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Dollar General: Clairol Balsam Hair Color $0.50

8:24 PM MST
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If you are headed to Dollar General this week to snag any of the deals I mentioned here, here and here, you may also want to snag this sweet deal on hair color…

Buy 2 boxes of Clairol Balsam Hair Color $3 each
(I called a couple Dollar Generals to verify this price)
Total = $6
Use the $5/2 Clairol hair color coupon found in the 4/15 SS
Final cost only $1 total – just $0.50 each!

* There is also a $2/1 Clairol hair color coupon found in the 3/18 SS AND don’t forget about the P&G Beauty Rebate Offer (valid for purchases made by 4/28)!

(Thanks, Extreme Couponing With Greg That Dude!)

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  • CouponAddict says:

    Everytime I try to use coupons at my dollar general they will only accept the coupon for the item pictured.

    • mary says:

      yeah i have the same problem so i dont even try anymore

    • whitney says:

      Same here, told me only what is pictured

    • thelostpond says:

      Tried to use these today. So if they are $3 each, then I buy 2 for $6. Ok so hear is where the cashier gets real stupid, and I usually don’t say stuff like that but this deserves it, and the odd thing is that the manager agreed with the cashier.
      Ok so here it is…..
      Buy 2 at $3 each = $6, I then use (try to use) a coupon for $5/2.
      Ok, so I was told that the coupon can not exceed the price of the product, or if 2 item coupon can not exceed the price of both.
      Ok, so I said they are $3, $6 for 2, my coupon is for $5 on 2, leaving a balance of $1, how does that exceed? I was told it was because they were only $3. I then said, ok fine, I have 2 for $3 each, so if you look at my coupon as 2 $2.50 coupons since it is for 2 products and the vaule is $5 to be split between 2 products, it still does not exceed $3, it leaves a balance of $0.50.
      And that ways how my trip went.

      • Marie says:

        I got told the same exact thing. I am not sure how it is making sense to them, but whatever. I emailed DG. Who knows if I will get a response, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

    • Lindsay says:

      I had a terrible experience this weekend with that coupon too, they said it was too much of a discount on one item. Then when my total reached $25.00 they said that I couldn’t use my $5.00 off $25.00 because it was right at $25.00 and that the computer wouldn’t like it. I said if the coupon says $25 then it should ok right at $25, but they made me add something to make my total $27 so the computer would accept the coupon, then they still wouldn’t take the coupon off plus any other coupons even though I asked before I checked out if they would accept the coupons and the 5 off 25 and they said yes and that they would accept as many coupons as I had. After 45 min of them trying to figure it out I ended up leaving and not buying anything. I don’t think Dollar General is worth shopping at anymore.

      • Marie says:

        I reached out to DG customer service and I guess they forwarded my email to the DM for DG. She said she would honor the deal for me and apologized for the store manager not understanding their own policy.

        The other day, I paid for what I had (especially since there were multiple customers behind me) but it was very frustrating to be told I couldn’t use a legitimate coupon and I didn’t want to keep holding up everyone else.

        I did find out, that they are working on the double barcode scanning issue. :)

  • karla says:

    I think there is a printable on their website for 5$ off $20 this saturday only1

  • Lore says:

    I saw these at Family Dollar for the same price.

  • elina says:

    also do not forget about the nivea body wash 2.50 use the 2 off only .50
    omg i have a date with someone I met at publix (vendor) what does one wear, blah blah been 7 years so arghh

  • Momgriz says:


  • Because I Saw It On Pinterest says:

    This stuff will burn your scalp! Not like a literal burn, but you will be watching the clock waiting to wash it off! The color really lasts though…but be warned! You definitely get what you pay for.

    • ...grace... says:

      doesn’t bother mine either, love this product. but, i do mix a little olive oil into it before applying since it doesn’t have all the added stuff that more expensive color has to product your hair…

    • andrea says:

      I often use this and it does not bother my scalp at all.

  • Scarlet says:

    these are 2.50 at Food4Less or 2.45 (in case you don’t have a dollar general near by)
    I don’t dye my hair but my aunt and mom do and they say this one really lasts, I haven’t heard any complaints of burning from them, but they do like these and after they would free after the $5/2 coupon :3

  • Aimee says:

    Well, your aunt & mom are going to be disappointed because, apparently, Balsam has been discontinued by Clairol! :-( I went searching for shades & found this link, so I’m guessing that these are at the Dollar Stores just to sell off the last of their stock!! :-/

  • Karen says:

    Went to the dollzr store and they said the same thing, it had to be pictured· I told them it said any clairol I got mine for the. .50 each yeah!!

  • Shayla says:

    FYI….This will probably not work in conjunction with today’s only $5 off/$25 purchase. I tried to purchase the Nivea women’s bodywash ($2.50) with $2 MQ but the system prorated the $5 off coupon and would only allow up to the amount that was prorated ($1.25). Thanksfully I had a very nice manager that pulled a few strings to give me the deal but just a heads up if others were trying to maximize savings on other things =(

  • Laura T says:

    My $5/2 coupon worked fine at Family Dollar today. My cashier couldn’t get the coupon to scan so she just entered it in manually and even she thought it was a great steal of a deal. I picked a dark blonde shade and a lighter brown shade so i have two color options when my mood shifts. So thankful you posted this deal hip2save!

  • Desiree Holloway says:

    I NEVER could get DG to take the coupon which really ticks me off. They said that …well 1st was it exceeded the amount, like the previous post said. Then it wouldn’t scan and that was because it is the wrong sort of barcode. They couldn’y manually enter it because I can’t remember why after the line of people started piling up. The cashier, who I later discovered was the MANAGER (!!) even asked what my nme was because she thought I was an ex employee and ” should know better”! I was frustrated and of course slightly embarassed. I tried to use the coupon at another DG store in a town nearby and an elderly cashier informed me that it probably didn’t work because it was $2.50 off of $3.00, in other words…to good of a deal! OMG! I went all the way to the corporate offices, infromed them that this was working everwhere else and about the incompetence. After a few weeks I heard from the district manager who said he would bring it up at the next meeting. That was the last I heard. It is WRONG that they can treat you like this! I worked retail for a lot of years and I would have been out of a job if I acted like that! Nonetheless, I have no resolution. I still get angry. I avoid DG at all costs if I can. I price match at Walmart and use the coupons there. Unfortunately on this deal, they were the only ones in my area that caried the Clairol.

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