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Kmart: Additional 50% Off Clearance Toys ( + Double Manufacturer’s Coupons Up to $1!)

8:31 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

I would suggest heading on over to Kmart if you are interested in adding some inexpensive toys to your gift closet. Currently, Kmart is offering up an additional 50% off ALL clearance toys! Yes, 50% off the already reduced clearance prices! They have done this previously and readers have been able to score lots of amazing bargains.

Erin over at Bargain Barton was able to score all of the toys pictured above for only $43 (+ tax) out of pocket! Wow! Here’s a list of the toys she snagged…

Hot Wheels Tire Shop Crash Pack, $6
Hot Wheels car Lot Crash Pack, $6
Polly Pocket B-Ball Blast, $2.50
Polly Pocket rollin’ Bowlin’, $2.50
Playskool Pound ‘n Pop Carnival, $7.50
Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Stacking Action Blocks, $4.50
Fisher-Price Tug & Rumble Airplane, $4.50
Mega blocks Dora’s School Adventure, $4.50
Kung Zhu Ninja Dojo Base, $2.50
Kung Zhu Special Forces HQ, $2.50

If you decide to head to Kmart, come back to let us know what deals you score!

Also, reader, Patricia, emailed about a rare coupon that’s available on Just head on over to the Kmart Coupon Center (wait for the page to fully load – will take a sec) and you’ll be able to print a coupon that will allow you to double manufacturer coupons up to $1 (limit 5) with $25 purchase requirement of Grocery and Drugstore items.

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  • Ashley says:

    We went yesterday and got the imaginex aircraft carrier for $17, a around $50 toy!

    • Noelle says:

      Thank You, thank you for the heads up on this! They were not marked clearance at my store but rang up $17 just like you said! I got 2!!

  • shanshan says:

    When you’re having a hard time, living off your stockpile, the $25 requirement just seemed unobtainable and annoying…

  • Amanda says:

    Just a heads-up for everyone: the “Double Coupon” coupon doesn’t expire until 4/28/12! So you may want to print out a couple & save them in case you do end up at Kmart at some point in the future. :)

  • Amanda says:

    I agree Shanshan…but.. good thing is this coupon doesnt exp till 4/28/2012!!!!

  • Leea says:

    I just saw on MSN tht 120 Kmart/Sears stores will be closing. Instead of closing, they need t odo some research into what would make them better sompetition to Target and WalMart.

  • Leza Cravens says:

    The Kmart coupon says: double coupons with the face value of $1.00 or less, limit 5 coupons per day per customer, and with a $25 purchase requirement of grocery and drugstore items on WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS starting 12/24/2011.
    Looks like it’s something they are doing every Wednesdays and Saturdays for SYWR members. The coupon did not have a bar code so I’m thinking you won’t need it as long as you scan your SYWR card.

  • Tracy Daniels says:

    I went yesterday and most kids clothes were 60%off I got Boxer Joe sweat pants for my son for 3.29 a sweat suit for my daughter for 9.99 and many shirts for 2.22 I skipped the toys and focused on clothes. I spent $40.00 and came home with 2 HUGE bags of clothes.

  • Jolene says:

    My sears had this sale before xmas & had all the new awesome toys that everyone wanted!! I just checked out kmart & it was kinda lame toys left…

  • TCourtney says:

    I found 2 Barbie Fairytopia dolls that were $1.75 each. Other than that, i agree the toys weren’t that great. You should definitely check out the baby section if you are in need though. They had the huggies boxes of the jean diapers for $10.97! I found some boxes that had $1 off coupons and even found 2 that had $3 off coupons!! The Santa diapers are on sale too, but mine didn’t have any boxes left. They also had other baby stuff on sale including some bibs, recieving blankets, etc. Not sure if every store will have them, but if you are heading out, it may be worth checking.

  • Candita says:

    No wonder they are closing so many Kmart stores nobody is shopping there because they have too many restrictions ” coupons up to $1 (limit 5) with $25 purchase requirement ” GEEZ for that I’ll go to Walmart and get my items free or under a dollar!

  • cgristina says:

    will walmart price match the weds and sat double coupon days I wonder?

  • Sandra says:

    I don’t know that anyone will scroll back through pages to read this, but just in case, I wanted to share:
    I went to Kmart tonight and want to share how this new coupon deal worked. First, I did not need to bring the online “coupon” from their coupon site that says you can get double coupons at Kmart…all I had to do was scan my reward card and the coupons doubled automatically. Second, I was not limited to 5 coupons total for the transaction; I actually used 7, but only the first five that I handed over doubled. So if you are using more than 5 coupons, but sure to hand over the highest value 5 coupons first. Last, no it wasn’t hard for me to get to the $25 mark. Here is one possible scenario:

    3 Angel soft @4.97 $14.91 (this is price after kmart coupon is scanned)
    2 Green Work Wipes $4.00
    1 lb of beef $3.00
    1 Velvetta Cheese $2.00
    1 One liter soft drink .99
    1 One liter soft drink .99
    Subtotal $25.80

    PLUS Totally free reward items:
    Rotel $1.97 free with purchase of beef &Velvetta (reward card deal)
    Tostitos 2.99 free with purchase of beef & Velvetta (reward card deal)
    RitZ Cracker 2.00 free with reward coupon fron kmart online coupons

    Manufacturer Coupons used:
    3 $1 Angel soft MC-doubled to $6 off
    2 Green Work Wipe coupons-doubled to $4 off
    2 $1 Coke Zero coupons-did not double for $2 off

    So I paid $13.80 plus tax and got $31 pre-tax dollars worth of merchandise. Almost all of these items in this scenario are also on sale, and I’m quoting the sales price. If you factored in the non-sale prices, it comes out to about $40 worth (pretax) of stuff for $13.80 or 66% off. Not free, but not bad. I’d suggest to be sure and have substitutions since any one of these items may be sold out, though.

  • Patty says:

    The printout that I received from the store on Wednesday it says they will double up to $2.00 with all the same other restrictions.

  • angie says:

    My kmart is closing down according to the new list released. Anyone else loosing there’s and has anyone found any good closeots? I’m m going to Chech mine today. OH AND ON A SIDE NOTE SAY A PRAY FOR ALL THOSE LOOSING THERE JOBS VERY SAD. I KNOW PEOPLE AT OUR KMART WHO HAVe been wORKING THERE SINCE 1978 nearly my whole life. I FEEL BAD FOR ALL THE PEOPLE LOOSING THERE JOBS.

  • becky says:

    I tried using a double coupon coupon, and it wouldn’t scan. So they told me even though its a Kmart coupon, if it won’t scan they can’t use it. That its probably my printer, but all my other printed coupons worked just fine. Lol.

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