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Old Navy: Winter Clearance up to 75% Off = Great Deals (Online and In-Stores)

12:19 PM MST
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Wow!  If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, you may want to head on over to your local Old Navy (or go here to shop online) as they are having a Clearance sale with items up to 75% off!

Check out what reader Crystal scored at her local Old Navy store…

“I stopped by Old Navy this morning and they had a nice selection of 0.97 clearance items.  I paired the clearance items with my Groupon for some sweet deals.  At Old Navy, I bought…

*3 pairs of flannel PJs ($0.97 each, regularly $20.00)
*4 fleece gift sets of a scarf, hat, and pair of gloves ($0.97 each, regularly $10.00)
*2 tubes of socks (3 pairs of socks per tube) ($0.97 each, regularly $10.00)
*5 fleece blankets ($0.97 each, regularly $10.00)

I used my Groupon ($20 value that I paid $10 for) so my final out of pocket cost was 10.75 total (the $10 I paid for the groupon and the $0.75 left over).  Not bad, eh?  I love to use items like these to donate in gift baskets for silent auctions or donate to the “Mitten Tree” (a hat/mitten/scarf drive) my church has each year.”

Keep in mind that Old Navy is also offering the Clearance sale online, but you’ll have to pay shipping or it is free on orders over $50.  Come back and let us know what goodies you score!

(Thanks, Crystal!)

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  • Lynn says:

    Just trying to understand… Why didn’n u use the full $20? U only used $13.58.

  • amy says:

    Would anyone recommend money pak to use to shop online. Would love to get in on some of these deals.

  • Bianca says:

    Just keep in mind clearance prices vary by store. My store doesn’t have anything for 97 cents. There are some good deals to be had, though.

  • melissa says:

    Are these deals better in store than online? How do the two (store vs. online) sales usually compare? Im new to all of this, so hoping for some guidence.

    • marcia says:

      I usually find better clearance prices in the store. hth.

      • Rachel says:

        i have found better prices in the store too but each store is a little different. The womens hoodies selling online for $26.94, I was able to get in store for 50% off & I also found slipper socks for $1.47 each as well! :-)

        • Rachel says:

          Plus if you are going to the store don’t forget to go to their Facebook page & print out a coupon too! Just click on The Hottest Ticket tab! You don’t have to be a Facebook member for this either if I am correct?! :-)

    • Lacey says:

      The day after Christmas I got my son a coat for $10.98 (reg $49.94)in store and online the same coat was $24.94 on sale. I find that online is usually double what my stores prices are. (each store varies)

    • Lisa says:

      I live near an Old Navy Outlet. The prices are always better in the store than online. The same item is usually twice as much online.

  • tma says:

    i can’t find anything for .97 online or even close to that :( if you do, please post. thanks! don’t have a store close by to visit.

    • Craig says:

      Nothing in Men’s that cheap either. Cheapest I think was a t-shirt for like $6ish. Oh wait, some gloves for like $4ish. PASS.

  • Emily says:

    so, i’m wondering if this is their semi-annual clearance that usually takes place mid Jan, or if it’s still to come?!? Any thoughts??

  • sue says:

    If you go to you can also print a coupon for 20% one item. You can print as many times as you want. You’ll just have to do separate transactions because you can only use on coupon per transaction.

  • sue says:

    Did anyone find 97 cent stuff in the Grand Rapids area?

  • Caitlen says:

    Did they add more items to this clearance sale? Because I know they have had a clearance sale going one in stores.

  • rachel says:

    i thought that groupon expired in dec? that was the reason i went ahead and used mine before christmas, b/c i knew afterward everything would be picked through so i used it for gifts when they had the graphic tee sale. i guess they must have had another groupon sale since then?

  • Delia says:

    I found several pairs of jeans that were clearanced at .97 so I bought all of them. They’re normally $29.50 per pair so 4 pairs were less than $5.

  • a says:

    Anyone got the scoop on what is left in Madison wi? east and or west towne ?! Thx!!

  • Brandy says:

    I just placed my order online, and when I checked out it said due to high purchase volume the size of an item in my bag has been changed. I can’t figure out what was changed though lol.

  • amanda says:

    how do i find the .97 stuff?

  • Melissa says:

    I went to ON today, and they were very low in stock. I did pick up a few items that my daughter needed and received bucks back. I have a question though, maybe someone can help me. After returning home, I realized I need to return a few items. What does that mean in terms of my ON cash? Do they take it back? Do I need to bring it with me if the cost goes below the appropriate amount? Thanks!

    • kmh says:

      From my experience, they do not take your old navy cash back. I’ve returned things several times and have never been asked anything about it.

  • Jessica says:

    Has anyone tried the OldNavy App lately?

  • rachel says:

    dont know if it’s already been posted, but L and T is having a clearance plus 25% off sale and have some cute kids stuff, some hoodies for $4.99 plus 25% off of that, in the clearance with free shoprunner shipping. just fyi :)

  • jessica says:

    Was the .97c stuff marked that? Thanks

  • Ashley says:

    i’m sad they closed the one in my town so i can’t check out the differences/store deals.

  • Joy says:

    The FB coupon excludes clearance. :(

  • jessica says:

    NOTHING is .97 cents at either Old Navy close to me… Ughh

  • Savannah says:

    I went to Old Navy last week and scored some nice stuff. Nothing was as cheap as .97 cents but they did have quite a few things 75% off. My husband and I both had $10 off coupons from the SnapAppy app that could be used on clearance items so we used both and I was able to get a top, a cardigan, a bottle of nail polish, some lip gloss and a cosmetics bag all FREE! My savings was over $54. I was quite pleased. Also, my husband went back the next day with a $5 off coupon and got 3 free bottles of Jones Soda. I’m loving the Old Navy app!

  • faith says:

    Hey, anyone have any clue about when they will be having the extra 50% off clearance?? Seems that its been awhile unless i missed it!

  • Michele says:

    Nothing good at my local Old navy! No 75% :( But oh well!

  • Dam Liz says:

    Only up to 50% off at mine, nothing good. No good deals

  • alyssa says:

    Every sweater that was normally $39.94, was $6.34…I got 3 really nice sweaters, all different. They had a huge selection in my store in NJ. I didn’t look at anything else, I didn’t see this, and didn’t know the rest of the store most likely had great deals as well. I have to take my son to the dentist nearby, I think I’ll go back today.

  • veronica says:

    my ON only had 50% off but i did find pair of mens jeans by the dressing rooms for .97 cents, then when i was looking through the womens rack i found one pair for $1.97 and one top for .97, that was it. so perhaps you had to dig through all the racks to find the cheap stuff. i dont even get out of bed for 50% off, so i would have been POed had i not found the 3 items i did. ON is not close by. i asked the cashier where the 75% off stuff was and she said that it was ony a 50% off sale and if you got lucky enough to find cheaper stuff then good for you.

  • rach says:

    not on fb anymore, so thought i would post here this 20% off gymboree if someone needs it. i wont use it.

  • mday says:

    I tried online Old Navy and I can tell you the savings weren’t that great! When I went to my local store then I saw the savings.. Please read below!
    You posted Old Navy discounts and sales… I just want to thank you because on our budget every penny counts! I just headed over there yesterday after I saw your post.. I keep track of your Hip 2 SAVE current on all of them so I wont miss the deals… I purchased 4 shirts two long sleeve and two short sleeve for my son and I bought four pair of womens soft wool winter socks and one pair of teenage very pretty pink gloves for my niece.. All for the Whooping price of 15.00 with tax… I must say even my 12 yr old son was astonished when he noticed the tags on the shirts said ” $2.47 and one for $3.97… Also, the socks womens socks were $1.47… Gloves pretty in pink 2.97…Great deals thanks for the information…….

    You might want to mention also to your readers that Bath and Body has currently 75% on their majority of winter and holiday stuff… I just headed over there yesterday picked up pocket hand sanitizers for $0.37 (you never see those top of sales in this time and age.))!!!! Also the hand soap which I love is $1.47..
    they had many many sales some of their lotions, and bath soap came out for $1.00.

    —–Original Message—–

  • Rei says:

    Finally got a chance to stop in ON today – the store I went to was overflowing with clearance items that were an additional 40% off the lowest ticketed price! I scored $232.34 worth of items for just $36 (which includes tax)! Plus the super nice manager gave me two $30 off $60 vouchers :)

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