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CVS: Possible FREE Revlon Cosmetics & U by Kotex Products (Plus, 90% Off Easter Clearance!)

9:29 AM MST
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If you’re headed to CVS this week, be sure to scan your card at the CVS Magic Coupon Machine to possibly score a $5/2 Revlon Cosmetics coupon (this coupon may have printed last week too), that will pair nicely with the sale this week!  Here’s how:

Spend $10 on any Revlon Cosmetics or Beauty Tools = $4 Ecb (limit 6)
Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 Revlon Eye Shadows $5.29
Total = $10.58
Use 2 $1/1 color cosmetic coupons found in the 4/1 SS
Plus, use the $5/2 Revlon Cosmetics CVS coupon from the Magic Coupon Machine (may not print for everyone)
Pay $3.58
Get back $4 Ecb
Final cost 2 for FREE!
*There’s also a $2/1 face product coupon found in the 4/1 SS

Also, Melissa received a CVS store coupon for $1/1 ANY Pads, Tampons, Liners that will make the U by Kotex deal even sweeter! Check it out:

U by Kotex liners 40-60 ct, pads 14-18 ct or tampons 18 ct $3.99 = $2 Ecb (limit 1)
Use the $1/1 coupon found here or in the 3/25 SS
Plus, use the $1/1 ANY Pads, Tampons, Liners CVS coupon from the Magic Coupon Machine (may not print for everyone)
Pay $1.99
Get back $2 Ecb
Final cost FREE!

Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Easter Clearance, now 90% off at most stores!  This would be a great time to snag items at a HUGE discount and store them away for Easter next year!

What CVS deals have you scored this week? Please share! :)

(Thanks, SoDough Savvy and This Mommy Saves Money!)

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  • Li says:

    It’s unlikely that the $5/2 Revlon would print today. That CVS coupon was printing for some LAST week. (Note the expiration date on the photo;)) Now some people have been getting some CVS Revlon coupons, but not that particular one this week.

    • Brandy says:

      I received my Revlon last week. This week after using my $1.00 coupon for Physicians formula makeup I received a $4.00 coupon for another PF makeup…but can’t get the $7.00 ECB, because it’s only 1 per household, but I may add it to another 1.00MQ and get more concealer. :)

  • meme says:

    I got $5/1 Revlon yesterday and $5/2 Revlon last week. :)

  • MalibuBeachBum says:

    I got the $1 off U by Kotex coupon when I walked through the door and scanned my card on Sunday. I was already prepared to use the $1 off coupon from the 3/25 SS at that time anyway , so getting another coupon from the machine was a really nice bonus!

  • Jaycee says:

    It would be nice if my CVS actually kept some “U” in stock. It’s all my daughter likes and the last 3 times I had to run to the store, they were out. I’ve learned my lesson and will now stock up at Target so she isn’t disappointed. Just another in a long list of complaints about my CVS and why I won’t go there unless absolutely necessary.

    • Kidsallgone says:

      Yikes!! Just because they dont stock one item??!!?? Have you talked to the manager to ask if they can do a special order for you? I guess we all have our favorite stores to shop at, but as long as I keep getting free items and free money to use the next time, CVS will always be my favorite store…hands down!!

  • Deb says:

    Sunday I included that fun J A designer toilet paper cover & toilet paper in my scenario. Pay $1.99 get $1.99 ECB. Limit 1 deal per card. They are really cute! Great to tuck in a gift bag too.

  • Kara says:

    My CVS still has the Easter Clearance at 50% off, they seem to take forever to go down! And they never go below 75%, I’m not sure what they do with it :(

    • debbie says:

      Same with my CVS. Easter clearance is 50% and they don’t go past 75%.

    • misty says:

      I was told by my cashier if the easter clearance does not sell at 75% for a few days it will eventually find its way into the dumpster. They dont donate the items as there is to much red tape. He also stated that the manager force them to place items in trash bags then smash them so that way someone cant just come and grab them.

    • leisa says:

      some were 50% and some were %75 today, but nothing i really wanted thats why its all still there! I cant see paying .50 for a piece of candy!

  • chello says:

    I have been to CVS twice in the past week and both times when I scan my card at the magic machine it say NO COUPONS TODAY. Does this happen to anyone else? Is it my card?

  • Cheryl S. says:

    I got the $5/2 Revlon last week and then a $2/1 Revlon beauty tool yesterday. I scored two free lipglosses that were on sale for $6, with my $5 coupon plus a $1 off color cosmetic and $2 off face product coupon then $4 extrabucks!

    • Nicole says:

      The $2 off face product coupons are meant for foundations, powders, and blushes…

      • thelostpond says:

        Lipgloss is a face product, since your lips are on your face. I have had a revlon coupon that says a “face product” and had a pic of foundation, powder, eyeshodow, and lip stick on the coupon.

  • says:

    I can’t seem to find the Revlon coupons in my SS 04/01!! But I do have the coupon from the Red Machine! AAGGHH

    • Alison says:

      lugo78, it was a regional coupon, I didn’t receive it either. I did receive the $5/2 CVS coupon last week, which will still make a great deal! :)

  • says:

    Thanks Allison ! I was going crazy
    looking for it! LOL!

  • mel says:

    The $5/2 printed for me last week as well. I bought 2 of the $6 lipsticks, used the $5/2 scanner q + 2 $1/1 Revlon cosmetics insert q + rolled a $4 ECB and paid $1.61 with tax! When I checked out, I got a $5 off any Revlon face cosmetic purchase and $2 off any Revlon Beauty Tool coupons (I forgot to scan my card when I went in!)
    Going later in the week to use those q’s!

  • Jodi says:

    Other deals I scored were Keebler pie crusts for .71 and Filipo Berio olive oil for 3.99 minus a $1 IP. The olive oil (EVOO) is my store was shelf priced at 9.49 (maybe 6.99 at a supermarket?) but I paid 2.99.

  • Samantha says:

    I got a $1/1 Belvita biscuits coupon from the coupon machine. They are on sale for $2.50, so I used that coupon along with a $1/1 mfr. coupon I had and scored a box for only $0.50.

  • Mika says:

    I didn’t get any coupons last week and I just came back from CVS, I got a coupon but it was not the revlon coupon which I would love since the only reason I went to CVS was to get the Revlon deal.

  • Jen says:

    Two weeks ago I got the $5/2 Revlon coupon which I used today. Bought 2 lipgloss @ $6 each, used the $5 coupon and (2) $1/1 coupons, got back $4, so only 0.50 each! I also had the $3/1 Physician’s Formula CVS coupon, bought some concealer for $12.49, used the $3/1 CVS coupon and a peelie for $3/1, got back $7 ECB, so it was a .50 moneymaker!!! Besides those two coupons, the red coupon machine didn’t give me any coupons for almost 2 weeks! :( Today I got…$2/1 any Revlon beauty tool, $4/$20 Allergy relief purchase, $1.50 off any Carmex skincare, $2 off Venus & Olay razor, $1off Kraft Velveeta skillets, and $3 off Advil!

  • rmac3982 says:

    It’s crazy! One of my CVS’s has Easter stuff still 50% off!

  • Rebecca T. says:

    I got the $1 off pads or liners or tampons coupon, and a 20% off couon and a $1 extra bucks, so did the u by kotex deal and the buy three cards deal, ended up paying less than a dollar after getting my extra bucks back, for 18ct tampons and three birthday cards! yay!

  • Glenda says:

    I got the Revlon deal ,and keep your eyes peel because the Red Machine is printing out 50% off any Thermacare Product and they have a peelie of $2.00 off so you can combine those and get an awesome deal!

  • Crystal says:

    I got $1/1 Belvita cookie Q from the magic machine yesterday. Paired with the $1/1 Manu Q and the 2/$5 sale I got one for $0.50!!! Anyone else get that one?

  • Jessica says:

    i went today scanned my card and no revlon coupon boo… i was really hoping to score that deal!

  • leisa says:

    I got the $5 off Revlon & $3 off Physics formula makeup! I spent 17 on my total order today with coupons and got 15 back in RR at CVS! how awesome is that!

  • Ashley says:

    Today I managed to score a $5/1 Revlon face product coupon and paired it with a $2/1 coupon that I had. With the $4 ECBs I got my foundation for FREE!! Also, I got a $3/1 Physician’s Formula makeup and combined it with a coupon that I had to get free mascara :)

    • lmwynn says:

      I had the same! Got the $5/1 Revlon today, paired it with a $2 Photoready coup from online, was able to get the $9.99 concealer for $2.99 with $4ecb back! Then I used my $3/1 Physician’s Formula with a $1 coup from the paper and got a $6.49 concealer for $2.49 with $7ecb back! Awesome day!

  • Jennie S. says:

    Today, I received a $2/1 Biore Cleanser or wipes. :) Worked perfect with the deal, and ended up paying $2.60 for 2 bottles of cleanser and 2 packs of strips, using 2 BOGO Biore coupons, 2 – $1/1 Biore, and a $4/$20 coupon as well as the $2 CVS coupon. Received a $5 ECB as well.

  • kim says:

    my ecb’s expired yesterday…… will they take them today???

  • Kmom says:

    Yeah! I scanned my card this evening and it printed a 3.00 off physicians formula which makes the concealer stick deal even better! I have ECB’s to cover the rest which makes for a SWEEEEETTTTT DEAL!!!! Just what I needed after a rough week!

  • Patti says:

    I just got back from CVS and am thrilled. I had a $3.00 off (3) Hallmark cards I’ve been carrying around (from CVS website) I went and bought 3 at $1.99. Forgot this week there is ($3) ecb’s when you buy three. Also I had 25% off coup to use, so I paid 1.56 and got (3.00 back in ecb)

    Even if you don’t have the 25% off, it’s still so worth doing this deal. FREE

  • mel says:

    Went back with the $5 off any Revlon face cosmetic coupon that printed earlier in the week + the $2 insert q + rolled a $4 ECB and bought the Photo Ready Blush $12.49 for only $1.49 + tax!! SWEET Deal!

  • Tina says:

    bought revlon nail clippers 1.99 + revlon face compact 9.99 = 11.98 – $2 and $5 revlon magic machine Q’s I had no mfc so paid 4.98 got $4 EB not bad at all. Also purchased 5.99 physicans eye concealer got $7 EB. Got biore strips + cleaner + john frieda shampoo + some food items + a few easter items @ 90%….Total was $51.20 but paid $20 and still have $5 EB to spend and waiting to receive $5 EB from beauty club Very happy I also received a $10 check from Kelloggs because they were outta gas cards Very good day for me :)

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