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Lysol No Touch Kitchen System: Free/Cheap at Rite Aid and Target (After Rebate!)

8:53 AM MST
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If you happen to have the April issue of All You Magazine, you may have noticed that there is a $3 mail-in rebate for the Lysol No-Touch Kitchen Starter Kit on page 100. Use this rebate to snag a great deal on the Lysol No Touch Kitchen System at both Rite Aid and Target this week.

Rite Aid Deal Scenario

Lysol No-Touch Kitchen Starter Kit $6.88
Use the $3/1 coupon from the 2/26 SS, 3/18 SS, or from the All You Magazine March issue
Pay $3.88
Get a $1 +Up Reward (limit 2 offers)
Submit for the $3 mail-in rebate found in the All You Magazine April issue
Final Cost FREE!

Target Deal Scenario

Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System Starter Kit $9.99
Use the $3/1 Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System Starter Kit Target store regional coupon found in the 3/11 SS
Plus, use the $3/1 coupon from the 2/26 SS, 3/18 SS, or from the All You Magazine March issue
Pay $3.99
Submit for the $3 mail-in rebate found in the All You Magazine April issue
Final Cost $0.99!

(Thanks, Coupon Connections, 4 Our 2 Cents, and This Mommy Saves Money!)

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  • Kristin says:

    Is the rite aid deal this week?

  • LadyCouponer says:

    Hi Collin:

    There’s also a $3.50 tear pad at Dollar General. I went yesterday to get a few. After Rite Aid price matching, target coupon, and the tear pad, it brought by subtotal to $.38 and after the rebate it’ll be a money maker!

  • Mary & Kristy (@4our2cents) says:

    I have the Lysol Hand soap system and it is great! Going to buy this new Kitchen soap one today!

  • sarasota says:

    Boo. I got neither the target coupon in the paper, nor have a Rite Aid close by…anyone no anywhere else having this on sale around $6 (since I did get the ALL Mag rebate)?

  • kcole78 says:

    Also at my local rite aid in PA, the Lysol no hand touch systems (the original ones) are 75% off. Along with Ecotools body scrub, mist, heel cream and hand cream, all also 75% off. I had $1 off any Ecotools product from All you Mag (I forget which issue) which made for free Ecotools products!

  • jean says:

    How can you get the rebate form if you don’t have All You Magazine? Please advise, thanks!

  • Gilbert says:

    U can refill the old ones.
    Anyone know if you can refill these new ones as well?

    • robbie says:

      Yes, just did it last week. The lid pops off just like the older/hand one :)

      • emilytwinmom says:

        OMGHAAAA! I couldn’t get the lid to pop off my original hand one, so I just cut a hole in the part that holds the soap – I just squirt more in when it’s low! I totally feel ghetto right now LOL!!!! How do you pop the top off??

        • Tina says:

          HA HA I did the same ghetto thing i cut a hole at the top looks bad LOL But then I read Gilberts comment on here so I went and got my other unit in my other bathroom and popped the top off with a butterknife. I thought it was gonna break but I have more units so I went for it, just becareful I’ve gotten a deep cut using a butterknife before LOL So thanks for the comments and now I can refill my bathroom Lysol No Touch. HTH

      • Grace says:

        I have the regular soap dispenser one but I don’t know how to pop the lid open, do you mind describing specifically how to get that lid off? Thanks so much!!!

        • mindy says:

          u can find videos on how to do it on youtube!

        • Tina says:

          I didnt know how to open it either so I just kept going around all side of the lid with the butterknife slowly. It felt like it was gonna break at first but I just kept using a small amout of force then once it was loose then pushed it open with the knife . HTH

        • Tone says:

          You can also find it on pinterest, I had pinned it ;)

          • Mini says:

            YES, you can REFILL this baby!! I fill up an old ketch up ‘squeeze’ dispenser (available at dollar tree) with the liquid and ‘inject’ it into the original Lysol bottle. Give it a try!! My sister gave me this idea :)

  • Ashley says:

    I wonder if Publix will have it on sale soon (my Publix takes manufacturers’ coupons stacked with Target coupons). Does anyone know?

  • Tilla R Ham says:

    love these, but wish could find a deal on the soaps instead of the whole unit. and the soap at christmas, it was cranberry something, was TO DIE FOR..smelled so good…can’t even find it on ebay and i’m pretty sure i would pay big bucks for it..

  • sharon says:

    Can you refill these with any dish soap?

    • emilytwinmom says:

      I have two of the original ones at my kitchen sink – one I used for hand soap, the other I used for dishsoap. I use white softsoap in the hand one, and regular old dishsoap in the second. Has worked perfectly since I bought them a year ago (free with coupons of course!).

    • mindy says:

      I have one of these in every bathrooms(4) and kitchen. I refill with whichever dishsoap I have. So far I have no problem with any of them. I do like the look of the new design for the kitchen though.

    • Mini says:

      YES, you can REFILL this baby!! I fill up an old ketchup ‘squeeze’ dispenser (available at dollar tree) with the liquid and ‘inject’ it into the original Lysol bottle. Give it a try!! My sister gave me this idea :)

  • jiya says:

    can someone please tell how long batteries last? My kiddo have most of the toys with batteries. I think I need a batteries factory(-:

  • Barb says:

    Thanks, Collin, I ran to RiteAid at lunchtime and scored the last one at the 2nd store I stopped at.

  • Monie says:

    I havent received my all you april issue in the mail yet but I just want to know if anyone knows when is the MIR start date? and end date?

  • Angela says:

    My rite Aid Holland mich did not have a sale on these Is there something I am missing even did a price check and no luck But thanks for sharing your details I always enjoy readers comments on items :)

  • Christine says:

    even though I don’t have an All You Magazine, this seems to be more economical than purchasing a fancy automatic soap dispenser. I don’t like that their handsoaps are antibacterial as I’ve read it is not good especially for children, but this would be great for cleaning up the kitchen and refilling with out own soaps later on… thanks.

  • Ketryna says:

    I priced matched the Rite Aid price at Target. Paid .66 after the 3.00TQ and the 3.00MQ and then after submitting my 3.00 rebate it will be a MM…. The one at Target also had the bonus extra soap bottle. I have been trying to figure out how to get the tops off as well. Haven’t had any success… Good I Idea to cut the hole in the top. It’s not Ghetto at all!!!!! : )

  • Caitlen says:

    Is the Target coupon for this gone?

  • jiya says:

    how can I do the price -match at target?…….do they accept printed ad?

  • tajmom says:

    I cant find this in their online ad to print out to do the price match. does anyone know what page it is on?

  • Abby says:

    This rang up at $9.99 at my Rite-Aid…no Up rewards either…

  • mindy says:

    does anyone have an extra mir? thanks!

  • Autumn says:

    I was just thinking… Why not PM Rite Aid’s ad with Target and pay .99 avoiding any hassle with rebates! but someone has posted that! :)

  • Rachel says:

    There are tons if YouTube videos on how to refill these it is the same system as before for the new one it’s just a different soap I am getting Dix at target on Saturday!

  • tara says:

    We have these in every bathroom and LOVE them! Wouldn’t hurt to get a few more…


  • stephanie says:

    How bad am I? I saw this post yesteerday, and found the rebate in my all u mag. I had already purchased the systems on Sunday the 18th, but the rebate says it has to be bought after the 21st! So I took it back, and rec’d the full price (including the 3bux from the coupon I used), and then rebought it! I used another coupon, and she gave me the 3.00 difference! I walked in exppecting an even exchange, but came out 3.00 richer! Now I get to submit the 3.00 rebate! My family think I am crazy! I call it smart!

  • Norma says:

    I didn’t know the store ads were regional also, learn something new everyday…LOL! It wasn’t in our rite aid paper but we are going to check the store to make sure…if not will try the Dollar General with the tear pad.

  • claudia says:


  • Janell says:

    I was there any other way to get the Rebate form that is in the magazine, besides having the physical magazine. …maybe a web site to print one or fill it out online??? If not..does anyone have an extra rebate form they don’t plan on using and could share? Thank You!

  • Jennifer says:

    my rebate form is not printed well and I can’t make out if the PO Box is 2533 or 2588… anyone have one they can check and tell me the correct address? thanks!

  • LORALOUISE says:

    It’s 2533 Jennifer : ) . does anyone have an extra MIR form? I need one for my sisters rebate.

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