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Kohl’s: Did You Receive a $10 In-Store Coupon?!

7:30 AM MST
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Wow! If you are signed up for Kohl’ emails AND have a Kohl’s charge card (I think this is a requirement?), you may have received an email today with a *HOT*  $10 Promotional in-store gift coupon! Quite a few readers have emailed me about receiving one, so I thought I should post since lots of you may have deleted thinking it was trash. Also, it may have gone into your spam folder.

The subject line of the email is “$10 Gift + Use It With Your 30%, 20% or 15% Off!” and you can also search the email address it came from .

To use the $10 Promotional Gift, print the page in your email and take it to a Kohl’s store near you! * Coupon can ONLY be used once. One coupon per customer.

Come back to let us know if you also got this email!

(Thanks, Andrea, Danielle, and Laura!)

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  • Karin says:

    OMgosh – THANK U Collin! I had put mine in the “trash” email. Now to go spend it :) Have a Merry Christmas!

  • Rachael says:

    I guess I was one of the lucky ones to get one but I can’t use it because I fed my card to the shredder two years ago. Boo to the rule that you have to have a card to use it.

    • Marcie says:

      I am pretty sure they can look up your card number as long as you have ID. My sister does it all the time!

    • Nicole says:

      I work at Kohls and we have a policy called “Yes We CAN”…this means you CAN use the coupon without putting it on your charge…just remind them politely of this corporate storewide policy ;)

      • Joy says:

        Nicole, will they let you use the card # and pin …that someone shared with me? I don’t have the actually email with the barcode..or is it linked to their card only?

  • Danielle says:

    Got one and used it with a 15% off coupon to get k cups for 4.25 ! I don’t have a kohls card and wasn’t required to use one at checkout. But I did use my mothers once to order an item online… Maybe that triggered the email.

  • Stephanie says:

    I have a kohls card and receive kohls email, but I didn’t receive the $10 savings email. I even checked my spam folder, and it wasn’t there. :(

  • Ellen Tidwell says:

    I not only got the coupon but used it yesterday. One tip I can share is – if you have a smart phone, you don’t have to print the coupon. They scanned the coupon right from my phone. Then, you not only saved $10.00, but valuable printer ink as well!!!! Merry Christmas!

  • Joanne B says:

    Thank you Collin, I had trashed this , so glad you let us know about it. Merry Chrstmas to and your family!!!!

  • lilly says:

    I still have some more left if anyone is interested in saving $$$ :P
    Please email me at partyymagic AT

  • Lori says:

    If anybody received the $10.00 coupon and won’t be using it, I would totally appreciate receiving one. coupongarbage@aol dot com. Thank you.

  • Joy says:

    Anyone else get an email like mine below? I am not sure what info they need. I alread used a code for myself, got that shipment and this on is for my husband…

    Dear *******,

    Thank you for your recent order. Before we can continue to process your order we need some additional information.

    Please call us within 14 days at 1.800.311.1316 (outside the U.S./Canada dial 1.937.438.4197) between 8am and 9pm EST Monday – Friday, and 8am – 6:30pm EST Saturday & Sunday.

    Please note: As this personal information can only be verified via phone, we ask that you do not reply to this email.

    All charges processed in U.S. currency.

    Thank you for choosing Victoria’s Secret.


    Victoria’s Secret Customer Care
    Limited Brands Direct Fulfillment, Inc.
    8655 East Broad St.
    Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

  • Maribel says:

    I want to receve the $10 promotional gift card by mail how can I get it ?

  • Karen Linn says:

    Love the &10.00 coupns

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