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  View changes → $10 Off Any $10 Pet Purchase (No Minimum!) + $4.99 Shipping

8:47 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

I posted about a similar offer back in November and want to let you know that this *HOT* offer is still available to first time customers….

For a limited time,, a fairly new and partner site featuring pet supplies, is offering up $10 to spend on your first order of pet supplies (no minimum!). Just enter the promo code WAGTENBUCKS during checkout.

To get in on this great deal, head on over to and click on the banner (located in top left corner) to start ordering your pet supplies. There are a lot of items priced around $2 to $3 each, so be sure to browse around!

This would be a great way to snag snag some inexpensive pet food, treats, toys or supplies. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay $4.99 for shipping or it’s free with $49 orders, but this still seems like a great deal to snatch up! Also, note that offers FREE shipping when your combined total reaches $39, so if you’re not wanting to purchase $49 worth of pet supplies for free shipping, you may want to snag a few personal care or household items from to snag free shipping.

All you pet owners, please come back and leave a comment letting us know what goodies you score! :)

*Offer valid on first order only. No minimum purchase required. Expires 2/15/12. One offer per household. Discount applies to purchases only.

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  • Jackie says:

    I love! They have good deals and they ship things very quickly! I always get coupon codes to use on their site too. Since December I have received 2 $5 off codes, plus their prices are pretty low.

  • April M. says:

    Thanks Collin! I was on my way out today to get my dog new toothpaste but was able to order it from Wag AND get ear wipes shipped for what I would have paid just for the toothpaste in the store!

  • Arianne Gomez says:

    Thanks Collin!

  • Jennifer says:

    Wow, the price of their fit and trim dog food is $8 more than at walmart for the same size bag. I wonder why it’s so much more expensive? Oh well, I will stick to walmart for my dogs food. Thanks Collin for everything you do. You are truly amazing :)

  • Misty says:

    Thanks Collin. I was able to get some dog treats and allergy shampoo for my dog.

  • Danielle says:

    My dog loves Zuck’s Salmon dog treats which start with pure salmon. I usually buy the bag for $10 at a local holistic dog food store, but I just bought it for 5.98 (including shipping) with the coupon code. Pretty Good, THANKS for the code!!

  • lyn says:

    thanks collin! Just grabbed a Kong ball that my dog will love for a better price then what I would have to pay where I live. My doggie thanks you too… LOL

  • couponsforacause says:

    Just snagged a 4 lb box of biscuits for my 60 lb MOOSE puppy :) Also, I’d like to remind everyone to be sure to check the “Savings Center” on I was able to apply two eCoupons and snag free Spongebob Band Aids and free Johnson & Johnson Red Cross gauze with this order.

  • Sara says:

    I just placed my first order with about a month ago, using a $10 off promo code, and I was really impressed. I ordered two bags of IAMS cat food, and after the $10 off, I paid less than what we pay at PetCo. Best part, it shipped FREE to our house! They even included a bag of cat nip in the package as a bonus. I would definitely order from again.

  • amanda says:

    i love…they had a 50% off promo code about a month ago. It was awesome…27 pounds of Iams cat food was only $24.00 shipped to my house! Shipping is super fast too

    • Caitlin says:

      Wow, that’s awesome! Did they email you the code or what, and was it only for first time customers? I don’t think I’ve received an email on that, but that is an excellent price.

  • Sockmonkey says:

    I just got some $10 clippers I needed for my dog for half the price and shipped to my door. Thanks so much Collin :)

    • Debbie says:

      If you meant nail clippers, I can forget that deal.
      My chihuahua would bite the heck out of me if I try to clip her nails myself LOL!
      She is a stinker about that-have to make a visit to the tech at the Vets office.

  • Beata says:

    Thanks! Just got a great deal on dry Wellness puppy food. Besides the $10 off code there was also an ecoupon for $4 off making my total $15 cheaper than at the store plus free shipping :) Love it thanks again!

  • Deborah says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this great deal! I’m a new customer. I just adopted a new puppy and we are taking training classes. I purchased the Chuck It Treat Tote and Bil-Jac dog treats. The order came to 10.98 + 4.99 shipping. I used the WAGTENBUCKS promo code and all I paid was 5.97! I needed to get one of these treat totes anyway. It’s like getting a great deal on the tote and getting the treats for free! Yay!

  • Jamie says:

    They have great prices on Nylabones! I just got a XL chew shipped to my house for $4.99. These same bones are $15 at Petsmart. They’re on sale for $9.99 on GREAT DEAL! Thanks, Collin!

  • Deborah says:

    BTW … The only thing that I didn’t like about my order on was that I could not choose the color that I wanted. They pick the color for you. :( I hope I get red. :)

  • Natalie says:

    I got my puppy some food for a couple bucks less than Walmart and I didn’t have to leave my house :) Love that!

  • Wendy says:

    Just ordered a 52.99 bag of dog food for 42.99. Free shipping, AND I don’t have to drive 30 miles round trip, not to mention all my impulse purchases while in the store. SCORE! Thanks Colin!

  • Wendy says:

    Oh yea, I went through ebates, and got 4% back. Whoot!

  • Janet says:

    Hi Collin,
    I picked up 3 rib bones and a 3.5 pound bag of treats for just a little over $10 with your coupon!!! My Zoey will be thrilled when she sees her new treats!!!

  • Jennifer says:

    I got 3 dogs toys and added some keurig k-cups cups from to get the free shipping and got the 10 dollars off… I paid $31 for 48 k-cups ($29) and 3 dog toys ($12 for all 3).

  • Ashley P. says:

    I got a bag of dog food and a dog toy for my baby boy! He will love and it was free plus $4.99 shipping! I usually pay much more just for a bag of food. Thanks! :)

  • Crystal says:

    I got 2 xl dog bones $9.98 (free after code), then at I got 10ct spongebob bandaides (free after $1.50 ecoupon), tide free and clear 2x (used $2 ecoupn) $7.40, axe invisile solid ($1 ecoupon) $3.45, 2 johnson & johnson gauze pads ($3 ecoupon) $0.18, and 6 boxes of gluten free noodles for $11.98….total was $23.01 with free shipping. I also used ebates for 4% cashback. Thanks!!

  • Penny says:

    Thanks for the great post! I just ordered 2 new chew toys for our new puppy:)

  • Dekins says:

    I got snacks for my dog. I tried to sign my mother up and send her some treats for her dog and the site wouldn’t let me use the $10 off code even though I used my mother’s email address, home address, phone number and credit card; all different from mine. I think this is ridiculous.

    • Jenn says:

      I’ve had trouble with this company excepting a code. It said I’d already used it, but I hadn’t. I cleared my cache (for my Mac) and the code worked after that. Maybe it would work if you cleared your history out. I love this company so I hope you get it to work for your mom’s order.

  • kendall says:

    Thanks so much Collin, I was able to get the following & just paid shipping:

    Kong Kong Kitten Mice $4.99
    Hello Kitty 10 ct band aids FREE
    Zoo Meds Betta Plant $2.99
    Tetra Betta Plus $1.95

  • trixiestreats says:

    The kind of food I buy my dogs (Bil-Jac) is $15 more on than in my local pet supply stores! Whoa. So I’m going to try to find some other smaller items…

  • Christy G says:

    Personalized dog tag $23
    Hello Kitty Bandaids 1.49
    First Aid Butterfly closures 1.70
    Total $26.10
    Less coupons -3.19
    Less WagBUCKS code -10
    Less credit received for inconvenience of website error -$10
    Shipping was $2.99
    Total OOP was $5.99
    Yeah me

  • trixiestreats says:

    It says 4 sites/1 cart, and yet I have 2 different carts — one with merchandise from and one with merchandise from How do I merge my carts?

  • Marie says:

    Off topic, but I have a $10 off any $35 purchase at American Eagle / Aerie / 77 Kids. The code is 10034208495386500870. It can be combined with the discount on the clearnace, but it expires TONIGHT. Hope someone gets to use it!

  • Karen says:

    For those who have dogs that love to fetch, the Chuck it launcher is on sale for 9.79, free after the code. $4.99 for a chuck it launcher is an incredible deal figuring they are at least $13 at target, and much more at the other pet stores.

    also 2 chuck it balls are on sale (med size – regular size) for 6.79 for two. order two and get them both for under $10. Amazon sells these for at least $10 for two, and target sells them here for 10.79 for two. so its almost like buy one get one free!

    I also love their stuff comes in the cutest box (not a plain brown box), and they always include a treat sample.

  • Marlena says:

    Got 3 boxes of Nathan’s Hot Dog Treats – Beef Flavored for $6.96 shipped! Amazon has them for $3.24 each. Great deal since I didn’t have to go to the store to get the treats.

  • Abby says:

    Thanks Collin! I was able to get some filter media for my fish tank for much less than I would have had to pay anywhere else. Plus I was able to use 2 coupons and score free band aids and gauze pads!

  • Amy says:

    Picked up a 6 month supply of frontline plus – for way less than our local feed store. Thanks!!

  • Samantha says:

    Yeah – I just got 2 bags of cat food, a tube of lotion, hello kitty band-aids, and first aid tape for $30!! Less than I would have paid for 2 bags of cat food alone!

  • Amy says:

    Thank you! I missed out on this the last time but took advantage of it this time & got some free Band-Aids and gauze too! Those should come in handy as I try to tame/train the feral cat I took in! :)

  • cdawnt says:

    I had trouble with my cart. The $10 coupon applied and then I decided to add something else to my cart and then it said I already used my code! I called and a very nice customer service man actually answered this late at night and he fixed my cart and checked me out. $10.97 for Olay Soap with Shea, 3 boxes of Band-Aids, 3-pk Ivory Soap and 7 Lb bag of Meow Mix. :)

  • Ashley says:

    I have never ordered from here and was thinking about it. what coupons are you guys using for band aids and gauze and stuff? can you use regular coupons from the paper? I didn’t think you could.

  • Andrea says:

    Wohoo! I got the Natures Miracle Stain & Odor Removal, 32oz for $4.99 (was $9.99 so got it free just paid shipping). I normally paid 12.99 at PetSmart for i!

  • Shelley says:

    My dog, the mighty Spartacus, (20 lb. Cairn Terrier) eats Natural Balance. Its cheaper on, but you have to purchase $49 worth of stuff for free shipping (without free shipping, it costs more.) I wish some of the promos where for existing customers.

  • Ashley Monroe says:

    I got 2 17.5 lbs bags of Iams minichunks food for my 3 chihuahuas. I also got a pooper scooper so I don’t have to turn a plastic bag inside out anymore lol. Thanks!

  • Rebecca B. says:

    Thanks so much for this deal! We just got a new puppy last week and I haven’t bought him a bed yet. I just saved $10 on a bed making my total, with the $2.99 shipping I had to pay, $15.98! I also grabbed the free band-aids and gauze pads. Thanks again!

  • midget says:

    Cool! I was just going to get my dog another jolly ball, because she loves them, but wags actually sells Taste of the Wild! $37 and free shipping, where I spend $45 at the feed store. Another two months of food for my 90lb GSD. (she would have liked the ball better; kibble is so blah..)

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