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Sign Up for “The Club” at Your Local GGP Mall = FREE $10 Birthday Gift Card + More

11:57 AM MST
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If you live near a GGP Mall and are looking for ways to save on shopping expenses, then this post is for you!  Whenever you sign up for “The Club” (it’s completely FREE!) at a participating GGP Mall, you’ll receive exclusive Mall and retailer promotions, sale alerts from your favorite stores, Mall event invitations, a chance to win a $5000 Mall shopping spree each quarter, and more!

In fact, reader Elizabeth emailed to let me know that she recently received an email from her local Mall with a birthday offer for a completely FREE $10 American Express Mall card (no purchase necessary!) since it was her birthday month!  How cool is that!?

So, I decided to head on over here and sign up for “The Club” for my local Boise Mall and within about 10-20 minutes I received a “Welcome Email Offer” for a $10 American Express Mall Card whenever I spend $75+ in one day at my local Mall within 10 days of receiving the email offer!  Awesome!  If you’re interested in receiving similar benefits and offers and live near a GGP Mall, be sure to check out the details below.

Here’s what you’ll need to do…

* Head on over here, click on your state, and find your local GGP Mall.  These Malls are located all throughout the United States, so be sure browse through the directory or click on your state and city to find the closest mall near you.

* Next, click on your local Mall’s website link found on that page.

* After clicking on your local Mall’s link, click on the tab at the top of that site called “The Club.”  If you do not see this tab on your local Mall’s home page, then they may not be offering this promotion currently.

* Fill out the form and sign up for your FREE membership to “The Club” for your local Mall.  Within 10-20 minutes you should receive a Welcome Email with the same offer I mentioned above for a FREE $10 American Express mall card whenever you spend $75+ in the same day.  Also, you’ll receive future member benefits like exclusive mall and retailer promotions, sale alerts from your favorite stores, Mall event invitations, a chance to win a $5000 mall shopping spree each quarter, and more!  Plus, it sounds like you’ll receive a special $10 offer during your birthday month…can’t beat that! :D

(Thanks, Elizabeth!)

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  • Ashley says:

    Woohoo, my mall was included! I signed hubby and myself up :)

  • Tashera says:

    Thanks, my mall was included! My birthday is tomorrow, I hope I’m still able to get the offer.

  • Dawn says:

    We’ve done this for the past 2 years, and at least our mall sends them out AFTER the 15th of the month that it’s your birthday, and you have THAT week only to come in during mall office hours with ID to pick up your card. Very Cool.
    ***FYI, you DON’T have to use it at the mall! It’s just a basic American Express gift card. We usually use it for gas because we rarely have money spend on “mall stuff” ;)

  • Dawn says:

    Ps! The birthday one is just a FREE $10. Nothing to spend/buy before you get it. You just have to print the email out and turn it in :)

  • Amy says:

    YAY! Thanks!! One of our local malls was on the list, I was actually quite surprised! And my birthday is in April! So that means not too long to wait! Thanks!

  • VictoriaF says:

    This is a great promotion!! My husband and I signed a year ago. So far, we got several free $10 gift cards (no purchase necessary): on birthdays, mother/father days and other holidays. They’ll send you an e-mail with a free $10 card offer, you print it and redeem at your mall. Best part, it’s an American Express card and can be used everywhere, not just at this mall.

  • Molly says:

    Do I have to redeem the same day I make my purchase?

  • Suzanne says:

    this is an AWESOME CLUB. I have been in the St. Louis Galleria Club for about 2 years and I get about $40/year in gift cards by responding to promos and YES they are Amex cards so you can use them most anywhere! At the holidays, they had a double promo + a gift giveaway too.

  • Crescent City Couponer says:

    The Oakwood Center in Greta is a participating mall. Can’t wait until my birthday :) –Good Friday!

  • Carol says:

    Passed this by earlier in the day. Checking tonight, I find my favorite mall (Lakeside in MI) is a GGP mall. Definitely signed up for this offer.

  • Terry says:

    I have been a member for 2 years and this year on my B-day I didn’t get an email for the $10 AX gift card. Called to see if something was wrong and they said they have discontinued giving them out on B-days. Darn! My mall is Clackamas Town Center, Oregon.

  • Caitlin says:

    My local mall is a GGP mall! I had no idea they offer this! Awesome!! :) My birthday is March 1, so hopefully I signed up in time to get the free birthday $10 gift card! :)

  • rhonda says:

    If you get the birthday e-mail get there as soon as you can. I waited 2 days and they had already run out :(

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