorative vases10 cents each. What a steal, couldn’t find it cheaper than that.Putting the tings I bought up for Christmas.They are going to love it

  • trailmama says:

    just an fyi i called the stores in mcfarland, wi and cottage grove wi. both said they only have a cart or so left of items and it didn’t include any kids toys/bubbles etc. mostly garden stuff. :)

  • Amanda says:

    Thank you guys so much for the heads up! I was able to score an amazing haul and get some christmas shopping done and some fall clothes for myself and my girls, all for 8.75! Great deal!

  • Shameca says:

    I got up late but this is what I got.
    2 serving plates
    2 flower pitchers
    4 lateen citronella candles
    1 tall citronella candle
    2 sets of 3 fourth of July candles
    2 bags of decorative sand
    1 bag of seashells
    2 big rabbit lawn decorations
    4 animal lawn decorations in flower pots (pig,fox,dog,rabbit)
    1 small ice cream decorated plate
    1 flower salt and pepper shakers
    1 small friends plaque
    4 small white baskets with pink lining
    1 b.b.q. sauce container with brush
    4 pink and white checkered place mats
    4 gardening tools

    All for $3.93 Not bad

  • Susan says:

    1-Small flag, 1-Wreath, 2 Tablecloths, 3-Spectricide Weed Killer, 2-Napkins
    1-Metal flag, 5-bucket citronella candles, 2- beer can chicken holders,
    4-cork plant trays, 2- pkg tea lights citronella, 2-Don’t Bug me candles citronella, 3- 2 pkg citronella candles, 2- flower planters, 4- plant trays
    3- bird feeders, 2-lantern candles, 2 chair tea light candle holders.
    Regular price $132.00, paid just $5.70. Woo Hoo!! Thanks Hip 2 Save for the tip.

  • Jennifer says:

    Just got back and my DG didn’t have anything at all for 10cents. They had a few little items for $1 and that was it.

  • nikki says:

    just got back from our dollar general, well ok, all 3 of the dollar generals in my town (ohio). i found a few odds and ends for .10cents, my best score being a huge bottle of spray 30spf sunblock for .10cents. i also got some great summer clothes for $1 each. be sure and check the tags for the yellow or pink dots, if they are that color they will ring up $1. i found 2 of the stores didnt have all of it on their clearance rack but when i went to the register with any og the yellow or pink dots i got for $1. i am so happy to stock up on some summer clothes for my kiddos next year…dont forget to check the shoes, hats and scarfs for yellow and pink dots. i got shoes for $1 and scarfs/hats for .50cents

  • sarah says:

    Curtains (1), window sheers(2), tablerunners (3), placemats (8), wreaths (2), 4th of july decorative signs (4), 4th of july tealight holders (3), Decorative vases (6), hand towels (2-2pk), bathtowels (1-2pk), Washcloths (2- 4 pks), decorate potted plants (12), garden tools, garden supplies, and much, much more…all for only $6.40 plus tax!! 64 items total; it made my whole day. The staff was very helpful and nice, too! :):)

    Pays to ask!! Many of these things were scattered around the store and I saw several people who knew about this sale pass them right up.

  • S says:

    I just bought some lawn charis & gardening items for my mom. There were some employees that were stocking up (4 carts full) for themselves during their break though. Others were rude and didn’t want to scan items for me and to find out they were stocking up for themselves also. One guy kept all the big umbrellas and flower pots and said he was selling them at the flea market. I’m glad I got some things though.

  • SH says:

    Went late this AM and still found some good stuff. Two adorable swimsuits for a dime each for my daughter for next summer, shirts for my son, shoes for both, shirts and swimtrunks for family, made for TV item for a dime, stocking stuffer educational books for kids, BBQ grill items for hubby. All reg price $120 and spent $15.

  • Allison says:

    At my dollar general they didn’t have any 10 cent items (I went to the one in Norman, OK if anyone lives here). However, they *did* have some clearance up to 70% off (mostly gardening stuff, i saw some outdoor candles & fourth of july things too). I got:

    baby outfit – 3 piece set $3.00 (down from $7)
    two gardening gate things – $1.20 ea
    pot stands (3) $1.50 ea
    garden stone $.30
    garden flag set $1.80 (down from $6)
    breast cancer awareness gardening set $3 (down from $10)

  • rachael says:

    I went to 3 different stores. I got 7 tableclothes, 4 pots, 2 4th of July trays, 2 pink floral trays, bbq thing, 2 pokers, 2 garden covering, 3 citronela candles, 2 shovels, 2 rakes, 5 grill covers, beer chicken grill, 2 4th of July decoritive things, and a hose nosel. I spent $3.81 Normal total would have been $67.61 I saved $ 63.80 :) GREAT DAY!!!!! {SEE MY BLOG}

  • sherri says:

    WOW, wish we had one here. What a great idea to make a gift basket for end of the year teacher gift or raffle items(we always get stuck filling raffle baskets!)

  • Ginger says:

    Thank you so much for posting this sale! I went to 2 Dollar General stores this morning and scored a ton of stuff! We are all set for our 4th of July party next year and have a lot of Christmas gifts for my family! I spent a total of $7.70 and got all items for 10 cents! Thanks again!

  • Lacey says:

    My store didnt have a clue (the evening shift) what I was talking about. However the 5 swimsuits I got were $0.10 each and a pair of mens carpenter style jeans rang up at a PENNY! Also got 1 skirt, 8 shirts, 2 hats, 1 3pc outfit, 7 2pc outfits, 2 zipper tops, 1 pair of shorts and 2 3pks of kleenex boxes. Retail after tax $263.22, Spent $26.22, Saved $237.00!!! :)

  • Colleen says:

    I am a college student raising 2 grandsons on the money I get for going to school (not much). This was THE BEST sale ever. I got all 3 of clothes, sandals, swim suits, and yard stuff, etc. Retail – $286.39; Paid – $36.86; Saved – $249.53! Thank you so much. The boys were thrilled with all of their NEW clothes!

  • megan anderton says:

    darn it i was gone all day and didnt know about the sell everthings probly gone

  • angelia says:

    I spent $8 at two different DG

    6 tiki torches
    2 citronella sticks
    2 4th july citronella candle
    1 flower pot
    2 ceramic pots water flower
    8 kites
    2 plastic flowering jugs
    3 bottle cozys
    5 ed hardy can cozys
    3 rakes
    1 shovel
    5 plastic pedestal flower pots
    3 barbeclule baskets
    4 citronella candles
    3 birdfeeders
    5 plastic hummingbird feeders
    2 flower stem cutters
    4 flower garden tools
    10 lawn decorations(cow, pig, lady bugs, flowers, butterfly)
    metal bird bath lotus leaf
    2 solar lights

  • angelia says:

    2 kids shovel
    2 swimming goggles

  • Amanda M. says:

    I went to 3 stores yesterday and hit BIG on my last stop. They had done a remodel in the early summer months and she was just starting to unpack 20 boxes full of $0.10 items when I got there after work!! They included boogy boards, bird feeders, miracle grow, baskets, sunglasses ($0.01), table cloths ($0.01) and shoes. The disney water shoes only rang up $0.10 too! I ended up buying 118 items for $27.07, retail $463!! Thank you SOOO much for posting this deal!

  • mia says:

    My store did not have much of 10 cent items. However, i did stock up on clothes. I got pajamas for $1. Jeans for $1, Long sleeve shirts for $1, summer clothes for my daughter $1. gret deals.!!!

  • LeAnn K says:

    Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! I never go to Dollar General nor pay attention to their ads (since they never have any really good deals) Thanks so much Hip2Save for posting this deal….. I would have never known about it, and I was able to get so much great stuff!!!

  • L A says:

    I found 8 Miracle Gro feeders, other flower food, bug/insect sprays, citronella candles, weed and Feed bags, cute picnic utensils, plus other stuff…retail totaled $190, i paid 3.46. WOW!

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