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  • Amanda says:

    Be Careful with this:

    Looks like you are signing up for a monthly memebership and that you have to cancel your membership after first month.

    No thank you.

  • karmen says:

    won’t ship to po boxes

  • mtluvcoupons says:

    I didn’t see anything about signing up for a membership. I requested the samples but will cancel if I have to subscribe to something. If anyone sees where it says you are agreeing to a monthly membership please let me know.

  • mtluvcoupons says:

    Ok. I do see where the samples include a free month of membership. Just a heads up to anyone else that’s interested.

  • bbmt says:

    How do you cancel if you already asked for the sample?

  • Jennifer says:

    “Provide your information and we will ship you one free month’s membership sample box.”

    It says a sample box and didn’t ask for any payment info. I don’t think we get subscribed cause no where did it say you would sign up for a reoccurring box. It asked if you were 18 or older and that they weren’t responsible for samples in the box.

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