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Vistaprint: 6 Personalized Items Only $10.12 Shipped (Just $1.69 Per Item)!

10:50 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

As I have mentioned in the past, Vistaprint offers up great deals on personalized items that make great gifts for your boss or c0-workers, housewarming gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Father’s Day gifts and more. Just head on over to Vistaprint to check out their selection of completely FREE items… all you have to pay is shipping! Choose from Business Cards, Rubber Stamps, Sticky Notes, T-Shirts, Tote Bags and/or 4×6 Photo Flip Books.

Even sweeter, you can snag more than one FREE item from Vistaprint in your order and get a reduced shipping cost! I was able to add all of the items listed above for ONLY $10.12 for shipping! That makes each item just $1.69 shipped to your door, which is a great deal considering you can customize everything.

Here’s how to snatch up your personalized freebies…

Go here and choose any of the FREE items to personalize
* Start personalizing your item by choosing a design and customizing it
* After you’re finished, add the item to your cart
* Now click back on this link and choose another FREE item
* Personalize and add to your cart
* Keep doing this until you have added all of the free products you’d like to your cart
* Head to checkout
* Do NOT add any additional items to your order.
* On the partners offers page, make sure to SKIP all the offers by leaving the boxes unchecked.
* Choose 14 day shipping (which will vary based on the number of items added to your cart)
* My cart total came to only $10.12 shipped for all items listed below! WOW!

Here’s a sample of all the freebies you can snag for around $10.12 shipped…

Check out some comments left by Hip2Savers on previous Vistaprint offers…

Vistaprint is a great company. Love the magnet I got a few months ago when Collin posted another Vistaprint deal. I also got 250 business cards for my husband ( great quality), a pen, a return address stamper and sticky notes! 

I used the sticky notes for teacher’s gifts. Figured they would be something different than the usual stuff they get at the end of the year.

Thank you so much for under $5 I was able to personalize gifts for my son’s preschool teacher, as an end of the year gift!! Great great deal!!!

Thanks for the heads up! I am just starting out as an attorney and need some business goods at a cheap price! This is a great start for a few things with my name on them and I can check out the quality to determine if I should order from them in the future.  Thanks so much!

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  • Julie's Stlavonlady says:

    I;m not sure if I did something wrong. I first added the stamper and got that for free. Then I went back and followed the steps. I clicked on the link and went back for a 2nd freebie and it was added to cart for $4.69. Not sure what I did wrong. I got the t-shirt. I’m going to try again. Anyone else having problems?

    • sarah says:

      Were you uploading pics? I did that too , and it kept adding 3.74 per pic. Also you can olny get 1 of each item.
      Hope this helps

      • Julie's Stlavonlady says:

        No, I didn’t upload any pics. I had to leave for a bit, but I am trying again now. lol Thanks I will let you know if it works. :)
        Julie Sutton

        • Julie's Stlavonlady says:

          Thanks for the help. When trying to order a shirt was getting the upgraded kind. That is why mine were costing more. Thanks Collin and for the help! These are great for home and for my business!! Happy Day!! : )

          I am super excited for the stamper. It is so the little things!! Collin…you ROCK!!

  • sarah says:

    Thanks Collin. I only got 3 of the itmems it offered me a 14 day shipping for only $5.40! I did however use the $7.30 priority to get them here in time for End of the Year Teacher gifts.

  • Paige says:

    Thanks Collin! I love this offer. I did a Father’s Day tee for the hubby, a brag book for Grandma on Mother’s Day, a tote for my daughter (she is very excited about a horse tote with her name on it), mommy cards & rubber stamp with our new address, and post its for my mom for her classroom. Awesome deal for only $12.65 shipped!

    Be careful on your first time ordering on this site! Pay attention when clicking after an item is added to your cart and when checking out. Vista Print tries to trick you into ordering things you didn’t mean to with “suggestions”. I actually did this once and had to call and have them remove the unwanted items and refund them to my card.

  • Catalina Guerra says:

    Made the book for my mom with all the grandkids pics for Mothers Day, bag for my niece (save for Christmas), notepad for my sisters bday basket (nice filler item), tshirt for my husband, and stamp for me. Thanks for all the great deals!!!!

  • Michelle says:

    I order all the items. I made the buisness cards and t-shirt for my 14 year old son for is lawn cutting jobs he does. He loved this idea in hopes to get more lawns to mow. Also got the post it notes for my sons preschool teacher. What a really cool place! Thank you for posting

  • Cindy says:

    Ordered a gift book for a kindergartner, ordered teacher gifts (250 business cards, note pad and a personalized tote bag) and paid 6.50 for all!

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