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Sears Outlet: FREE Apparel for Shop Your Way Rewards Members Every Tuesday

4:43 PM MST
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Wow! If you have a Sears Outlet nearby that carries apparel (not all Outlet stores carry apparel), then you may be excited to hear that they just started the FREE apparel Tuesdays starting today 11/8 and going through the rest of the year!  To get in on this deal, you must be a Shop Your Way Rewards Member (it’s FREE!) with a valid email address and take your card to your local Sears Outlet to snag one free piece of apparel (no minimum; excludes leather and outerwear). That means if your Sears Outlet carries a $99 Lands End sweater, you can snag it FREE…today only!  Head on over to the Sears Outlet Facebook page for more details.

Also, be sure to call your local Sears Outlet store as there are only 52 Outlet stores in the U.S. that currently carry apparel. If you decide to get in on this promotion, come back and let us know what you score! :)

(Thanks, Naomi!)

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  • Chelsea Vincent says:

    I was relieved that our Sears outlet doesn’t carry apparel, I didn’t want to explain to my husband why I HAD to drive all the way across town tonight, LOL

  • Laura says:

    Awesome! I know the Sears Outlet down the street from me does carry apparel!

  • gaynor says:

    So…. you could just walk in there, with your Rewards card….not buy anything and walk out with a piece of clothing? :o

  • Linda Hahn says:

    I’m curious how far everyone would drive for this deal. I’m not opposed to driving but the outlet is 40 miles away. I’m losing weight so getting cheap or free clothes is such a great thing when I hopefully won’t be wearing them long!!

    • gaynor says:

      i have a sears outlet 5 miles from me…which carries apparel…. i would drive 5 miles :P

    • Alea says:

      40 miles is too far in my opinion. 20 miles would be my limit with gas prices being so high still.

    • Katie says:

      My in-laws live about 35-40min. North of us, and I figure it costs about $8-$10 round trip (and most of that driving is on the freeway), so if you really feel like doing it, then $8 for something that’s usually a lot more might be worth it (depending on your gas mileage). However, my goal for clothing is always $3 per piece of clothing, so it wouldn’t be worth it to me.

    • katrina says:

      I would drive 40 miles for an expensive sweater! Some of that stuff you cant get for under $10.

  • Katie says:

    Here are the stores that carry apparel:
    4001 SPEEDWAY, IN
    4044 NEWARK, DE
    4049 SANTA ANA, CAL
    … 4099 CORONA, CA
    4158 SAN LEANDRO, CA
    4328 SAN DIEGO, CA
    4330 TIMONIUM, MD
    4345 WINTER PARK, FL
    4356 NASHVILLE, TN
    4486 GRAPEVINE, TX
    4619 FENTON, MO
    4696 HAZELWOOD, MO
    4697 MILPITAS, CA
    4823 FALL RIVER, MA
    4958 ONTARIO, CA
    4994 RICHMOND, VA
    5230 LIVONIA, MI
    5342 DEPTFORD, NJ
    5361 W. ORANGE, NJ
    5365 DELAND, FL
    7089 PHOENIX, AZ
    7359 OCEANSIDE, CA
    7438 BREA, CA
    7450 N. OLMSTED, OH
    7577 ALGONQUIN, IL
    7592 DUBLIN, OH
    7612 MARIETTA, GA
    7631 ARLINGTON, TX
    7659 TORRANCE, CA
    7704 RIVER GROVE, IL
    9112 LENEXA, KS
    9497 HAYWARD, CA
    9870 WOODSTOCK, IL
    9888 CLACKAMAS, OR
    9944 BALTIMORE, MD

  • Kristin says:

    yea, our nearest is around 6 hours away, definitely too far! bummer :(

  • Rachel F. says:

    That is incredible! We have two within 20miles here in St Louis. I’m very excited about this! I could essentially get a Christmas gift for FREE every week until 2012! That is amazing!!!!

  • jill says:

    I am kinda confused so i have this card now.. do I print it out and show them? where does it say I get free apparel?

  • Krysta says:

    Bye! Off to sears! WOO!

  • M.A. says:

    I’m so excited about this. My store is included on the list, and it’s only 4 miles away. I’m just a little worried because I don’t have my card with me, but I do have my welcome email. I posted a question on their FB and they said it should be fine. Let’s hope the store agrees! LOL!

  • A says:

    Awesome! I have one about 15 minutes away! I will definitely start going….starting next Tuesday! :)

  • Suzanne says:

    i’m on the phone w/ Sears now in St. Louis and they say you need to have the coupon from the email (print it out) that they send you AND that coupon will be for the free apparel. I have yet to receive this “coupon.”

    • Laura says:

      No, I didn’t have the coupon. They didn’t care. They told me as long as I had my reward card I was fine. She said she knew a lot of people didn’t get the coupon and it was no problem at all.

    • M.A. says:

      I just called my store in Torrance, CA, and they said I need a coupon too. bummer! I’m on their email list and never got one about the free apparel.

    • Megan says:

      I did not receive a coupon and I did have one set up with my account but they had a code that I could use. I am a little nervous for future trips since I didn’t receive a coupon this time around.

    • cyndi says:

      Which St.Louis sears are you referring to – the one at the Mills or the one at Festus. I thought I saw somewhere were only outlet stores were included in the deal and not stores in a mall. Do you know if the Sears at the Millls is included? Thanks

    • M.A. says:

      Ok. so I posted a question on Sears Outlet Stores FB page and the admin said they’ll call my store. Because you should NOT have to have a coupon to get your free apparel. Just be a Shop Your Way Rewards member. Now, I just got off the phone with the Torrance store (2nd time calling) and they changed their answer right in the middle of the conversation saying that you DON’T need a coupon.

      It might help letting the FB page admin know if the store is giving you a hard time, and they’ll contact your store. Then call the store and hear what they have to say. HTH! Good luck everyone! This is a pretty exciting offer!

    • Diane says:

      If you look on the Sears Outlet face book page and read the comments, around comment #36 you will see that they(Sears) said that you do NOT have to have a coupon. So all of you how are lucky enough to have an outlet with apparel enjoy.

  • Megan says:

    I just went there and there was not a large variety of clothes and it was mostly basis stuff however I am very appreciate of this as I just lost a bunch of weight and need all the basics. I had some points on my rewards card as well so I paid a couple of bucks for 3 items. Not a bad deal at all and I will be going each week…especially since it’s 3 minutes from my work and 5 minutes from home.

  • Laura says:

    I went and got a super cute long sleeved button up top!! You also don’t have to pay tax!!

  • Alea says:

    My husband stopped by our store and there was NO men’s apparel – just a few women’s things and a TON of young kid’s apparel, so he got something for our toddler. :)

  • jessica says:

    Thanks for posting this. I rushed over to my Clearwater outlet and sure enough they were doing it. I was able to score an amazing evening gown for an upcoming wedding or new years party for FREE! Yeah, cant wait till next Tuesday!

  • emily says:

    i am so confused – Collins post said “today only” so is it every Tuesday or just today?

    • Kim W. says:

      It’s every Tuesday until Christmas. I verified with a clerk today. I’m sure you’ll have to print off a separate coupon each time. Mine was in an email link that I received today.

  • Kim W. says:

    I was able to score a 100% cashmere sweater for $0.00. I’m so super stoked about this deal as ours is only 5 minutes away. The Lenexa, KS store had a pretty wide selection of men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing. I’m do excited for next week! Note: you might have to dig a bit to find the good stuff, but free is totally worth it!

    • Krysta says:

      Wow, thats lucky. I had a hard time.. I settled for a tutu for my daughter for dress up, but wasn’t really worth driving there for. Not a huge selection to begin with, but a lot of the clothes there were ripped and stained, so it was a little disappointing.

  • Heidi S says:

    Yay, I went by our Sears Outlet today and got a super cute sweater for free! They do have a lot of men’s clothes at our Ohio location, as well as kids dress up clothes such as kids suit jackets and vests with ties…etc. When I called my store they said I did need a coupon, but I called the shopyourway rewards number on the back of my card, and they gave me a coupon code to use. No prob! The in store coupon does say that it excludes outerwear.

    • emily says:

      if you don’t mind me asking which location in ohio? i was wondering about perrysburg, ohio

      • Anonymous says:

        I went to the Perrysburg store and they did have a lot of clothes (mostly women but also some men’s and kids) I was hoping to score a Land’s End item but those were very few and far between (and the ones I found were very plus sized). You had to dig to find the good stuff but I ended up with a Nordic Trak dry fit zip up (original retail was $40!) The majority of the items were inexpensive juniors brands and the price there was only $6-$8. But, I’m going next week to pick up something for my husband to wear while hunting (flannel, thermal etc)

  • ScrapGal says:

    I got a dress for my daughter. There was quite a few things but most of it wasn’t my style. I was hoping for something formal but there really wasn’t any. My daughter can use the dress for an upcoming school club photo where they have to dress up. BTW it was marked at $10, but hey free is even better!

  • smithse38 says:

    I just scored a pair of tan dress pants for free! Note that all of the clothes were already marked down to $10 or less. You have to dig for something good! However, free is always worth rooting around! Thanks for this post!

  • jill says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I had a ball! I went to the outlet 9 miles (mostly expressway) from my house. I drive a mini cooper so I figure gas was less than $2 for this fun little adventure. I found a Lands End cardigan in great shape in my size and it was completely free (not even tax!) They did not have a big selection of things in my size but I have a friend collecting clothes for a family who escaped a fire in their home with just the clothes on their backs, another friend works with low-income senior citizens and my boyfriend discovered vegetables and lost 30 lbs — so now his pants are all too big. I’ll probably go every week!

  • Bethany says:

    How neat is this! Going next week – figure if I can’t find something for myself, I’ll pick out the nicest garmet I can find for the donation bin!

  • Bethany says:

    Such an awesome deal! My husband and I both have accounts so we were able to score 2 FREE shirts. I am so excited that this is every Tuesday until Christmas! The store first said we needed a coupon but later said we did not, so we were fine without the coupon. There were only women’s and childrens clothing, but there were tons of options! Can’t wait to go back!

  • Angie B says:

    The nearest Sears Outlet to me is about an hour and a half drive and I’m not sure they even sell apparel. I’ll have to call ahead. I liked to go shopping out that way anyway so it may be worth the trip!

  • cyndi says:

    Hi: does anybody know if the sears outlet at St. Louis Mills is one of the stores? I thought I saw somewhere where it had to be a stand alone outlet store and not in a mall. Please help me on this one before I make the drive out there. thanks cyndi

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