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Recyclebank: Earn 20 More Points

11:59 AM MST
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Update – You can also earn an additional 10 points by completing the Pantene quiz under the Earn Points tab on Recyclebank! (Thanks, Katie!)

Here’s a chance for you to earn 10 more Recyclebank points!  Head on over to the Recyclebank and log into your account (or register), and click on the Pantene Nature Fusion box (like pictured above) to earn 10 more points!  You’ll just need to accept the pledge on Facebook to learn more about how the Pantene bottle is made and join the journey to sustainability.  Plus, you’ll also be entered to win Recyclebank’s all-expense paid Day of Beauty for you and a friend!

Also, why you’re over there visiting the Pantene Facebook page, why not download Colbie Caillat’s new mp3 “Brighter Than the Sun” for FREE!? I love her music! :)

What’s Recyclebank?

If you’re new around here, you are probably wondering what the heck RecycleBank is. RecycleBank partners with cities and haulers to reward households for recycling; households earn RecycleBank Points that can be used to shop at over 1,500 local and national businesses. Once you have signed up for an account, you can start earning points immediately by clicking on the “Earn Points” tab and taking quizzes. You can then use your points to purchase high value coupons for groceries and/or discounts at online stores. After signing in, click on the “Get Rewards” tab and you’ll be able to start scrolling through the rewards they have available.

(Thanks, Free Stuff Times!)

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  • bdm says:

    Not sure where else to ask this question, so here goes: Has anyone figured out the magic behind ordering a Recyclebank coupon for Harris Teeter (or anything else that expires at the end of every month) at just the right time so that it doesn’t expire a few days from when you get it?

    Specifically, I grocery shop only once a month and usually at the beginning of the month, so if I order the Harris Teeter $10 off $50 coupon around this time of the month, there’s a chance it will expire 1/30 and I won’t get to use it, but if I wait a couple more days trying to get past the mid-month mark, I won’t get the coupon in the mail in time.

    Any tips? Recyclebank has horrible customer service so that option is exhausted.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Caro says:

      I can’t help you with your question, but I thought you might be monitoring this, so thought I would ask you my question. How does one print the coupons in My Cart?

      You’re right about Recyclebank’s customer no-service. I’ve contacted them twice about this and have received no response.

      Good Luck with your question. Thanks!

    • Lee Willhite says:

      I too was waiting and waiting for the HT coupon. I requested it about 1/2 and just received it 1/20. Recyclebank’s website states something like 7-10 days, but it always takes much longer than that.

      I’ve noticed that they usually expire at the end of the month so I hesitate to order the month before in the event I have only a few days to use it.

  • katie says:

    i got 10 points for the pantene pledge and another 10 for the pantene quiz.

  • Debbie says:

    Have you checked the cost in points for $2. Kashi today? 150!!!! They went up!
    And just when we needed them to do our Publix deals this week! :( Ugh!

  • nickyB says:

    I just went on Recycle bank & earned my 20 points & the Earthbound Organic coupon is gone!!! I am really bummed out. Anyone know of any produce coupons anywhere?

  • Martha says:

    Does anyone else have problems collecting point on Recycle? I click and nothing happens!

  • Smellyann says:

    Thanks for the free MP3, I love her music, too!

  • LisaR says:

    Right when I have enough point to get the 250 Coke Rewards points!! They took it away!! Darn, and they stopped the $1 and BOGO Coke Q’s too!! I’ll just hold on to my 700 point for something good!!

  • Susan Hart says:

    I am also noticing no points showing up and the mysterious dissapearance of the Harris Teeter Coupon. whats up with that.?

  • Linda says:

    Is there a Harris Teeter coupon on Recyclebank? I couldn’t find it!

  • Cheryl S. says:

    Yes I am having the same problem! :(

  • Caro says:

    How does one print the Recyclebank coupons? I have 2 in my cart, but see nothing that says how to print them. I have contacted recyclebank twice with no response. I need them today, Friday, to take advantage of a great sale. Thanks!

  • katie says:

    i cant find harris teeter coupon either.. but when you are ordering it will tell you expiration date before you order.. with harris teeter i have found them to expire the last day of the following month usually.. but i always check before placing order.. kind of like when ordering kashi it tells you date it will expire which is usually 30 days from printing..

    hope this helps?

    btw i am so mad about kashi increase too! and they are never on sale anymore.. i hope they bring harris teeter coupon back soon

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