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Penzeys Spices: FREE Kind Heart Gift Box ($12.95 Value!) with ANY $5 Purchase

2:02 PM MST
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* Update: You can change the shipping to slow and it will be just $3.95! (Thanks, Erin!)

Once again, Penzeys Spices is offering up a great freebie! You can snag this Kind Heart Gift Box FREE (retail value $12.95, marked down to $7.95) with ANY purchase of $5 or more. Just enter the coupon code WINTER during checkout to see the price deducted from your total. This Gift Box includes 1/4 cup jars of Arizona Dreaming, Mural of Flavor, Forward and 33rd & Galena… and would make a great gift!

* Note – you do NOT need to add this gift box to your cart. It will automatically be added when you enter the coupon code WINTER during checkout.

And check out what reader, Tisha, had to say about the previous Penzeys deal I posted:
Thanks so much for the recent post on the Penzeys spices free Teacher gift with order – I was able to order the Adobo spice – one of my favorites, but hard to find – and I got the FREE teacher gift!!! But I also received a free sample of the Tuscan spice and it was a BIG sample!!! It smells great and I can’t wait to use it – AND their catalog is FULL of recipes that I can’t wait to try – it came with the order too. This was my first time ordering from Penzeys and I have to say, I am completely impressed! The service was fast and ordering was easy and they are so generous!! I’m going to write them a thank you note as well!

* Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay around $4.95 for shipping (at least that’s what it came to for me) and it states limit one coupon redemption per household.

(Thanks, Kari!)

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  • Jennifer says:

    If you have a Penzeys close you might want to check your mailer catalog or your email as you can use this coupon in the store as well. I got this coupon in my email this morning.

  • Michelle says:

    I used two of the recipes that came in their catalog at Thanksgiving, and got rave reviews! Their spices are yummy and they have a TON of choices (even hard to find stuff) to choose from.

  • savedbycoupons says:

    These spices are awesome! I got the last deal when it was free.

  • Dawn says:

    Penzey’s is headquartered here in Milwaukee :) yum!

    If you can go to a store, it’s really fun to look around and smell everything :)

    • axhilli says:

      Yes I called and there are a quite a few locations in the Milwaukee area but most close at 6pm but still I won’t have to pay shipping yea!!!!

  • Ali says:

    I got this last month along with the teacher gift. Well packaged. The spices are great.

  • Rebecca says:

    I used winter and 82440C and got 2 gift boxes for free!!!

    1 82440C Free Kind Heart Gift Box 0.00 0.00

  • Erin says:

    These are wonderful spices. You can change the shipping to “slow” and it will be $3.95, also I used the code WINTER and then one of these two codes worked: 82440a or 82440c. Im not sure which one worked but one of them added a second Kind Heart box so I got 2 Kind Heart Gift Boxes, and 1 of the 1/2 c. size spices for $10.50 plus they usually throw in an extra sample of something else.

    Great deal :)

  • andrea says:

    Their vietnamese cinnamon is the best!

  • Adrianne says:

    Perfect! My hubby’s been asking for another spice set, and this sure beats the $25 I paid for a sampler at Williams Sonoma last year.

  • RB says:

    I love, love, love Penzeys. I buy stuff from them all the time. It doesn’t hurt that they often have freebie codes like this one or free samples. :) I got this gift box last time and I really liked the Arizona Dreaming and Mural of Flavor blends. Haven’t tried the other two yet. The set also came with a sticker and some recipe cards.

  • Lisa Weberg says:

    My Mom bought the Kind gift set for me for my birthday along with a larger gift set from Penzy’s as well. The Kind set spices are awesome and make meals so easy! I just ordered a couple of spices for myself and got the free Kind gift set for my son’s teacher for Christmas! Awesome!

    • Suzy says:

      The Kind box is great! Loved it, going to give it to my boyfriend’s Mom but tempted to keep it for myself. Penzys always throws in an extra 1/4 c. spice with your order. Just got apple pie spice- bet that is the freebie for December. Smells just like a finished pie. Yummy.

  • seana says:

    Just ordered. Got the free spice set but what I really wanted was the empty glass containers. Thanks for the post!

  • vercilla says:

    Thank You Collin! I got 5 spice jars because I like to mix my own seasonings and this would be great to have something to store them in and Thank You Erin for the code 82440c: I got @ FREE Kind Heart Gift Boxes and I chose slow shipping….. Shopping today has been awesome!

    • mel says:

      Thanks for the tip on the spice jars, I couldn’t decide what the buy!! I make my own steak rub & onion soup mix. These jars will def come in handy.
      Total for 4 jars & 2 kind boxes (thanks to the poster above for the 2nd code) = $9.35!

    • vercilla says:

      Sorry: Rebecca mentioned the code too! Thank You Too Rebecca! I am in Illinois so I should get that quickly!

  • Megan says:

    LOVE Penzeys! Thanks! :)

  • jwebb says:

    I got their kind heart gift box and the teacher gift box in previous deals. They are so nice, I highly recommend them. Plus they usually include a free sample of a seasoning. These kind heart boxes are great to have on hand for hostess gifts or when you need a small last minute gift.

  • Carol Schipper says:

    I got the Kind Heart Gift Box too, and a large sample spice. I love their recipes too, used a lot of them over Thanksgiving. Great company. Thanks Collin

  • Tracie says:

    Forward is *amazing* on eggs. Arizona dreaming is fantastic for anything tex-mex. I love the 33rd & Galena on red beans & rice. I am still not sure what to use the Mural of Flavor on – but it smells good.

    For this, I ordered a big bag of Arizona Dreaming, since I used that up so quickly. I was thinking of doing another order for the seasoned salt and their black pepper.

  • Cathy says:

    help please – where do you enter the coupon code?…after you hit the “place order” button will there be an additional page?? thanks!

  • Julie says:

    @ Cathy you have to send it to yourself to get the freebies. The coupon code box doesn’t show up unless you are the recipient. Took me a while and a phone call to figure that out! :)

  • Laura says:

    I have heard great things about these spices so I am giving it a try!

  • RB says:

    In case anybody’s looking for ideas of what to order to get this deal, here are some of my faves that you might not have tried before:

    -Sweet curry powder (it’s a very nice, mellow curry, not too spicy)
    -Tuscan Sunset (an Italian seasoning blend)
    -Zatar (great on hummus)

    But really, the quality of their stuff in general is great!

  • Danielle says:

    anyone tried the Bangkok Blend? it sounds wonderful! I have no idea what to choose though! So many choices!

  • Anita Myers says:

    Thank you for all the ideas…just got this:

    Qty Item No. Description Price Total
    1 15958 Penzeys Forward! 2.3 oz 1/2 cup jar 5.39 5.39
    1 82440a Free Kind Heart Gift Box 0.00 0.00
    1 82440C Free Kind Heart Gift Box 0.00 0.00
    SHIPPING $3.95
    SALES TAX $0.09
    ORDER TOTAL $9.43

  • Nat says:

    Help, I do not know where to enter the code WINTER? Please help.

  • kaylen says:

    Little disappointed with these people. I had ordered the free kind heart gift box last time and no package was sent and no one responded to my emails.

    • mel says:

      Have you called them? some co’s don’t reply to emails. If your card was charged, did you dispute the charge with your CC co?

    • Nancy says:

      Kaylen, I would try calling them 1-800-741-7787. They have amazing people at customer service and will be able to help you. I’ve shopped with them for years and they absolutley have the best employees to work with in the stores and the headquarters. Not to mention the best spices!

  • A.k says:

    They also have hot chocolate!

  • Hannah says:

    Penzey’s is one of my favorite things of all time! I order all of my spices from them now, and I have yet to be disappointed! At least one company hasn’t given up quality nowadays!

  • Alisha says:

    I just received my order even though I chose slow shipping! And I received 2 boxes of the Free Kind gift boxes!!

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