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L'Oreal Consumer Panel = FREE Cosmetics + More

3:25 PM MST
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Have you applied to be part of the L’Oreal Consumer Panel yet? Well, if not, this is another great survey company that you can sign up for. If you qualify, you will receive around 2 surveys per month that are usually focused on skin care or cosmetics. When you complete a certain number of the informational surveys they mail you a full size bottle of a high end skincare and/or makeup products.

And if you’re a little skeptical, check out the picture and email I received from reader, Nancy:

A while back there was a post to participate in L’Oreal’s consumer testing website. I joined and have been diligently filing out every single survey for a long time. I never get chosen. I was about to give up and deactivate my account when I received the attached in the mail today. Its a Thank you gift for continued participation. Kiehl’s from what I know is not a cheap brand. If you post about them again, tell other readers not to give up :)

Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us, Nancy! And if you are currently a L’Oreal Consumer Panel member, I’d love to hear your feedback on this program.

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  • grr says:

    I’ve been a member for a couple of years now – I never got a welcome gift and get very few surveys, maybe 4 or 5 altogether? Very recently I qualified for a product test – I really loved one of the products but wasn’t told what it was and sadly, it had to be returned. I did get a beautiful Lancome Eyeshadow kit for my gift though.

  • Lisa says:

    I’ve been a member of this for a while also. I just recently (a month ago) tested two lipsticks for them. As a thank-you, I got a full-size Lancome mascara in the mail! And about last fall I qualified for another product test, but they decided to not do the test at the last minute, but still sent out what would have been my compensation. I can’t remember what all I got, but it was at least $200 worth of high-end skincare if I remember correctly. I’m very happy to be a part of this study group.

  • sofi76 says:

    have been a member for a couple of years. Have received several thank you gifts for filing out informational surveys. Have participated in two studies- one was a detailed one and received a thank you gift afterwards that would amount to several hundred in lancome products. just did another smaller test and received one product (kiehls eye balm). I check the site often because surveys pop up without notice. Everything you fill out is counted towards your gifts. love it and they are super generous!!!!

  • Robin Turner says:

    I’ve been a member for less than a year, have participated in two studies, received excellent compensation for both. I enjoy it. Good company to work with.

  • Shawna R says:

    I am glad to hear others have had positive experiences with this program, but it’s been kind of a joke for me. I have been a member for a year and a half, filled out over 50 surveys, never qualified for ANY of them and I always fill out the survey requests as soon as I receive them. I even contacted someone at Loreal and explained my situation, and I received a response that “they are adding new testing all the time” and that “I should not be discouraged”. BTW, I am 38 years old, no allergies, not pregnant, wear makeup daily and have long blonde hair and I don’t qualify for any product testing? Things that make you say “hmmmm” :)

  • marianoelle says:

    Just signed up :) Hopefully it is worth it. I guess I should have asked before I signed up but, is it hard to unsubscribe down the road?

  • Kara C says:

    I just now signed up. I love makeup and skincare products. Hopefully, I will be getting some goodies. Thank You

  • BJ says:

    I signed up in October like everyone else. I have been filling out surveys for Loreal testing and had not yet qualified for testing. However, I just recieved a FULL size Lancome hand cream worth 45 bucks as a gift for regularly filing out surveys. This really paid off. Now today, I qualified for a moistureizer study. Woo Hoo! Thanks Colin for posting this.

  • Christine Smith says:

    Do you have free testing surveys in Canada too because i would love to be on the panel

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