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Nov 02 2011
5 years ago
1:35 PM MST

Raw Data: FREE Android Phone AND Unlimited Data, Text & Voice Only $39.99 per Month

Nov 02, 2011 @ 1:35 PM MST
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If you have been on the lookout for an affordable cell phone plan (or maybe you have been considering upgrading your plan to have more text and/or data options or to snag a better phone), then you’ll definitely want to take note of this post. Seriously… I think this is one heck of a deal!

Raw Data, a research company that focuses on media consumption, is currently looking for panelists to help them understand what people watch on TV, listen to on the Radio, and browse on the Internet. If you qualify to be a Raw Data panelist, you’ll snag a FREE Android Phone AND unlimited everything (data, text AND voice!) for just $39.99 per month including tax! Yep… under $40 a month for all of that!

How does this work?
How is Raw Data able to offer a free phone and such a cheap cell phone plan?

The free cell phone provided by Raw Data contains an app that transmits fingerprints to their servers, and this tells broadcasting companies and advertisers what you listen to on the radio and what you watch on TV. If a commercial comes on and you change the channel, this tells them their advertising is ineffective, annoying, or boring. Raw Data is paid by advertisers to perform this research.

Isn’t this an invasion of privacy?

Raw Data’s cell phones are trained to recognize just TV and Radio, everything else is ignored. The phones are not listening to your conversations. The RawData application is programmed to match up with different ‘finger prints’ that occur every 3-4 seconds in different forms of media broadcasting, IE: television, radio, etc. No actual audio is ever transmitted.

Benefits of Being a Raw Data Panelist:

* FREE Android cell phone subject to phone selection (typically  an LG Optimus S or Nexus S)
* Unlimited minutes to cell phones, Unlimited texting, Unlimited data with no restrictions, and 200 minutes to landlines for just $39.99 per month including tax (please note that you will be required to sign a one year contract). This same plan would typically cost you $99+ with another carrier!

What does a Panelist do?

* You must keep your cell phone charged
* You’ll also need to make sure your cell phone is exposed to that TV or Radio when you are watching or listening
* You will need to respond to one question quick survey text messages that you receive from Raw Data (you will typically receive between 5-10 text messages per week).
* You will also need to install a webtracking plugin to the browser on your computer

What if I join Raw Data and then later decide that I do not want to be a panelist any longer?

You can leave the Raw Data Research program at any time. When you leave, Raw Data will no longer subsidize the cost of your phone plan, so you will be responsible for the market rate of your plan and the termination fees.

Interested in learning more/signing up for this program?

Head over here to begin taking a survey to see if you qualify to become a Raw Data Panelist. The survey is divided into 6 short chapters that collect information about your education, hobbies & interest, lifestyle etc. As you complete each chapter, you will be notified instantly if you qualify to move on to the next chapter. If you qualify to become a panelist, you will receive an email with a link to provide payment information. You will NOT receive your phone until you have completed the survey and RawData has verified the payment information. If at anytime throughout this process you have a questions, you can call 888-241-9314.

SPECIAL NOTE: At this time, The Raw Data program is not available at the $39.99 rate described below for current Sprint customers. If you are a current Sprint customer, you can contact Raw Data at 888-241-9314 for more information about the rates available to you.

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