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Walgreens: Select Toys Only $2.33 Each ($6.99 Value!)

6:02 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

UPDATE: Make sure to read through the comments, as this deal appears to not be ringing up the way I have posted for most readers. If that’s the case at your local Walgreens, you can still score a sweet deal… the toys will ring up buy one at $6.99 get one FREE, so $3.50 each!

If you are looking for some nice, yet still inexpensive stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts, you may want to head on over to Walgreens. Through 11/23, select toys are on sale buy one at $6.99 – get one FREE! Even sweeter, according to reader, Kristy (who left a comment on the Walgreens post), if you buy 3 toys together they will ring up 3/$13.98 AND also ring up buy one get one FREE. So she was able to score the following deal by combining both sales…

* Buy 6 select toys on sale 3/$13.98 + buy one get one free Is not working for most readers! :(
Final cost only $13.98 for all 6 toys – $2.33 each!

Here’s the full comment reader, Kristy, left on the Walgreens weekly deals post:
The tag on the $6.99 toys also says 3/$13.98. Combined with their BOGO deal I got 6 toys for $13.98 or $2.33 each – and they’re good ones! Littlest Pet Shop, Little People, Mighty Beanz, playground balls (my kids are wall ball crazy! :) , Potato Head… Sweet!

Seems like a great deal to me! And these would also make great donations to Toys for Tots!

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  • carey says:

    I did this deal but they did not ring up like that they rang up bogo so $3.50 each.

  • Sia Hills says:

    Sorry if this is a duplicate comment, I “think” I deleted last one. This is a great deal, but my local Walgreens did not ring the toys up like that (just to let others know this probably wont work at every Walgreens). I did the toy deal on Sunday, and got a whole cart full of toys. They rung up at $6.99 for first toy and Free for second one. Still a great deal though, I stocked up this week. Got 12 toys for under $42!

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh I am so wanting to check this out and see if it would work. may go here soon since it is slower in the evening. I would love to get my just turned 1 year old son some more Little People toys. Worth trying. If it does not work for 6 toys, it is still a good deal for BOGO

  • Tacy M says:

    Any military out there can shop tomorrow and get an additional 15% off everything! I LOVE combining my military discount with the sales!

    • Brandie says:

      at walgreens? didn’t know they did military discounts ever

      • Tacy M says:

        Every Tuesday, just show ID before they ring up your transaction. It’s 20% off Walgreens store brand items, and 15% off nearly everything else!

        • Anonymous says:

          Just make sure to ask a manager if they honor military discounts in your area because not all the Walgreens do it. I’m in a heavily military populated area, so we do the discount at my store. But it’s a regional policy.

      • Faith M. says:

        Yes Walgreens does military discounts. When my DP was stationed in Dover, DE…. We found out on “accident.” LOL I kept going to Walgreens to buy Webkinz and the lady that worked there at night told me they did military discounts. It pays to get to know someone working there on a regular basis.

        Anyways, we had to go to the back counter, where they did photo processing, etc… to get the military discount. They didn’t do it at the regular check outs. They did it all the time too, not just particular days. Check with your store though!

    • Anonymous says:

      YES! I forgot about that. Thank you! I totally would of spaced it tomorrow. :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m curious if this deal is working for everyone…
    Would love to hear!

  • Racqyel says:

    Does anyone think the Rio deal will be any more cheaper on Cyber Monday or so. Still debating if to buy. Help!

  • Sara says:

    I just got off work ( I work at Walgreens) and they weren’t ringing up like that at my store either. They rang up $6.99 for the first 0.00 for the 2nd then $3.50 each after that.

    • Keri says:

      That would have been nice at my Wags, because I really wanted to buy 5.

      My first rang up $6.99, second $0.00, third $6.99, fourth $0.00. So I had to buy an equal number to get the deal.

      I’ll probably just go back tomorrow and get the one I wanted and find one more. Just can’t pass up such a good deal! Thanks Collin!

  • Ginny H says:

    Is the military discount always on Tuesdays?

    • Daphne Luchsinger says:

      Our military days are on Thursdays so I guess it depends on the region. I live in Northwest Florida.

    • Tacy M says:

      Here in CO (Colorado Springs) it’s always Tuesday.

    • Jennifer S. says:

      We don’t get it here in Oklahoma but we got
      it in Alaska. Go figure!

      • Jody says:

        When I moved to Fort Leavenworth, KS from Colorado Springs there was no military discount. There had been a military discount in Colorado Springs. I wrote an email to the corporate office regarding the lack of a military discount in Kansas. Within a couple days, the manager of the local Walgreens called me and said he was looking into the military discount and would get back to me. Guess what? We now have a military discount. It is totally worth it to email corporate or approach the manager about it.

  • Kele says:

    It did not ring up like that for me either. I was curious and asked the assistant mgr. So we tried it out and nope the BOGO sale over rides the B2GO.

    • Krystal says:

      Do you know if they had the newer computer touch screen register systems? I’m curious to see if the deal works on the old registers. I’ve had previous deals work better with the older systems than on the new ones.

  • Anonymous says:

    i think you may need to point out to the cashier that the tag says 3/13.98. there is no reason they shouldnt adjust the price, just because there is a bogo deal.

  • Sarah Beth says:

    I did this sunday night–got 8 toys for $3.50 each! i have three boys under 4, so this sale was perfect!! also, wrapping paper was bog2 and many bows, ribbons, and tags were bogo so i went crazy getting everything i need this season

  • Edith says:

    I wonder if it was working Sunday then was corrected in their system today…

  • Amanda says:

    This was obviously just for her, or she went in yesterday and it has been corrected, because everyone is stated it DOES NOT work, and it did not work for me… so maybe take the post down, because it will just make some people mad….You only got ONE confirmation, so you should have not jumped and posted it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amanda u need to ease up…relax. When she posts them she does so to get feedback. If she didnt post so quickly we’d miss out.

    • marcia says:

      Please don’t tell Collin what she should and shouldn’t do. Most of us here love her and cannot stand for people to comment about her like that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow…really. Bitter much? How about thanking Collin for everything that she does to save us all money instead of caching an attitude about her posting a deal that may or may not work. Last time I checked, everything was try at your own risk…

    • Stac says:

      If she didn’t jump and post sometimes we would all probably lose out on a lot of good deals. Sometimes things don’t work out – you just gotta be prepared for that in the world of bargains. Colin is amazing and should keep doing things exactly how she does them! I mean she’s got 3 kids and still manages to pull of this amazing blog. Impressive!

    • hip2savers says:

      Hi Amanda,

      I have updated the post to reflect this.

      I am honestly busy working on all the Black Friday deals that I will be posting tomorrow, so I didn’t have time to go out and test this deal. I did, however, think it was worth giving you all a heads up on, as it seemed like such a great deal… but I do apologize as it is clearly not working for most of you. :(

      On a positive note, I personally think $3.50 is still a great deal for lots of these toys!

      • Anonymous says:

        Why are you apologizing? You do an amazing job and most of us, I obviously can’t say all of us, appreciate everything you do! So a deal doesnt work for everyone– oh well…it’s try at your own risk. Just because Bitter party of 1 over here has a problem, it doesn’t mean we all do.

      • Christina says:

        Collin, Still a great deal and amazing donation ideas. Thanks Collin. Of course your busy doing such a great thing for so many people. :) Happy holidays, please enjoy as much as possible with your loved ones and not worry about the posts :)

      • nicole says:

        Keep your chin up, Collin! We love you. There’s no need to pay attention to nasty, unthoughtful words.

      • Michaela says:

        Classy as always Collin! Thanks for the great deals!

      • Rachel Jokela says:

        Thanks for everything Collin! I couldn’t get all the deals I do without you and am so pumped for the Black Friday match-ups for tomorrow!

    • Wendy says:

      Amanda, how could you be so unkind? You should be so grateful to even get a hint of a good deal. Shame on you.

    • Heather says:

      That was very rude.

    • Toni S. says:

      I hope you are as quick to thank Collin for all the great deals you do get as you are to complain that this did not work for everyone.

    • Melody says:

      I think the only person mad is you!…Grow UP! You are so ungrateful! Collin does not have to do this and she could instead keep all the good deals to herself.. Thank you for everything Collin :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Man! I am so sick of seeing people so ungrateful for things today! Once it was the people posting about not getting free frosting coupon and now you because a deal doesnt work out to what a dollar less? Seriously!? 3.50 is a sweet deal on toys and I will be heading out tomorrow! I didnt even know about this so THANK YOU COLLIN! Dang I wouldnt know about half the deals out there. Just cuz she posts a deal does not mean you have to get it try it etc.. this is all at your own risk. If it doesnt work out return it.

    • Melissa says:

      I think we agree that we all like Collin as a person but don’t forget that this is her JOB. She gets paid from all of us and I don’t see anything wrong with someone saying that the deal should have been tested first. We all need to use our own judgement though….I don’t blame anyone if I decide to jump in the car and drive 10 miles to give it a try – it’s MY CHOICE.

      • Rebeca says:

        Amanda (and Melissa, this is for you too): if Collin and her awesome family/staff rush to the door to try every single deal under the sun, she wouldnt have time to find and post ANY deal at all!

        Melissa, how much do you pay Collin to do “her job”? Bloggers make money from advertisers and they can see the blog as a hobbie, job or whatever, so she is free to do as she pleases and yet, she chooses to work so freaking hard!

        I have seen people correcting/adding/commenting to Collin’s posts and that’s totally fine, but really, is there a need to be rude? Is it so hard to add a “thank you” or a “please” or even better, both? Just my thoughts.

        • Joy H says:

          So I also went to do this deal tonight and it did not work for me as well. I would like to state, however; that when I questioned the cashier on it, I received the following response:

          “It was doing the 3 for $13.98 and giving 3 free earlier today but we got a call from corporate that is was out on the blogs and we had to fix it manually in our computers because it was double dipping.”

          So the deal WAS valid and Walgeens pulled it. This happens all the time and is expected in the coupon world. This website is an incredible resource for me and I think it is unfair to criticize or be rude because a deal fell through.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you write her a check every 2 weeks? I certainly don’t — Collin does not make money from us– and it’s not her job to test every deal herself. She gave us the heads up- it didn’t work out as planned– get over it and get on with your life.

    • Chris Kot says:

      Yes, please ease up. Just be appreciative that it was posted. I’m sure everyone knows some of the deals work regionally and sometimes they are hit or miss. It’s OK.

  • Stac says:

    Unfortunately I rushed out and tried it but it didn’t work for me either. They had a great selection though, so still some good stuff for $3.50.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great toys for tot donation toys!

  • Stacy Cooper Albert says:

    Great toys for tots donation

  • Ashley says:

    Does anyone know if WAGS price adjusts? Like my mom bought my son tons of these toys a month ago and now the sale is better.

    • Christina says:

      I think a month is to long, but I’m sure you can call the location and ask. Some managers are really amazing that way in customer service. I once bought an item and next day they went on clareance. Manager said not supposed to take it back and adjust but becasue i bought so much and shop in there so often, he did it anyway :)

    • bella says:

      maybe she could return them and re buy them with the curreny sale.

  • christina casey says:

    For 3.50 these are great toys they had alot of toy story stuff really nice toys for the price. thanks

  • Renae says:

    Still a great deal. Didn’t work at mine either but they did have an awesome selection of toys I could hardly decide what to get the nieces and nephews. I say any gift (and these were awesome toys!) under $5 is a GREAT deal in my book. May go back tomorrow and get more for birthdays this year.
    Thanks for all the work you do Collin!!!! I’m constantly checking your fab site and deals!!

  • robbie says:

    If my WAGS is out by now can I PM to walmart since it gives a price in the ad?

    Thanks Collin for all you do! It is very appreciative!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Yep! You can price match to Walmart since the ad states a price! yay! :)

  • linda says:

    Most if not all the toys are priced with a sticker that says “Buy 2 get 1 Free,” or 3/13.98. Buying 6 and paying $13.98 doesn’t work. Probably better off utilizing the current BOGO sale and get two per transaction ($3.50 per toy). (Most were only worth that any how) Happy hunting ladies and shop considerately!

  • Anonymous says:

    I personally dont think she needs to “test” every deal herself. She does other things besides her blog. And the comment about her making money off us shes not an affiliate for walk ins to Walgreens. All the sites she does make money from showing us deals she still has to put work into that as well. Blogging is a lot of work. If she tested every single deal we wouldnt know about half of them because they would all be gone. I havent noticed many mess ups or deals that dont work because of her.. usually its the company.

    • Chris Kot says:

      Agreed. If you come across a deal and it doesn’t work, just chop it up and go to the next deal. It’s one thing to be informative and another to be critical.

  • Alicia Pearson says:

    Mine didnt ring up that way. But its still a good deal

  • Anonymous says:

    I went this morning to get the puzzles. My daughter loves puzzles and they have a variety of characters and are a set of 3 wooden puzzles in a wooden storage box. I couldn’t believe the price and was happy to grab a few at 3.50 each. Thanks again Collin. This is by far my favorite site for deals. We understand you can’t test every one before posting, but I love the open comments so we can all help each other out.

  • Anonymous says:

    I actually bought the mixer for my granddaughter a couple of months ago while on vacation and needing to find some toys at the moment, we LOVED it, I was so surprised at the quality of the toy, we put water in it at first, kept us occupied for quite a long time, and then we used cool whip and preserves, she absolutely LOVES her mixer, I wouldn’t normally buy toys at a “drug store” but the toy is awesome, I will definitely go out and get more. Thanks for the post!

    • Rachel says:

      im glad to hear that, i was thinking of buying the mixer since i bought my kiddo the toaster last year. she got a kitchen last year and plays with it all the time.
      think ill head out tomorrow and get one.

  • Anonymous says:

    I bought four all together and after paying the were directly deposited into the Toys for Tots box. Collin, thanks for the heads up so that I can buy even more toys to donate to needy children!

  • CourtneyAmanda says:

    I rushed out to buy the deal, and no it didn’t work as posted, but Ladies! I got a porcelain Disney fairies tea set for $3.50!!! Great deal, even if it didn’t go quite as planned.

    Sweet little tea set for the babies, and several things for toy drops.

    I’m happy, and if Collin hadn’t posted, I wouldn’t have scored any of it!

  • lori says:

    I got the mixer, cars microphone and flashlight and these little dinosaur car dudes that my son will love! thanks!

  • Sharon says:

    If you have a dollar general store, they have colgate toal care toothpaste for .50. Walmart will price match and allow you to get 2 and use your 1.00 coupon. AWESOME. I am sending some to my mother who is on SSI. Walmart will price match ads and allow you to put them in layway!!!

  • Brenda Vicario says:

    I got them for $2.33 each and bought 6 at two different stores. At the first Walgreens I did have to have the manager do an override and he did take some convincing, but finally gave in. At the second Walgreens I went to the manager and she had no problem doing the override. I just stated that it does not specifically state that it excludes the 3/$13.98 deal when using the BOGO and therefore it should be honored:)

  • daycare lady says:

    my store manager price adjusted it so I got 3 at stated 13.98 and three free

  • raffelsol says:

    I went last night and got 6 toys. It didn’t ring up like that, but it was still nice to get toys for 3.50. Now I have my daughter, friend and cousins all taken care of for Christmas! I appreciate all your work in posting and love your blog

  • modern_mommy says:

    How long is this deal going for? I see the “4 days only” but when was the first day?

  • Krystal says:

    I am wondering if this deal will work on the older type registers (not the new touch screen registers)…has anyone tried this at their Wags with the older registers??? THANKS!!!

  • Amy says:

    Thanks for the deal. I wasn’t able to get them three for $13 but I am jazzed that I got 6 toys for $3.50 each! Yay! I will donate some to toys for tots for my good fortune. Thank you so much, Collin, for all your hard work! :D

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