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Coffee with Collin: Shop with Me at JCPenney on “Best Price” Friday

1:29 PM MST
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If you are a frequent JCPenney shopper, I am guessing you may be quite familiar with JCPenney’s Best Price Friday shopping event. On the first and third Friday of each month (which is tomorrow!), JCPenney offers up their lowest prices on select items storewide until they sell out; you simply look for the prices marked in blue.

When I first learned about Best Price Friday, I knew I wanted to go check it out. So I grabbed my video camera and headed to the local JCPenney store here in Boise, Idaho. Check out my video below to see how I snagged 5 cute shirts for $10 + tax–no joke! (Note that this was filmed last month.)…

(If you can’t see this video, go here to watch it.)

* Be sure to check out the Best Price Friday Event at your store tomorrow, April 20th, and then come back to let us know what items you snag! :)

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  • Sarah says:

    Went today and found some great deals! I wear white long-sleeved shirts under EVERYTHING and was able to find good quality ones for $2 each! I also bought my husband a winter coat (can be worn 3 different ways) for $10! I left with 11 items. I had to look, look, look — I also made myself focus on only things I needed because I can easily get “caught-up” in the excitement. :)

  • Victoria says:

    I went to two different JCPs today, one was better than the other. Only bought a onesie, which looked like it was originally in a set, for $2 and a pair of NB khaki pants for $3 at that store. Didn’t really see much in their juniors section there. The other, was also a bit disappointing in the baby department, not much selection in clearance and most the stuff on blue tag was $7 anyway. Did manage to grab a cute winter onesie for $2 though, a onesie/pant set for $3, and two NB pants for $3 each. Juniors was better at this store with the selection, but price wise, not much was under $6 for shirts (on average shirts were going for $9 blue tag). I did find a great pair of jeans on blue tag for $8 that I really liked and fit well. And believe it or not, they had a few pairs of not bad looking jeans for $2 also, though most of those were 15+ size-wise. My mom was able to snag a cute pair of shorts for $2, that came with a belt, which I feel was the best score any of us manage to find. Both my sister and I checked out the guys section, and was able to find some really good quality Arizona thermals for $2 each (I grabbed 4 of these while my sister got 3 of them), and I found a pretty nice Decree Long Sleeve for $3. Overall, not bad. I plan to check it out again if I can remember to next best Friday.

  • Holly says:

    Your video encouraged me to check out JCP today.
    Today’s visit was very sad. The cheapest clothing items found were $7 and poorly made, or super thin fabric. My s/o and I are JCP card holders and were not too happy with the prices we run into.

  • Elizabeth Gail Fox says:

    I got my husband 2 REALLY nice zip up hoodies for $5 each! I couldn’t believe it! They were more expensive at Walmart than they were at Penny’s.

  • Rebecca says:

    I made it to JCP yesterday at opening. We went early since we had other errands to do as well; I stopped at Target 1st (8:00) since JCP doesn’t open till 10am here. I was ecstatic to find several very nice/dressy dresses on the Target clearance rack in my current closest size (16W) that were online returns marked down to $35 from $70! They each fit completely differerently & 1 was perfect ! Score! :D
    Our local JCP was less than awesome in deals. There was 1 $2 rack in the juniors section of thin, long-sleeve generic-looking tops. The $12 and up rack of womens’ dresses were mostly “and up” as in $35+. Thankfully, I had found a super deal at Target.
    In the afternoon, we went to the big city JCP as we ended up needing to go to that city afterall. The Best Deal racks were less sparse but not super impressive. I did find blue tags on several racks without the signs, though, that must be left from the previous mark-downs. Nothing was what I needed but they did have very nice dresses for $35.

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